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  1.  Beautifully Stunning


    As seems to be the done thing, I too am writing this review on my new iPod Touch. After pointing Windows towards the correct driver location, syncing my pics, music and videos, I sat down to play with my new toy.

    I can't rate it highly enough. Wi-fi setup was a breeze and I was surfing in seconds. Using your finger to browse through your files is simple and intuitive - you might do the wrong thing once, but you'll always be right on the second attempt.

    The screen is bright and responsive, the web browser is surprisingly good in such a small device, the onscreen keyboard, whilst a little small in the upright mode, is perfect in widescreen mode - and I have fat fingers!!! You can see I'm under no pressure to keep this review short either!

    Whilst this is an expensive unit, it is excellent value for money, especially considering it's about the same price a the 80gb video iPod when it first came out.

    Having been an ardent anything-but-iPod advocate in the past, I applaud Apple for this magnificent technological feat, which they have wrapped in the prettiest possible packaging.

  2.  Has Anything You've Ever Done Made Your Life Better?


    That is the central question facing Ed Norton's Derek Vinyard in this grim portrayal of right-wing extremists in modern America.

    I rate this film as my all-time favourite and have done since I first saw it in 1999. I do so because it is unrelenting in it's efforts to show not just the immediate effects of violence and racial hatred, but also how they are learned, how they are nurtured, the negative impact they can have on family, on community and on oneself.

    In doing so, it is fair to say this film has some shocking scenes of violence; if you think it is going to happen, it probably will (and there's more in the DVD extras as well!). But it also has some great moments of revelation, kindness, humanity, love, compassion and action.

    Ed Norton and Ed Furlong are both outstanding, leading a strong supporting cast, including a nice turn from Elliott Gould.

    A real must see and a film that is definitely re-watchable!

  3.  A Nice Surprise To Find Such A Cinematic Gem...


    This film has it all:

    A plot that keeps you in genuine suspense: even though the main point is clear, there are many questions that are wrapped up nicely towards the end.

    Strong characters: Prince Leopold (Rufus Sewell) becomes increasingly scary, Eisenheim (Ed Norton) is darkly likeable and is a true individual and the Chief Inspector (Paul Giamatti) is magnificent in his struggle between his loyalty to the Prince and his own beliefs.

    Cinematography: This film is visually stunning, using light more than colour to provide an atmospheric feel unrivalled by most films you've ever seen. The soundtrack is complimentary to that effect, whilst being unintrusive and the camerawork itself is inspired.

    This is the best fil you haven't seen; of you had seen it, I doubt you'd need to read a review - go treat yourself!