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  1.  Patches and DLC's have improved this game


    When PES 2014 was released last September the game look good but contained bugs - slowdown, glitch pauses. Game was released early ? I switched to Fifa 14 which is good but can get boring. Konami since releasing PES 2014 have released Patches and Data Packs and the game has improved. Pes 2014 does look realistic compare to TV Style Fifa 14 and the matches are enjoyable.

  2.  Look forward to Top Spin 4


    Downloaded the demo for Top Spin 4 and it looks good. It is easier to play. Top Spin 3 was not a bad game but was slow.

  3.  The game isn't worth £40


    In general this game is excellent, just like the last three before in Euro 2008, Fifa 09 and Fifa 10. However for a Tournament which is over a month away and runs for a month, i think 40 pounds for this game is way too much. It would have been nice had EA released a expansion patch for Fifa 10 with the World Cup in it. 20 pounds for this game would be right. . This game has continued where Fifa 10 left off with improved physics and atmosphere. Expectation for Fifa 11 will be extremely high this Autumn. I hope Fifa 11 has all the national teams from the World Cup game as well the Leagues from the globe.

  4.  A Mindblowing Experience


    Originally released in 1994 I didn't get into Nine Inch Nails until this special edition album was released in 2005, it is absolutely mindblowing. I've seen the band perform live four times, this album has become my favourite album.

  5.  PES was a far better game on the PS2


    Been a Pro fan since 2001 and always prefered it to Fifa on the PS2. Last year I was impressive with Fifa 09 but chose PES 2009. PES 2010 is a far better game compare to PES 2009 but like PES 2009 It does have a few issues. PES 2010 has the Champions League and Europa Super League Licensing but not all the teams are in it especially the German Teams. Regular level has become easy unlike previous versions where it was difficult. When the half and full time whistles are blown the game somewhat pauses for a second. Refs are not keen to give penalties or free kicks in dangerous positions. Already played over 50 matches and have not yet been awarded a penalty. The list of stadias on the PS3 version are somewhat of a let down, The list of stadia's on the ps2 was far better. Maybe a straight port conversion of the PS2 version to PS3 would be better. Been a Pro fan since 2001 but may choose Fifa 10 this season.

  6.  Scary Sci.Fi classic is still strong.


    No matter how old, 25 years later this film is still as frightening as it was when it first came out during the mid 80s.

  7.  Good to see Manson back


    The High End of Low is not bad, it does has some good tracks. The Album is more like Mechancal Animals rather than Antichrist Superstar. It is very much a follow up to Eat Me Drink Me.

  8.  Impressive game


    Playing FIFA is like playing Football with a beach ball. The passing game and the matches are not bad are very good. One problem i found is the playing a match at night is optional depending the stadium. Lots of licensing and too much EA branding. Fifa 09 is an impressive game,

  9.  Its a good game


    Always prefered PES to Fifa. Last years PES did have faults, but was still a good game. PES 2009 is much improved and a far better game. There are some minor faults, attention to detail and licensing issues. Overall Konami have done good.

  10.  Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral 20th Anniversary


    Song titles are displayed with the wrong songs which is a shame because it would have been a good dvd.