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  1.  1st class zombies oh yes impressed


    complete zombie nut fan when i was a kid romero movies anyone crapped my pants back then nightmares the lot as 4 walking dead they taken the best bits from all zombie movies u have ever seen whith gripping story line and twists and turns as any good series as well as getting to know the charachters cool what more u want good effects plentey of action supernatural is my fave show me thinks if walking dead is a succsess think i got a new 1 nuff said ps loads of zombies good effects kick ass show rocks just watch it only watched 6 eps due to break in filming double damn look out 4 the horse seen and the tank bit supa cool original my fave eps 5 was abit naff hope thi has helped who needs 1 just watch it trust the man over and out john

  2.  oh yes


    bloody cool movie original death scenes ok not all acting is up to scratch but its a horror b movie what do you expect osscar performance think not but what do u expect for a horror b movie not as good as the first better than the second good fun horror movie

  3.  brilliant must see


    im usually not a fan of old fashioned movies but this was great angelina jolie puts in a good performance and in my eyes was robbed bt the oscars although i havent seen the reader yet kate winslet always gets nominated americans aint a big fan cos of the whole brad pitt thing but jen anniston seems like headwork cant blame him this is basically a kidnap movie whith corrupt police trying to cover up there mistakes due to poor police work clint eastwood what a director he churns out class movies whith ease watch it you will be gripped until the very end ps that nut house was scary

  4.  parents worse nightmare


    this has to be a parents worst nightmare kill or be killed by your children obviousley based on children of the corn good acting brit horror you get in to the film straight away the kids catch some kind of killer bug that littreally makes them kill there parents must watch for any horror fan mixxed reviews but how can a movie be good and rubbish the same time beats me if you watch movies that arnt your usual genre you obviusley aint going to like it same goes to people who watch copies there not as good as dvd quality

  5.  gripping


    as far as prison films go this is right up there with felon doing time and lockdown i heard good reviews from friends so i had to check it out myself i was very pleased whith the outcome good acting as far as b movies go and well directed ving rhymes is a man you would not mess with especially in a cage fight especially when hes been blackmailed into fighting check this movie out if your into prison drama or urban gang movies as it has a bit of both you will love it trust me

  6.  classy


    this film caught my eye having seen the trailer i was not dissopinted very good original horror movie a bit like the feast and a glimpse of the thing good creature effects and good acting for a b horror movie this will not dissapoint watch it for yourself come on splinter 2 oops

  7.  prada for guys


    A lot like the devil wheres prada i enjoyed the movie i aint simon pegs biggest fan most of britain will probabley disagree think of devil wheres prada for guys thats pretty much the story peg gets a job as a hollywood reporter working his way up the ladder simply being himself which eventially imprasses jeff bridges his boss who must be so sick of the sight of all the corporite a---h---s which a lot of people can relate to in work very suprised the movie was based on a true story which shows being different is a good thing

  8.  good


    Worth a watch i really enjoyed the movie al pacino aint as good as what he use to be must be age creeping in there was one part whwn he had to run up stairs if you could call it running should have used an escelater for that seen othrterwise flawless movie better than expected as did not have a long cinema release in the uk enough twists and turns a well made film good thriller

  9.  awsome


    i was well entertained this film is right up there whith stomp the yard and you got served forget about step up this is a gem of a dance movie minus the thugs which are usually associated in movies like this do your self a favour just watch it

  10.  very good must see great movie


    i watched this film not expecting much and i wasnt in the mood for subtitles after 5 minutes i forgot all about them this film was gripping intense realistic a great horror movie by anyones standars bit of a texas chainsaw massacre feel to the movie but much better good acting the blonde girl caught my as she did whith the hunters as you will see as the plot unfolds i wont go in to the story as it spoils the film if you have read any of my reviews before you will know as when i read a review my self i want to know how good the film is not what its about as it spoils the movie if you know the plot to much if you dont mind subtitles and want a good horror movie just by it you wont be dissapointed