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Product Reviews

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  1.  Thank you EA Sports


    What a game! Each year EA Sports never fail to up the tempo with each game they bring out.

    Graphics - Very smooth, detailed, no obvious glitches and realistic camera angles.

    Sounds - Fairly standard commentary, good crowd effects.

    Gameplay - Get a controller! This game is so much more enjoyable with one, easier and generally more fun.

    Finally, don't get put off by any disparaging reviews of this game. It is a great release. If your a fan of this genre, you will enjoy NHL 07.

  2. SWAT 4

    SWAT 4

    PC Games

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     Better than Rainbow Six.


    I have always been a great fan of the SWAT games and it has to be said that SWAT 4 is the best yet!

    Thrilling, fast, technical game play makes this product a must for all who are fans of the shooting/tactical shooter. More enjoyable than Rainbow Six, visually and the SWAT control system is more realistic and user friendly.

  3.  Great fun, Fantastic multiplayer


    EA have produced yet another excellent sports game. Visually stunning this game incorporates all that is great about American Football. The single player mode is similar to that of other sports games, you can manage the line-up, training, tactics etc.

    I have two game pads for my PC and the two player option provides several hilarious and excellent hours of NFL gaming. If you are buying this game I recommend purchasing either one or two controllers!

  4.  The Greatest AOE yet!


    Age of Empires III is without a doubt one of the best strategy titles on the PC. For fans of the original series, the game play is much the same with some new bits added here or there. The civilisations are varied and each has its own speciality units and buildings. The single player campaigns are varied and interesting and the skirmish mode is also superb.

    The graphics are fantastic - smooth, detailed and intriguing. Whether you were a fan of the previous AOE games or even if you have never played AOE before, Age of Empires III is a must have game!

  5.  Fantastic


    This game is top notch. The graphics, sounds and game play is amazing. For fans of other strategy games such as Age of Empires, Warcraft, Command and Conquer etc, this game is a must have.

    The single player campaign is extensive and the skirmish (free for all) option provides many an hour of entertainment. All serious PC gamers should have Company of Heroes in their collection.