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  1.  Excellent and intruiging....


    This classic is an excellent read and gives an insight into the mindset of the great and not so god throughout history.
    A worthwhile read for all and a great edition to boot.
    Fantastic value.

  2.  Excellent movie 4.5 stars......


    Having just watched this on Blu Ray I gotta say I thought it was an excellent film - the series has grown up with its viewers and I had no issues with it being too dark to see at all, the world they are in seems more devoid of the happiness in the earlier films so I think the producers have tried to show this with the tones and colours used, a lot of familiar places and faces look visibly older and worn as they prepare for the final showdown.....
    I personally felt the story progressed at a decent pace and I am definately looking forward to the next instalment, I would say worth a watch/rent if not a fan and if you are a fan just buy it, its good and Blu Ray and 5.1 sound quality are excellent.

  3. Mafia II

    Mafia II


    7 New from  £13.99  Free delivery

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     Excellent story, very entertaining...


    This has got to be one of the most engrossing games I have played this year, the graphics are good, not excellent, the voice acting and story line are superb, and the control system is quite intuative.
    I found driving the cars easier than in GTA 4 although I prefer GTA's on foot control system.
    I likrd the way you progress within the historical timeline and the news bulletins on the radio informing you about the progress in the war in europe etc.
    In none of the early missions you'll find yourself sneaking round a building to get the keys for a safe, take time to listen to the conversation the security gaurds are having, it's most amusing...
    I have given this 4 stars as there is no 4.5 star rating and it's not as long as I would have liked and the graphics arent quite as polished as some would have you believe, but its still a great extremely engrossing game with an excellent story and if your a mafia movie buff or fan this is a definate must.

  4.  Top film


    This has to be one of the best all time hussler comedy type movies.
    An apparently over the hill ringer vs 10 of the young men of a town proud of its boxing history, wood is totally believable as the hustler, gosset jr is a convincing over the hill fighter and the rest of the cast pull in around these two's performances.
    Well worth a watch and at 3.99 you cant loose.

  5.  Calling all action fans...


    A future world with a facist dictatorship where feelings are illegal, an order of militnat clerics with specialist weapons training and lots of guns and a small group of rebels.
    Ok you can make comparisons to various other films but this does stand up in its own right, and is very entertaining if your an action fan.
    Easy viewing, possibly on a sunday after a night down the pub.

  6.  The return of the warden....


    I loved the first game in the series and this is an excellent expansion and for 14.99 you cant loose, there's a lot more to do and it'll keep you entertained for days.

  7.  Excellent game.


    One of the most engrosing RPG's I have ever played, with many different ways to interact with the population within the world.
    Many major decisions and plot lines and a good selection of character classes along with a big open world make this an RPG classic, if your an RPG veteran or a rookie you'll love this and at a cheap 24.99 it's well worth it for the many many hours of play you'll get.

  8.  PSP warm up for GT5....


    It took a long while but its finally here, albeit without the career mode but dont let that put you off.
    Plenty of challenges, plenty of cars, plenty of tracks.
    Get a copy, you wont be dissapointed.

  9.  Best handsfree headset I have ever owned....


    Was bought one of these a year and a half ago by girlfriend to use whilst driving vans / trucks at work and gotta say its brilliant, light, decent battery life, easy to set up, unfortunately I lost it on a long run a couple months back. Got a Wep 350 but it didnt cut it, then found this here and bought it, over the moon. Wont be losing this one!

  10.  Massively brilliant movie, amazingly well done.


    I had heard this was worth a watch and duly I recieved a copy over christmas, it sat on the side until the 2nd of Jan when I got round to watching it and all I can say is this.... Wow
    The script and ideas are brilliant, the actors excellent, the CGI aliens very believable and the sound and picture quality are top notch.
    A proper 5 out of 5 movie in my book and well worth a watch.