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  1.  how disappointing


    although good quality sound and a fab colour mine lasted less than a month before i lost sound in one ear and now the other ear has gone. Have to say i'm not at all impressed! really not worth the money when they dont even last a month!!!

  2.  good piece of kit


    First of all, unless I'm doing something wrong I can only record 2 things at the same time and I have to be watching one of those two programmes... if i try to watch a third it just doesnt work?

    that said, its great, soooo easy to set up and navigate. has totally transformed how i watch and enjoy tv.

  3.  A-MAY-ZING


    I loved this film, yes there are some differences between the book and the film but on this occasion I dont think it mattered because the film is so good in itself. The lead actor and actress play the characters great and I found it much more flowing than the book which i did find difficult to understand at times - i think Niffenegger went over the top some times! I cant really say anymore than that, its just fab. go see it even if you didnt like the book because the film is soooo much better!



    This is one of the 4 best books I've ever read (the other three being the rest of the twilight saga). Meyer's way of writing draws you into the story so well that you feel like you're part of it and secretly find yourself fancying the gorgeous, gentlemanly Edward. Its a real page turner at times while still being balanced enough to get to know the characters inside out and seeing a true love blossom.

    an absolute must read. I've leant my book to all my friends who have all loved it! Also check out the film but AFTER you read the book!

  5.  Excellent - I am converted!


    I was a devout Skull Candy fan but in less than a year have had to replace the actual rubber ear piece three times because they come off so easily.

    This made me cast a wider net and I found these beauties. Great sound, good length cable and the rubber bits are very secure!!!!

  6.  Great product


    I brought this soley for use with the Nintendo Wii as I am on a wired network, but use Wii Speak and a keyboard so I needed three USB ports. This is a nice little design, small so not clumsy. Comes with a AC adapter but I find it works perfectly just running off the wii, I use it everyday with my Wii Speak and USB wireless keyboard attached and both function 100%.

    Great buy!

  7.  Fantastic!!!!!!


    For under £4 this is fantastic value. I ordered it for work as a laugh and I didnt expect what I got, this is very well made, durable and much larger than I had expected. We have played it many times now and it's still going strong and a firm favourite at lunchtimes!! A must !!!

  8.  Lovely colour and perfect fit


    This is a nice colour, exactly what i expected and the pattern is lovely. my laptop fits snuggly inside and the stitching is strong so i feel compleley comfortable that my laptop is safe and secure!

  9.  Wicked!!!


    I brought this DS (although not from play but it was a spur of the moment thing so i brought it there and then :) ) i didnt know what the actual colour was going to be like but it is GORGEOUS!!!! bright green, not too bright, not at all tacky just lovely!!!

    This is a great console which like the Wii, challenges you in different ways depending on the games you play. I would hightly recommend this to everyone!

  10.  Brilliant - but oh how i ached!!! :)


    This is great fun whether you are playing with one player or four (Nunzjato :) )

    the games are all good with some more challenging than others - personally i am rather good with the trampolining and rowing but i suck big time at the table tennis and archery.

    I cant recommend this game enough!!!