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  1.  Amazing program


    Adding to my review due to above commet, I noticed u left a commet Life bluray "Does anyone know if this Blu-ray is 1080p or 1080i like Planet Earth?", why ask this?, this is not about action or sports movies, its about clear sharp rich colour, never mind all the technical jargo, trust your eyes, put Life on beside Human Planet and still tell me there is no difference, same with Planet Earth, 1080i is not as sharp, fresh, rich as 1080p, no matter what way it is recorded

    One of the finiest programmes from BBC, BUT and a big but for me, but who? decides this blu ray programme should be 1080i???? why wasnt it in full HD 1080p, check out the opening chapter of the greenlands? they did this to Planet Earth but corrected in Life and now back to 1080i, for me this is enough to take 2 stars away, i was so looking forward to a full HD version, im sure some will disagree saying the picturre is amazing and it is but its not full HD

  2.  gripping


    Not the best one but a welcome relief from that terrible part 5. great traps, good pace of flow, lost of gore, the acting is decent except for the cop - I dont think he suits the film or role and is very annoying when he opens his mouth, Blu ray is good quality, not the best but better than dvd. also it says on the box that Jigsaw's master plan is revealed....no its not, still dont know why the peices of skin are removed from his victims

  3.  Spot on


    The best blu ray transfer of al the lost seasons, has to be see, the island is so alive here, contast and detail are superb, a few blury shots of far off scenery and mountains but theey are very few. Dark scenes are handled well with little or in most cases no dark patches. the season its self is quite good and is leading up to (hoefully) a final season 6

  4.  Visual treat


    Again most of the reviews below are about the film, thats fine but this is a blu ray ....
    Ok well worth the price because first off the standard dvd is included, the 1080p works so good here, there is a crisp feel to the film, check out the scene with the exploding barn, every piece of wood is so sharp, the contract on the scenery is very detailed and movement of the camera has very little blur. The dark scenes have little or no fade patches, one thing I will say is that the blu ray picks up on some of the false backgrounds with wolverine up close but ill forgive that, whether you like the movie or not it cant be deny its a good transfer to blu. I personally thought the film it was an enjoyable action film

  5.  Rocking


    This dvd caught me by supprise, thought I seen every footage of Def leppard but there are some old videos in here I havent seem, (Me & my wine), on top of this the brilliant concert "In the round, in your face", if your a fan grab this one,

  6.  V enjoyable


    What I like about this DVD is that is has some footage htat I have never seem before and me been a fan and all, some footage of the guys playing football, appearing on asian tv and even on some of the old Irish quiz show. the dvd contais some good concert performances including the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. Not as good as the hysteria dvd but has a lot int here and some good interviews, concerts and music videos

  7.  must have


    there is a guy below that leaves the same review for all def leppard reviews - stating he bought it for wife, ignore this silly review, the others are spot on, this is a very informative dvd on one of the gretest albums ever, great insight and unlike most making of dvds it is well produced and all the people interviewed feed into what the other just said so ther is no jumping from one topic to another. great value

  8.  fast hi def


    Come on guys when doing a blu ray review tell us what it looks like......After been let down by the Angels n Demons blu ray I was doubtful about the quality new releases, and wrong was I. the 1080p on this is amazing, the colour is so rich and sharp,- some dark sceens are a little questionable soft but they are very few, the opening road chase scene is so clear and defined, the background scenery makes you feel as you are there. top notch and the movie is good too, much better than the rubbish 2nd and 3th sequels.

  9. WET



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    Played the demo, not bad but the big flaw is the graphics, this retro style graphics dont work for me anyway, might for others, Silent Hill homecoming was the same, whats the point in having a state of the art machine and you get this??

  10.  Poor transfer


    The reviews below dont realy give a good blu ray review, just about the movie, I enjoyed the first movie and this one, after 10mins I knew this was one of the worst blu transfer i have seen, I say this becasue it is a new movie, the picture is soft, undertones and not very rich in a lot of it, the pan shots across the city during the day are very disappointing (compare Troy, King Kong, Body of Lies etc), standard dvd on 100hz Full HD tv will do the same