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  1.  Fast Paced, Endearing, and Memorable. Must See!


    I saw this for the first time yesterday and I am pleased to say fast paced, endearing and memorable are but a few of the adjectives I'd use to describe this wonderful film.

    This film comes with a few big names De Niro for example and the leads Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence all of whom do a fantastic job of representing some fairly complex and issue ridden characters.

    This feel good movie is essentially a love story with a few life lessons and moral eye openers thrown into the mix for good measure to illustrate what we want isn't always what we need or what is best for us and sometimes what is needed and best for us is right under our noses.. we just don't always arrive at that realisation at the same time as others.

    Truly a must see and well worth all the accolades and praise it has recieved from critics and reviewers and media alike.

  2.  The critics may have missed it but you SHOULDN'T


    How the movie critics failed to appreciate this film one can only wonder.. no doubt jumping on the "say what he said bandwagon".

    At any rate this film based on the "Princess of Mars" story by Edgar Rice burroughs had been a long time in coming and thankfully was well worth the wait. Great story, compelling dialogue, fine acting and stunning FX this film has all the right components to pull off an emotional and breathtaking 132 minute romp.

    Special note should be given to the films two main leads with Taylor Kitsch (John Carter) providing a sterling performance and Lynn Collins (Dejah Thoris) whose beauty and strength are hard to forget.

    At any rate this is one where the movie critics should DEFINITELY be ignored and watch it for yourselves, you'll be glad you did.

    Hopefully there will be sequels in the making as this film deserves them.

  3.  Well Revived Classic


    It has been quite a few years since a verson of the Three Musketeers has been made and it was with much trepidation that I decided to take a chance on viewing it. Much to my delight however my fears were unwarrunted. Fantastic cast, great acting, some really funny moments and some great fights. It takes the classic and tweaks it slightly and in mostly beneficial ways for a todays audience. The only downside to it was Dartagnions hair extensions which were awful and the overwhelming desire to watch an as yet unmade sequel :) Milla Jovovich is lso stunning and aluring as ever. Rent it or Buy it, but be sure to check it out.

  4.  This is to Vampires, what Roswell was to Aliens


    As the title says, this is to the Vampire genre what Roswell was to the Alien genre.. it is endearing, it is modern, it is clever and it is filled with attractive young people...

    It all revolves around the main character Bella Swan (Kristen Stweart) and her love interest Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) who happens to be a Vampire... from a family of Vampires with a difference and their families to an extent.

    How does she cope when she finds out? Will it matter, won't it, will the secret get out? Well their are certainly events unfolding outside of thier relationship that will put them all at risk.

    The dialogue is for the most part well written and emotive and the acting especially between the leads is very well done. The FX aren't always convincing (obvious line work for example) but it is a small faux pas that is easy to forgive as the story itself is like sugar, it leaves you happy and wanting more.

    Definitely seems to be the first part of something.. though whether the rest of the something get made we can only hope.

    Definitely one to buy. If shows like Roswell, Smallville even to an extent appealed to you and you like Vampires then you will love this.

  5.  Comic book action given Life


    Not all Comic books made into film work, but this one does, at least in part.

    The action is undeniably well done, and the dialogue for the most part is pretty decent too.

    the film essentially follows James McAvoy's character Wes who leads a miserable life until he learns his father whom he never knew is dead and he is effectively recruited into a group of assassins known as the Fraternity, who profess to be doing Fates handiwork. Wes discovers he has near superhuman reflexes and speed due to increased adrenaline production.

    He is helped in his journey by the gorgeous Fox, played by Angelina Jolie and it is here I think that the film suffers its only real flaw. Fox's backstory and character are more interesting and compelling than Wes's, so you end up being more interested in her story than his and her character than him.. and the film doesn't really follow through enough to satisfy.

    Her story as a spin off would be a well recieved addition to the world of Wanted if im honest.

    At any rate it is veyr enjoyable and well worth the very cheap budget price it can currently be obtained for.

    Buy it, Rent it, Watch it and Watch it again, you'll be glad you did.

  6.  Not the Best, but still very Underrated


    As the title says this may not be the best film, but it is nevertheless in my opinion still very underrated.

    Unlike most who seemed to reveiw it it would seem I was fortunate enough to be familiar with the Mutant chronicles setting prior to watching the film so to some degree I already knew kind of what to expect... the kind fo setting it is has more in common with say Warhammer 40,000 (Games Workshop) than say Star Wars (Lucasarts) it is sci fi but it isnt laser guns and special effects sci fi per se. It is instead a much darker, gritter setting where thenly constant for centuries has been war and conflict.

    The movie detaches from the source somewhat with its almost Steam Punk approach as Mutatn Chronicles is actually technologywise more high tech and the troops typically look and are armed more in the style of what you would expect in "H40k as previously noted...while still retaining that Dark Ages, Quasi Religious feel to things. Also the film missed one of the major corporations of the setting which was a little odd.

    The film centers around essentially around one officer and a prophecy that tells of the awakening of an ancient evil that was once defeated long ago, the great machine and of how a deliverer will save mankind.
    the Wars between the corporations are put on hold when this evil awakens as unprepared for the onslaught it brings they are brought to the point of having to evacuate earth as much as possible to off world colonies...
    Meanwhile a small group must be led deep into the earth to destroy the great machine against overwhelming odds and almost certain death..

    The Dialogue is mostly okay a little shaky in places and many well known actors make an appearances from Ron Perlman to John Malkovich and more..

    The overall look of the film is dark and gritty having a period look to it similar to as was done with Sky Captain and the World of tommorrow, it is however NOT like Sin City in appearance as some have noted, nor does it come across that way.

    If the film suffers from anything it is in trying to do in 109 minutes what really would have needed a trilogy or more to do adequately. The characters involved arent really properly established except for two of them so you don't quite get the attachment to them you really should for the story they are trying to tell.

    Also I suspect budget constraints was an issue but despite that they did imo do very well all considered.

    If I were to make any comparisons of this movie to others I would probably suggest something along the lines of a wierd hybrid love child of Doom, Resident Evil and Aliens rolled into one as it lends aspects of each.

    At any rate although I wouldnt say this film was the best, it was enjoyable and although probably not worth full retail would be a good purchase once its down to budget price.

    I give it a 3 Stars (average..but with some potential) rating.

  7.  Another win for the Big Ape


    A year of surprises it seems not only a great batman sequel but a Helloby sequel that possibly is not only a fantastic sequel but may indeed be better than the first.

    Despite a different actor as Abe Sapien pretty much most of the original cast thankfully return for this sequel that delves deeper into the mysteries of what lies in the shadows, under the bed and out of the corner of our eye's by telling the tale of the rift between the kingdom of men and the non human races like elves and goblins and faerie kind and how a peace (now long forgotten by mankind) was forged and led to them dwelling in hidden places while we populated the surface and how it all revolved and ended around the construction of a mechanical golden army and a crown that controls them.

    Ron Perlman and Selma Blair as Hellboy and his love interest pyrokinetic beauty Liz remain the stars of the show with thier charcters own issues interplaying throughout the main storyline including some tough choices needing to be made and the humor from Hellboy remains good and keeps him in the role of loveable ape to his audience.

    Also Luke Goss gives a very convincing performance as Prince Nuada, he continues to show his true talent is acting not singing (Bros...*shudder).

    It has to be said this kind of film has truly been allowed to shine under the dark ministrations of the masterful Guillermo Del Toro (of Pan's Labyrinth fame) and he gives us a truely dark, magical and at times beautiful and touching tale.

    Hopefully the sequels will continue to keep coming for Hellboy and with as good and consistent production value as Hellboy continues to be a fan favourite.

    A recommended film, buy it, watch it and watch it again, you'll be glad you did.

  8.  A good Batman sequel... SO it is possible


    Hopefully the curse of appalling Batman Sequels has now finally been broken.

    This sequel is more of an epic with so much going on at times it feels like your getting three movie not one and indeed the running time ould pretty much bare that theory out.

    But, provided you have a whole evening free then this is definitely worth watching. Christian Bale once again provides a commanding performance as the Dark Knight, but by far the star of this sequel is the now, sadly deceased Heath Ledger as the Batman a truly dark and twisted incarnation of the Joker and a self proclaimed agent of chaos... like he says in the dialogue to Batman.. "you complete me.." and its true. In this film for everything Batman is to Law and Order the Joker is in equal measure to Chaos and Destrucion.

    Also in this sequel we see the return of Rachel Dawes (this ime not played by Katie Cruise but by the very sexy Maggie Gyllenhaal of th film "secretary" fame), bruces childhood friend and love interest, who his time is dating the much loved and apparent hope for justice in Gotham district attorney Harvey Dent.

    It is also nice to see the original cast members Morgan Freeman (as Lucius Fox), Michael Caine (as Alfred), Gary Oldman (as Commissioner Gordon), Cilian Murphy (as the Scarecrow), which is a testament to just how much the care about the franchise.

    This sequelis very much character driven and not quite so utility belt oriented if you follow my meaning with it focusing far more on the elationships than the action.. which is not to say there is not a lot of action as there is. At times however the film can be a little slow to get where its going and there were a couple of parts that dragged a little but on the whole the film is an adrenalne rush from start to finish and has some excellant dialogue and tear jerking scenes as both high and low moments for various characters abound.

    This film is without a doubt a total value for money, and if nothing else an epic legacy for us to have of Heath Ledger who will be sorely missed.

    Buy it, Watch it, and Watch it again.. you'll be glad you did!

  9.  Far Better than I expected


    I have to say when I first ordered this I wasnt expecting much, figuring it would be more like the cartoon "droids" but with better animation.. which I have to admit was nothing like what I actually got.

    The animation is very good and the voice acting exemplary, the special effects and sound effects are easily as god as those of the film and the story itself again is equally as good as any of the the three Star wars movies released of recent years.

    The story itself is set during the clone wars and based around Anakin and his first padawan beingrequired to retrieve Jabba he Hutts kidnapped son. Meanwhile Dooku under the direction of the Dark Lord of the Sith is tying to make everything look like it was the jedi council and therefore the Republic who kidnapped Jabba's son in the first place, thereby ensuring that no peace can exist between them and prevent Republic ships from moving through hutt space... but who will succeed (obvious..but still..).

    There are appearances from well known characters such as Anakin, Kenob, Padme, C-3PO and R2-D2 s wel as known villains like the Emperor (then the Chancelor) and Count Dooku as well as introducing some new chracters like anakin's padawan Ahsoka Tano and Dooku's apprentice, Jabba's uncle and some notable cloen trooper commanders/friends of Kenobi and Anakin.

    One for all the family and not just the kids, personally Im looking forward to more of these clone wars animation DVD's if this is the future of Star Wars then providing it keeps to the production qualities it has shown so far then Ill continue buying them.

  10.  Outstanding, Will Smith at his best


    I don't give a 5 star rating easily. Even with films etc.. I really love I tend to only give a 4 star rating as there is in my opinion "Always" room for improvement.. but this film truly is excellant.

    Will Smith at his absolute best, convincing, endearing and funny.. the film follows the nations supposed only super hero John Hancock a drunken, down and out hero who causes untold property damage in his bumbling actions to do good things, while having no memory of his past..

    And then things change when he saves a public relations guy who as a thank you is determined to turn Hancock and the nations opinions of him around.. and in the process inadvertantly opens up the truth of Hancocks past..

    Enjoyable from start to finish, as far as Im concerned they should keep an Oscar set aside for Will Smith every ceremony as he continues to prove why is one of Hollywoods most beloved A listers.

    I certainly hope we get some sequels.