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  1.  Looks Better then in the pic


    Once I ordered it I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but it's class, only 5 pound too can't go wrong!

  2.  not bad


    i thought this game was good, it is a bit repetitive, but the major problem i had was that i was getting far with it training everyday and then it wiped my saved game so i thought i'd start again but it wouldn't save my new data which really sucked as i was enjoying it

  3.  Great Album


    This has some of their best songs, such as My Sacrifice, Signs, Bullets, Who's got my back etc, great rock album, no doubt one to buy

  4.  Poor


    it was in the making for 10 years?

    what a let down, the first 10 mins are great but the rest is boring, and has already been done before in other simpsons episodes so there's nothing new, such a let down

  5.  Good watch


    i just watched the extended cut of this film, and i didn't think i would say this (as i thought it was gonna be rubbish from what everyone was saying) i actually didn't mind it, i thought it was abit of fun, ok some parts where abit daft but i didn't mind it, and the effects aren't the worst i've seen, infact some are ace when he changes into the ghost rider good watch.

  6.  Truly amazing


    Wow i didn't expect this film to be as good as it was.

    This is a story of one magician (Hugh Jackman) trying to find another magicians (Christian Bale) trick so he can perform it himself and he will go to extreme lengths to go there.

    The cast was brilliant both Jackman and Bale are great as leading characters, Scarlett Johansson was great, i couldn't believe how great her english accent was. Michael Caine as their mentor was excellent too, lets not forget David Bowie, i donno what accent he's was but he still had a good role.

    This film goes to show that Christopher Nolan is on top form with this film which had a good twist at the end.

    It really had a great feel of the whole magician scene back in the Victorian era (i think thats when its set) and I just loved it, i could see this film being one of those that are always on at Christmas, and instant classic well one to watch, and at £5.99 you can't go wrong

  7.  One of the best British films


    This is brilliant as I look at it it's kind of like the British version of Kill Bill.

    This movie has a great storyline which is not only thrilling to watch at some points it's very funny too.

    Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine work great together, the acting and editing it brilliant I don't want to spoil anything so just buy it, it's cheap and excellent!

  8.  rubbish


    i only went to see this film as i got made to, i can't stand Danny Dyer or Nick Love, and this movie proves my point, it's terrible!

    It about a group of people who have had bad things happen to them and they make a vigilantly group, but it just doesn't seem to go anywhere.

    The acting is poor (try and put as many F words in it as possible) and theres even one guy trying to be a British version of Joe Pesci by just being violent, it just didn't work.

    The amount of times Shaun Bean says "if your with us stay if not get out" (along those lines) i nearly did walk out, The ending is rubbish too, if you manage to stay that long. Some parts are watchable but it doesn't last

    I think am going to stick with Shane Meadows, now he knows how to direct

  9.  Faster then a speeding bullet


    This is probs the best sonic 2D adventure since the mega drive days.

    It's brilliant the way that the loops go from one screen to another at super-sonic speeds. Theres a new system where when to hit enemies you get a sort of power gauge that you can use at anytime to go from a standstill to running like a speeding bullet, it makes sure you don't stand still for long, which is exactly what you want from a sonic game.

    The boss battles are a nice change from 2D to 3D, the only problem is i can't finish the end level boss, but hey thats just me enjoy :)

  10.  Great add on


    I loved this, this isn't just a add on with new maps, it has new gameplays too.

    You now have a new vehicle called the Goliath which is a massive tank full of guns for you to take down, which has panels that re-fills its health, so destroying it is tricky itself. Also capture the flag has a good twist, as once you capture all of the flags, the uncappable flags can now be captured, so defend is more tricky.

    Another new vehicle added, are speeder bikes, which are great and nippy for getting in and out of difficult situations.

    Like the review before this one, this add on is good for new medals,ribbons and unlocks. If you get a ribbon or medal instead of giving you points towards your rank, it gives you an unlock, which is a great quick way of getting the unlocks even faster.

    So enjoy :)