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  1.  The books are great, looking forward to this.


    Soo Tom Cruise wouldn't have been my first choice for Jack Reacher but I still can't wait for this to come out!

  2.  Really good film


    Very well cast film that keeps you hooked. Only criticism is that it was a bit confusing at the start but all becomes clear as you continue watching. Highly recommended!

  3.  Perfect easy watching


    This series is much better than I was expecting it to be, it has had me chukling throughout and looking forward to the next episode every time. It's a great one to watch after work. Robert Lindsay is very good despite looking uncannily like Alan Sugar, it's nice to enjoy him in something other than My Family!

  4.  Will make you chuckle and Ted is just so very cute


    I can't remember when I've been to the cinema twice to see a film, but I enjoyed Ted so much the first time I went to see it again the same week! DIdn't have quite the same sparkle the second time around but the jokes were still there and I still loved seeing Ted in his little suit! Would definitely recommend it!

  5.  Worth a watch but it really doesn't need to be that long..


    Had the run time been shorter I would have found this film a lot more enjoyable. The action was good and Jeremy Renner did a good job as the lead character so worth a watch. The other thing I felt that let it down was the (lack of) storyline, the film just didn't really seem to go anywhere.

  6.  Worth a read


    Having spoken to others that have read this book it seems to be one that you either love or can't stand.. I did both in equal measure, I cringed at being told to repeat out loud that I AM A WOMAN but at other points was thouroughly entertained, however you find the book, it is one that makes you consider your own opinions about feminism and whatever the conclusion I think it's a good thing and well worth reading.

  7.  A fantastic read


    The first chapter was so chilling I had to put it down but after that first time I could not bring myself to put it down again.. a very credible thriller that breaks away from the slew of hunky lead characters often found in the genre. A surprising gem of a book, I look forward to more to come from Stav Sherez!

  8.  A very good read


    I read this on holiday and found myself not able to tear myself away until I had finished it. An incredibly engaging book, with incredibly vivid descriptions it makes you wonder how the author came up with such a story.

  9.  A bit forgettable


    This is the sort of book you can get into and be over before you feel like you've opened the front cover. Very easy reading, a good way to pass some time but not a memorable book in any way.
    I would've found it more enjoyable if there weren't so many aspects of the characters just seemed too ridiculous to be engaging.

  10.  Took a while to get into and then December came around..


    If you are going to read this book, read it over Christmas. By the time it was time to start opening the little doors on my advent calendar I couldn't wait to read it in the dark, chilly evenings after work, usually with a mug of hot chocolate sat in front of the fire - was genuinely sad to finish it.