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  1.  Great movie but this is not the special edition


    As mentioned elsewhere, there are no extras on this 'special edition' DVD.
    If you just want to see the movie, it is worth buying anyway escpecially as it is so cheap. It is a wonderful movie so I do recommend purchasing it anyway.

  2.  Saviour of Bond


    Casino Royale is a vast improvement on recent Bond movies. Plenty of passion has gone into making this a great thriller with much focus on a good story rather than over the top special effects.
    This time round, they took a huge risk but kept faith and it paid off in style. To be fair it is less like a typical Bond movie but what it is is a genuine thriller to rival the best.
    Daniel Craig is superb and deserved the plaudits. The world was against him for this role but they were soon regretting their words as he put in the best Bond performance for many many years.
    The two hours fly by and you feel a little exhausted by the end.

  3.  As original as it is brilliant.


    Luke Rhinehart has the strange idea of controlling his life by the roll of dice.
    What starts as an innocent idea soon becomes all consuming. It threatens to take away his family, friends, job, everything. For one man to so fully believe his own ideas and do his best to preach to all around him is frightening.
    This is not a book for everyone. Some of the most open minded people I know have only lasted a chapter or two before throwing it down in disgust but for me it is one of the most original and mind-blowing books available. It is occassionally hilarious, scary, disgusting and everything in between.
    If ever there was a book that should be rated 18, this is it but if you do read it, you're in for a treat

  4.  Gripping


    In the same situation, what would you or I do?
    This story is a great idea. The main characters discover millions inside a crashed aircraft buried deep in some snow. At first it seems like their dreams have come true but due to growing paranoia and mistrust, their simple plan of keeping it secret begins to fall apart.
    Unfortunately discovering this money wasn't as simple as it coud have been. They fear it could be drug or government money and could be traced so thats where the paranioa starts.
    What follows is the breakdown of friendships and loyalty in many severe ways. As the book progresses, it becomes darker and more gripping and the ending is superb.
    Well worth a read. Definitely watch the movie too. Very well directed but the acting isn't quite so good!

  5.  A few scenes make the whole movie worthwhile


    To be honest theres not a great deal of violence in what is essentially a 'violent' movie. But for the brief moments there is action, it is as shocking and gut-wrenching as anything that has ever appeared on screen.
    Many movies we see supply us will plenty of violence but in a sense, you just sit there watching it. With texas chainsaw massacre it is so fast and brutal that you are actually a bit shocked, almost as if you had genuinely witnessed it. That is the power of this movie and why it is still so famous today.
    Overall its a slow movie but just for those few brief moments, it is worth seeing. Theres not a great deal to say about the before and after but to feel the true shock value, you should sit through the whole movie.
    Definitely choose this original over the poor remake which is just like any other modern movie of the same genre.

  6.  Dont you just love English humour?


    The Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy books are brilliant.
    Much like Terry Pratchett and his Discworld series, these books are slighty wierd but superbly writtten. Not only are the books very funny but also intelligent and he links together some great ideas on life, the universe and everything as he goes along.
    The main character Arthur Dent is removed from Earth by his friend Ford Prefect just as it is about to be demolished by the Vogons. Among other things, he is advised to take a towel....very important!
    The books follow his time travelling in space and on various new worlds meeting some interesting characters along the way.
    If you are a fan of Pratchett, Douglas Adams humour will suit you perfectly. With ideas like - "the secret to flying is just to forget that you are falling", simple really.
    Although the brilliant humour is there throughout the 5 books, there are periods where it slows down a bit. Douglas Adams had many disputes throughout his professional life and sadly it affected some of his writing but overall these are brilliant, funny books and without doubt up there with my favourites.
    Once completing the books, its worth seeing the original tv series from the 80s, very basic like the original Doctor Who series but lots of fun.

  7.  Well worth a read


    There are two ways you can feel about this book.
    Either you can think its the biggest load of rubbish ever printed or you can think its a subime, fascinating and shocking story.
    For me its the latter.
    Sir Ranulph Fiennes states clearly at the start of the book that you dont have to believe what is written but if you choose to keep reading then you are in for a treat.
    The story: A man wakes up having totally forgotten who he is in every sense. He spends his future trying to piece together all he can and this book follows his day to day life from then on. Some of it is beyond belief and makes you wonder at the occassional cruelty of mankind.
    If you approach this book with an open mind, you should enjoy it. For me it was the kind of book that keeps you up through the night and early into the next morning.
    In my opinion a genuinely good thriller and well worth a read.

  8.  4 stars for the movie, 5 stars for the books


    If you are new to the Hitchiker series, this will be a fun movie.
    If you have grown up with the books or the original series, then it will take some time to get into.
    As with any book to movie transitions, characters never quite match up to expectiations but overall it has been done well. Each part has been cast well and this helps to make a fun movie.
    Due to numerous disagreements that Douglas Adams had, this was unlikey to be made during his life. Although he has sadly passed away, one positive to come from that was the making of the first Hitchiker movie.
    There is so much brilliant humour in the book that it is quite difficult to get it all on to the screen but they have done what they could and much of it is stil there.
    I strongly advise you to read the books (A trilogy in 5 parts) as well as watching the movie. Adams humour is much like Monty Python or Terry Pratchett, brilliant but as silly as you can get and you will laugh out loud repeatedly.
    Its definitely worth watching more than once to get used to the Hollywood style of movie making as it certainly differs from the book. Once you get your head around tha, its a good movie and will keep the family entertained.

  9.  This will make you wet your pants


    Take one American Pie, mix it with Something About Mary, a little Scary Movie and add a drop of Hostel.
    Be warned, you will need a strong stomach.
    Not all the jokes work in this movie but the ones that do make up for the others. Tom Green has pushed every joke to its limits and has set out to upset many people.
    Its simple, if you dont like sick humour, dont watch it.....If you do, buy it now and watch it repeatedly. This is an hilarious movie as Tom Green has boldy gone where no comedies have gone before.
    Stupid, offensive but extremely funny and exactly what was expected from Tom Green!

  10.  Surprisingly good


    Barefoot in the Park reflects life perfectly. In some ways it's quite sweet but hidden away in the dialogue is an intelligent view on relationships and life in general.
    As mentioned in another review, Redford suits this role well but sadly didn't follow the comedy route. Fonda is beautiful but neurotic and in her character, im sure many newly weds can see themselves.
    A sweet, fun movie following the end of these newly weds 'honeymoon period' and providing lots of laughs.