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  1.  Top 10 of 2011 by far


    Batman Arkham City, is probably one of the most outstanding games of 2011. This is because of the improved graphics, the extra gameplay as Catwoman, more villians than Arkham Asylum such as Joker returning, Riddler back but you can actually see him than listening to him, Harley Quinn is back at Jokers side, Bane but as a side mission, Killer Croc, as a easter egg, Poison Ivy (Boss but when you play as Catwoman), Zsasz as a side mission and new characters such as, Mr Freeze, Hugo Strange, Clayface, Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing (DLC), Two-Face, Calender Man, Hush, Azrael, The Penguin, The Abromivichi Twins, Deadshot, Talia Al Ghul. Ra's Al Ghul, Mad Hatter, Black Mask, Solomun Grundy, and Alfred. Also the map is way more bigger than Asylum, as you've got the whole of Arkham City to explore, plus more riddles to find, new mode called New Game Plus this makes the game more harder. But the best bit is that you get to play is the Batman experience of a lifetime in one of the best games of 2011 and probably the best Batman games of a lifetime.