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  1.  Suprisingly addictive


    I bought this game as I wanted a relaxing game to play. This game has some faults, like the loading times and being snooker you can lose very quickly in a slow way, however this game is very addictive and well worth the £17.99 price tag.

    I never thought I would play a snooker game as I thought it would be boring, how wrong was I.

  2.  i tried to like this games, i really did


    Well I did, first off im a huge banjo-kazooie fan and loved the first on the N64, pure gaming genious the second was kind of poor in relation, even Rare admit they had a deadline for the sequel. I own this game and I strongly recommend you do not buy this one, it's just like a racing game but with pointless other aspects that make up 5% of the actual game. Building the vehicles is not fun, it's boring and they are too simplistic.
    if you do buy this game and have played the other banjo games before long you will ask yourself why oh why did they waste all that time making a gaming world to only fill it will cars and race tracks. You will try and get a jiggy then have to make a car just to compete and it really seems like it takes you away from the world. Please stay away from this and buy the XBLA arcade download instead. Unfortunately games like this seem to be the norm. I don't know if it's because of disc instead of carts or just lazy gamers. Who know. Rare are well named, nowadays it's rare if they don't mess up their own brands.
    I do know why they made the game like this and that's because even Rare could not surpass the first banjo on the N64 so they had to try something, they failed, and they will blame the gamers for not buying it, the only problem with that is if they had actually made the game the way gamers wanted I would have sold and been a great game, ah, well, lets look forward to goulies 2 lol.

    So why 3 stars, well because its banjo and it still has they charm, unfortunately it's misguided. Some of the dialogue in the game pokes fun at the original, it seems to have been an after thought to try and get more people to either love it or hate it, and I would be on the hate it side.

    Developers should realise that if it isn't broke then don't fix it, only so much innovation can become a game before it becomes ridiculous and stupid. This game proves the point.

    i really do feel low writing this review but as a huge banjo fan and a 'kind of' opened mind to the "new direction" of the genre, i just had to be honest.

    If you do buy this game and like the charactors and the evironment then you should buy the XBLA banjo-kazooie when it comes out. Banjo-kazzoie and Conker are great game charactors so please Rare stop messing your games up. im too old to wait for anther 10 years for a proper next gen (lol) banjo

  3.  So Suprised


    If you love bond you will love this game. lets be fair, no game is ever going to steal the status of Goldeneye, but this game truely is the best bond game since Goldeneye.

    The cover system is implimented well and the steath system is great also. if you love Bond, FPS and Stealth games like hitman and Splinter Cell, you will love this game.

    Im actually totally amazed at how good this game is.

    Definately recommended