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  1.  Disappointed


    Having been a fan of the new series was pleased to here about this and watched on Internet, throughout it all only see two cylons. Could of been so much better and poor story and special effects. Don't waste your money.

  2.  Ant music is dead !!!!!


    Waited so long for some new material after being so let down with the last few albums, those long years have been wasted with this album, sorry Adam, you always be my childhood hero but this new stuff utter rubbish, painful to listen too...that musics lost its taste so try another flavour, just not this ant music :-(

  3.  Put Him In


    Brilliant, really enjoyed this and made loads of chocolate moulds for my kids, easy to use and simple to clean



    The best film I have ever seen and i 3D. I have seen the future and I want more. I bet George Lucas is kicking himself right now. haha. Y ou have got to see this in 3D. It will blow you away

  5.  What Happned To The Extended Version


    Such a shame that the extended version is not on Blu-Ray. That is what I was hoping for as it adds more to the story. Still a classic film to watch. No Doubt it will come out as special extended edition somewhere along the line \ shame ...

  6.  Big Names...Big LetDown


    I just knew when it started it was going to be one of those utter trash films.may have some big names in it but they must be ashamed that they put their names to it. Ron Pearlman - John Hurt..didn't realise they were that hard up for work. dont waste your money

  7.  Company Of Heroes.Tales Of Valor or Short Game Missions


    I was really looking forward to this until I played it and realised there was hardly any missions and those missions that were there very very short. I was expecting hours of game play not minutes...They could have done so much more with this game..Its ok but I would wait until the sales to buy it..Very Disappointed

  8.  excellent game


    Brilliant, brilliant,brilliant, really good game..its about time a new one was brought out

  9.  ipod


    What a price compared to high street shops. I have wanted one of these for a long time and my patience paid off in waiting. Well done play.com what a bargain price and woks fine in car, who needs single cd discs.....

  10.  Lego Batman Brilliant


    Dare I say, but I think this is far better than Indiana Jones and on a par with Star Wars. There is loads to do on this game, from the Batcave to Arkham and loads of characters, some of the levels have already stumped me and unable to complete them at this time. hours of fun