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  1.  Hellraiser


    Classic horror movies, as a box set much better stories than the nightmare on elm street and friday the 13th. Fantastic addition to hardcore horror collection. They are old films but not dated.

  2.  Outstanding


    Fangtastic addition to the series, absolutely brilliant no other TV show comes close to this, this is the best series yet, can't wait for the 4th.

  3.  Fright Night


    I honestly can't understand why people are rating this film so poorly? It does exactly what horrors are meant to do, it scares and freaks you out the only reason I haven't given this 5 stars is because I think some of the story could have been better but that aside a good addition to any horror collection.

  4.  Iron Fist


    All in all not a bad movie, somewhat true to the game, but the characters could of been so much better, well genarlly just the main character didn't fill the shoes of jin. Worth a watch.

  5.  Worse than that!


    The reason this is the 1st review is not because it is a new release but because it is really that bad know no really wants waste another minute of their life remembering this complete and utter pile of crap, usually I can see the good points of the films and discus them however in this case I can't, seriously don't rent it or buy it, don't even watch it if you find it burn it! If anyone was to ever give you this as a gift then they really don't like you lol its a no no!

  6.  Eh?! I dunno


    Well I brought this and thought it was gunna be great, but all the way through I was waiting for the greatness to kick in, it was just a bit too strange, but then you come away from it and think that it ok because you've sat and thought about, personally I was expecting more, one to rent only I think?

  7.  'What Is It Good For.............'


    This is where War is fun!
    Graphics - Great especially when you destroy a huge building
    Gameplay - Smooth and great fun, what is more fun than calling an air strike and leveling a city block? Seriously very very fun, you never get board of stealing fuel before annihilating the whole area
    Story - Good story 'Everybody Pays' Enough said!
    Its definately a must have you love destruction and mayhem!

  8.  Kick Ass!!!!


    Great game, addmittedly when you first begin because of the new creative way of fighting it is a bit off putting, but once you start getting the hang of it, it is sooo much fun there are so many abilities and so many different ways to destroy your enemies. Some gamers are saying that its too repeatative, well it the same with most games if you find it repeatative then its not hard to fing different ways to take out your enemis. Plus it has such a compelling story line, although if your norse god knowledge isn't up to scratch then you may not get a some of the converstation. The amount of choice you have concerning weaponary and amour is also very very cool, plus the type of character you can have a choice of is brilliant....................... At the end of the day if you love very involved rpg's then don't even hesitate in buying this you will love it! But (and there is always a but) if you don't know your norse god's too well and can't wait for darksiders to come out rent it first!

  9.  Not 5/5 should be 10/10


    I've followed this saga all the back from Soul Blade for PS1 and they have yet to let me down, I must admitt that when I first heard about Star Wars characters being in it I was a little put off, I mean Yoda in the 16th Century what were they thinking, but as it goes it was quite a nice addition to the soul family, a lot of people still don't like the idea but that aside, it is the best, not one of but the best, beat 'em up out this game will give anyone a run for their money to beat! Pure Brilliance!

  10.  Funny as .........


    Brilliant movie, I went to the cinema to watch this with my girlfriend and usually she wouldn't have watched this, but she gave it a chance and loved it! We couldn't stop talking about it, it has a very compeling story and Collin is soooo funny in this you would believe some of the stuff he comes out with in this flick. Its a diffinate must have!