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  1.  One of the greatest spaghetti westerns


    The films of Sergio Leone define the Spaghetti western genre. But this classic by 'the other Sergio' deserves its place in the Top 5 on many fans list of the best movies of the genre.

    If Leone's films glamorise the world of the bountry hunter, Corbucci's films take a much bleaker slant. The heroes are only slightly less psychopathic than the bad guys and often they come out second best. There's very little upbeat in Django but it maintains great tension (and violence) throughout.

    If you like this look up The Great Silence too. My top 5 spaghetti westerns:

    Good, Bad, Ugly
    Once Upon A Time West
    The Great Silence
    Few Dollars More

  2.  How to destroy a great TV show


    Miami Vice Seasons 1-3 are my favourite TV shows ever. Then comes Season 4. Before it aired MV was one of the most popular TV shows in history. After Season 4 it was cancelled, limping on for only 1 more season (season 5). It won't take long to see why - this season contains some of the worst tv episodes of all time...did they allow work experience kids to write and direct it? The plots, the colour, the music, the suspense...it's all gone, replaced by episodes about James Brown becoming an alien and a missing can of bull's semen. I'm not exaggerating! Deliver us from evil, baseball of death and maybe mirror image are the only episodes worth watching.

    Only buy this you are a serious MV fan and have a sense of morbid curiosity.

  3.  A gem of a picture


    This 1974 French classic remains relatively unknown, yet still feels as original and fresh as ever. The film follows two ageing delinquents on their perverse jaunt across France. From the opening shot, where Jean-Claude (Gerard Depardieu) is being wheeled along in a shopping trolley by his companion, it is clear this is a slightly demented picture. They give chase to a frightened middle-aged lady, molest her and steal her handbag. This sets the tone of the film. From this point on we witness a morass of petty crime, verbal abuse, sexual antics, and violence by the two friends. Jean-Claude even sexually abuses his friend along the way. If this sounds nothing short of disturbing, then it does justice to the film. However, there is another side to this movie. Interlaced with the depravity is sensitivity. Combined with the sense of hopelessness they face, the characters take on a greater realism and develop in to three dimensional beings. We see them gradually develop an understanding of how to cope with their lives.
    The performances are superb, the dialogue sparkles, and the direction is original, conveying the anarchic freedom with which the two men lead their lives.
    This certainly will not be to everyone's taste, but in an era of banality, this film shows what can be done with no money, a great script and a talented cast. A gem of a picture.

  4.  Decent transfer


    The film holds up well considering its age. Sound is excellent and the picture is good overall. Not top level bluray, but decent

    This is still the most violent mainstream movie I have ever seen

  5.  Superb movie - but no love from 20thC Fox


    I won't describe the film - it defies description. The 5 stars are for the film.

    The DVD makes the colours look washed out and the sound is only 2.0

    We need a proper bluray transfer and HD - DTS to make this come to life (it is part musical remember!) I would buy that in a trice. Until then this DVD effort is adequate enough

  6.  Very grainy in parts


    The quality of the transfer goes up and down during the course of the film. The scenes in Cuba are wonderful and the sound overall is very good. I understand that the film was in very poor condition so overall they did a good job but expect significant grain in several scenes.

  7.  Excellent picture, average audio


    The picture quality of bthe transfer is superb but the audio seems a little ropey in some places. Muffled dialogue which very occasionally doesn't synch with lip movements. It's not enough to ruin one of my Top 5 fave films ever though

  8.  Good transfer


    This is a far from perfect transfer but as I was upgrading from the video and not the DVD I didn't mind. Sound quality is good and while there is graininess it is fairly minimal, certainly less than Godfather 2. Overall a good upgrade but, put it this way...it's not a bluray you'd buy to show friends the magic of HD.

  9.  The first and best series of Game On


    The first series with Ben Chaplin was by far the best of this three series show.

    Top quality scripts and superb central performance by Chaplin. Why did he have to leave?

  10.  Fantastic transfer


    The is a superb audio and visual transfer of Goonies. It's never looked better. No grain, clear soundtrack and effects, vivid colours. So many classic 70s and 80s films have disappointed on bluray. This is not one of them.