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  1.  Waaaay too addictive!!


    All the games ive had so far for the Wii have been Nintendo made - super smash brothers, mario galaxy, mario kart - (apart from guitar hero of course!!) - so this is the first made-for Wii game I've bought by a third-party developer - and got to say - its amazing!! best and most addictive game ive played since Mario Galaxy. There are ten levels in all - and the 6 ive done so far have taken me at least an hour per level to finish!! but will still have to go back to paint the cities 100%!! cant wait either - thats what makes this game, the idea of painting the town is so uplifting - and helps forget about life for however long your engrossed in it!! Strongly recomend!! if it does well, we'll hopefully get a sequel ;)!!

  2.  A Fresh Beginning


    A new start for Keane, I was just starting to right them off, as, even though I enjoyed their first two albums in the past, they didnt last well over time in my eyes, becoming slightly boring. After hearing the album on last.fm, my love for them is restored - uplifting, modern, beautiful, while still maintaing the parts liked from their previous efforts!! great stuff!!

  3.  Gorgeous...


    Cooped up in a hut in an isolated cabin in the wisconsin mountains for several months, Bon Iver produced these beautiful songs. Both gut wrenching and uplifting in equal amounts. Suits either mood or if you just need something to relax you!! Already excited about what he will do next!! Skinny Love, Flume, Blindsided and Team are my favourites, but everything else is at the same amazing level of quality! Loves it!

  4.  Online Addiction!!


    There's not much n my reviewing this but i felt i had to throw in my opinion - its fantastico!! im addicted to the online mutiplayer!!!

  5.  Fab and Funny: Life after Scrubs!


    After watching this film, I am very shocked by the other reviewer's opinion! It's brilliant!! I thought Braff may have to straighten it out to play a lead role, but he still maintains the underlying craziness that was obviously heightened in Scrubs. The character of Chip is brilliant, and, unlike many other comedies with an evil person to overcome, i actually felt behind Braff in his attempts to regain a hold of life and uncover Chip's dark secrets! Another comedy to add to the fab collection from 2007!!

  6.  Scary stuff!


    Much better than I ever expected - it just shows how the critics cant be believed all the time! Kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole running time! It was also a bonus to have a better, more mature class of acting talent - refreshing change from the numerous cheerleaders and "jocks" that have been dispensed in the last few year. Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson give the audience something to actually care about - the rare horror movie were your actually willing them to escape!! As other reviewers have said also, it does end a bit suddenly - but gripping stuff all the same!!

  7.  Better then I expected!


    I have never bought a Linkin Park album and wasnt sure that I would get this as I didnt know wether I could listen to a whole album of them, but I am so glad I did!! The best songs have to be Bleed It Out, Shadow of the Day, What I've Done and Valentine's Day. Much better then expected!!

  8.  Still fantastic!


    Throughout the third series, a darker thread can be noticed running throughout, with the episodes also growing and becoming more epic every week. If I'm right, the first episode in this volume of series three is Utopia - a pulse pounding adventure where the Doctor and Martha, now accompanied by old friend Captain Jack Harkness, find themselves at the end of the galaxy, helping an old proffessor with his work, but all is not as it seems. One of the Doctor's most feared enemies returns. The second part should be excellent!!



    Though the other two episodes in this chapter of the third series of Doctor Who are amazing - Blink is definately worth the five stars on its own! It has to be the scariest and most edge of your seat thrill ride out of all three of the new Doctor Who series'!! Fabulous!

  10.  Don't believe the bad reviews!!


    I was sitting there in the cinema wondering why all the reviews were so bad for this film - I think this film has to be one of the best examples of fantasy escapism for a long while - to be fair, it didn't feel like three hours at all!! Watch this for a hearty dose of swashbuckling fun you will want to return to again and again!!