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  1.  Awesome game


    This game is such an improvement from the last one, for starters the trophies make the game have replay value. On Tiger 11 it was such an easy platinum that I hardly played the game, platinumed it then sold it. This one however is completely different, you have to actually play the game to get a trophy. The only downside which is the same with all EA games it the online codes you need, so buying second hand is pointless and also the fact that it only comes with 16 courses with another 20+ to download which you have to pay for if you want them

    Overall a great game.

  2.  Not all Bad


    I bought this game because of the 11 gold and 1 platinum trophy and the fact that all you need to do to get them is complete it on hard, which is the equivilant of Killzone 2 on medium. I thought the game itself wasn't as bad as some of the reviews. I would give it a 6/10

    If you are looking for an easy platinum then this is the game for you.

  3.  Excellent


    First off, I cant understand how this game deserves 1 or 2 stars. Are people saying it is the worst game ever. I suspect its all the kids complaining that they cant cheat as they do in MW2. The graphics and game play are great. If you like COD youll love this!!!

  4.  Traded in within a week!!!


    Was very dissapointed with the online game, no where near as good as the likes of COD, so I am back playing COD: WAW which is easily the better game....
    Single player is good but I prefer playing online. Graphics are also good but the game is a let down. I was expecting better.

  5.  Love It!!


    This game is great, you get to play on levels that people in the world have spent hours creating, some rubbish but some Excellent. I have created a couple of my own levels although they are pretty basic, its great to know that people are playing the levels that you have created yourself, they even rate the level at the end!!

    The game itself is great, starts off fairly easy and as you go through the levels they get more in depth and harder to complete with more to do in them.

    A must have for your PS3 collection.

  6.  Amazing - COD4 but better!!!


    This game is much like COD4 however set in WW2, I think the game is much improved on COD4, better graphics (you get blown up and your legs come off!!) You need 35 kills to win and the ranking system goes up to 65, you get the dogs out chewing people up after 7 kills, this is much better than the helicopter in COD4, you get more kills from it.

    If you liked COD4 you will definately love this game. Dont hesitate in buying it!!!!!!!

  7.  This game is soooo addictive!!


    This game is amazing, I have yet to complete the actual game due to the fact that the online play is mind blowingly brilliant. How can they improve on this in the next release (cant wait to find out) Must have for all PS3 owners. Dont delay buy this now!!

  8.  Great Game!!!!


    Had this game for christmas!! Great story with great graphics. Brilliant game. BUY IT NOW

  9.  Best DEMO ever!!


    This is a review of the demo..... Pre-ordered the game from play last week!!! Since downloading this demo I have been playing it non-stop. WARNING!!!! May distroy your marrage!! Its that good.. Fantactic game, cant recommend it enough :-)

  10.  Basic Phone


    This is a tidy good looking phone if you are not bothered about having all the gadgets.