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  1.  Great Value for money, Excellent finish.


    I looked around for a long time before i settled for this laptop. I purchased it from play for 379.99 and can honestly say it is probably the best on the market for that price.

    If the reviewer below bothered to do any form of laptop research he would have found easily that this laptop does have a silver lid and a Matt white keyboard. (the only laptops i know that are fully white are macbooks so he should look there)

    Windows 7 is superb and extremely quick on this laptop and is not at all like the other windows fail that was vista. I have played many games ranging from Football manager 2011 to World of Warcraft on my laptop and found that this laptop was capable of running both smoothly.

    Great value for money and an overall great laptop. Im very happy with mine.

  2.  Looks good BUT


    The case itself looks great and it has a magnetic lid which holds the case shut. Its fairly lightweight and doesnt add that much to the weight of the phone.

    HOWEVER after having used this for little over a couple of months i found that the sham leather started to come away from the stitching at the bag of the case and as a result the case actually caused scratches and marks to my phone which its ironically designed not to.

    Overall - Looks good, ruins the back of your phone especially if your iphone is a white one its very very visible

  3.  Well Worth a fiver


    I cant explain how much i would recommend this book. Despite being catergorised as a "chick flick" the novel i felt had a lot to offer male readers.

    I myself was transfixed with the complications that would arise from the time traveling and found myself often drifting off imagining complicated situations that the character might find himself in which of course happens a few times as you get further into the book.

    The relationship at first i found a little bit strange and sure its totally far fetched by hey what sort of piece of fictional work isn't at times? The relationship between the two main characters was totally convincing and i found i just wanted to know all the future possibilities when the book ended!

    So in a nut shell, if your into this sort of thing and your looking for a book look no further.

  4.  Another Success or is It?


    If your a fan of Harlan Coben and especially the character Myron Bolitar then this book is definitely for you. Myron and the gang are back, perhaps a little older now than they last were but still as compelling to read about.

    This time we see Myron in a different setting, away from Sports Reps controversy and dealing more with his personal life, a touch that i found made the book really difficult to put down. Although not predominantly set in America like the rest of the books Win, Esperanza, Big Cindy and the rest of the gang all play there parts!

    If this your first time delving into a Harlan Coben then i would suggest reading some of his older books so that you get a good character build and can relate more to the characters. However that said Coben is brilliant at introducing characters like Win back into the action and making new readers feel like they already know about the characters.

    Now, the reason why i gave this novel 4 stars instead of 5? despite the gripping context of the story, at times it is rather far fetched and almost instantly dismissed as absurd. That being said Coben keeps you reading with his brilliant research and depth that he has put into every detail and twist.

    Overall Well worth a read. If this is your first i would advise trying one of the older one's first and if your a regular reader of Coben's work id suggest taking the story with a pinch of salt it is after all a work of fiction.

  5.  Depends on what you like...


    I have read a lot of bad reviews about this film and to be honest personally i just don't understand it. It depends on what your interested in as a film. The film is more like the likes of sin city than say spider man so if your expecting a cuddly light hearted hero saves the day kind of film then you are looking in the wrong direction if your thinking of getting this film.

    The Watchmen has dark theme's especially around the background of some of the characters. The reason i have given this film 4 stars rather than the full 5 is because at times yes it does drag on and you do get the feeling that this is a very very long film. THAT being said i still would rate this as one of my favourite films that i have seen in the past decade.

  6.  Like Notebook with a twist.


    This film is in its purest a film about a romance with a twist. Throw in a man that ages backwards into the story of the notebook and a bit of war time action and you pretty much get this.

    I saw this at the cinema and like other reviewers have put it does stumble sometimes on the boring as the storyline unfolds however it in my opinion is still a remarkable film worth watching if only to try and watch all the things that happen to the man and watching the relationshop unfold.

    Oh and the cgi is truly magnificent honestly.

  7.  Game of the year!


    When i first bought this it arrived and i played it for an hour and then had to go to work, whilst at work all i could do was think of fallout and how much i wanted to play it again! Have not had this feeling over a game in years!

  8.  Thick and Very warm!


    For once the size is a good fit and the hoodie is nice and warm just right for this cold bloody winter! I recommend this hoodie its ace!

  9.  Not just an Alarm!


    I bought this as i thought the idea of having a sleek looking alarm clock that charged my ipod was great saved me having to plug into my computer to charge my ipod!

    Anyway took seconds to set up and i had my nano in and playing music within moments. The sound quality is very good especially considering the price! It also has the radio which works well 2.

    Im very chuffed with this piece of kit so much so that my girlfriend got a bit jealous and now i have to buy her one aswell! I'll just buy her it for xmas and pretend it cost more :p

  10.  12.99!!!!!!


    12.99 you cannot be serious! This is a deffinite must have ! i still cant get over its price! i bought the set when it was new for £60 and i loved every single bit of it!

    If your into your gritty war shows this is one to watch!