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    Guild Wars is an amazing game with so many great features to it. There is so much to do with 10 proffessions to choose from each with a huge range of different skills and attributes. There are plenty of missions spread accross the three campaigns and quests on the eye of the north expansion and these missions vary in length and difficulty. The storylines are very gripping and there is also a range of different heroes and henchmen who can aid you in battle and heroes can be personalized with armour and skills that the player has unlocked. Not to mention the fact that once the game has been completed it can also be played again on hard mode to provide a challenge for even the most experienced of players. Theres more though, there are also many different titles that a character can earn and display under their character name when they reach a certain rank in the title. Different proffessions allow characters to battle in a range of different ways including combat, spellcasting, hexing, cursing and ranged attacks. Players can also have a secondary proffession and will have access to most of the skills for that proffession as well and the secondary proffession can be switched to any other proffession when their character reaches a certain point in the game. With all of this to do players will find this game exciting and addictive and will not get bored easily. For campaigns for the price of 18 pounds is an amazing bargain that anyone would be mad to miss out on. I got the complete collection for 35 pounds and it was definately worth the money and it saves money to buy the complete collection as to each campaign individually. Thank you for reading my review and I hope you found it useful.

  2.  Amazig


    This game is absolutely amazing. As soon as I started playing it i was hooked to it and like grand theft auto when you cant be bothered to do the missions you can just go around killing people for fun. There are many great skills that can be unlocked and the graphics are very good. There is also many side events that can be done and also the web of intrigue and there are higher difficulty levels to do it on aswell. I loved this game and think other people will too and that is why I have given it 5 stars.

  3.  LOVING IT!!


    This is an amazing game. It is much better than PES 2008 with plenty more to do and the graphics are better aswell. One of the best football games I have played. Although the graphics are not as good as on Xbox 360 and PS3 they are good for the standard of the Wii. Champions road is much better and the master league and champions league are very good aswell. All in all I think that alot more thought has been put into the development of PES 2009 than PES 2008 and that is why I rate this game a 5 star.

  4.  Quality Game


    I think pes 2008 is the best football game ever. The controls are easy to get the hang of and make it easy to score fantastic goals. I think that Champions road is the best game mode because you can add skills to your player and you can aquire players from the teams that you beat. The graphics are good aswell and all in all a game that is definately worth buying.