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  1.  A very highly recommended product!


    I bought one of these cases for my HTC a few months ago, and I have to say that - In all honesty - I simply cannot fault it. This is the first "flip" style case I've had, and I don't think I could have made a better choice! :-)

    The case outer is made of a solid and durable leather-like material (Can't verify if real or p-leather at time of review) which affords excellent protection for both the screen and the phone itself. With the size of the outer being slightly greater than the phone holder within, the outer should not only protect the phone from the usual minor knocks, scratches and scuffs, but is also well placed to absorb damage that would normally destroy many cheaper cases.

    The phone holder inside the case is made of a strong rubber, holds the phone in the case like a glove, and is very firmly attached to the outer. Though getting the phone inside the case might prove difficult for some buyers at first (Tip: Ease the edge of the case around the phone one corner at a time) this does mean that - Once inside the case - The phone is certainly not going to come out of its own accord.
    Note however that repeated insertion and removal of the phone could weaken the type of rubber used - So if you plan to upgrade your SD or SIM cards or battery soon, I would advise doing so before inserting your phone into this case. (Rest assured the phone will come out again if you want it to, but in my experience it's best if allowed to "live" inside the case.)

    Unlike other cases I've seen which use cut-outs (Which can be a weak point regards durability) this case has rubber mouldings through which buttons are pressed - Which aside from making use of these controls easier, also affords extra protection for the phone against wet and dirty fingers. Cut-outs are of course provided for the camera lens, flash LED and USB connector, and these are well designed and suitably placed.
    The case itself is designed to flip over the top of the phone (Most others flip under the bottom) which allows easy access to the USB port for charging/syncing even whilst closed, though one might have to leave the clasp unfastened for this purpose. The clasp itself is magnetic and manages to keep the case securely closed when needed, whilst at the same time allowing easy, instant access when required.

    As other reviewers have mentioned, this did not come with a credit card holder as described above (I suspect this might've been a feature of the case outer in an earlier version of the product, as opposed to the separate card wallet many might've been expecting. Nonetheless, my case has no card slots provided) though I would personally regard this a non-issue. However it was supplied with an adhesive screen protector, alcohol screen-wipe, and cleaning cloth.

    In closing this review, I have to say that this case is a very good choice and represents excellent value for money. Though many cheaper cases are available on this site, they will not afford nearly the same level of protection as this product will (A cheaper plastic-based case might save you a few pounds today, but a drop or a smash could result in repair bills far exceeding the GBP 3-5 more that this case costs.)...And with many people cherishing their smartphones as I do my own, I cannot emphasise enough the importance of choosing a durable, well-made and solid case such as this to protect such a valuable device.

  2.  A brilliant, versatile item at an excellent price!


    I bought some of these for myself and a friend a few months ago (Aug 2011, GBP 10.49 each) and despite them having come down in price nearly 25% since then (Currently GBP 8.99 at time of writing, which is a surprise in itself) I still feel as if I've gotten excellent value for money. After all, I'd still rather pay just over a tenner for one of these here than the GBP 19,- "cheapest" price currently showing on a UK high-street retailers site as I write this review!

    Onto the product itself: It's exactly what it says on the tin, a standard USB mass storage device (A re-branded Integral, I'm led to believe) without any unnecessary bells and whistles. As usual, drive capacity is slightly less than stated due to formatting (15.3GB on the 16GB and 30.9GB on the 32GB model, which I also bought) and the drive may feel slightly slower than other models, but it still has more than acceptable read/write rates for its size and price.
    As an XP and Linux user I havn't been able to try this out with ReadyBoost myself, but it feels like it *might* just be able to manage it, depending on how crowded your USB bus is. (Supposition not guaranteed - Your mileage may vary)

    The only real negatives to this product - If any *have* to be mentioned - Is the absence of a drive access light (Very useful for those of us paranoid about safe removal), and maybe the casing itself, which does feel a little thin at first. However, my heavy hands havn't managed to break the shells on any of mine just yet! :-)

    Although this product is really designed to be an affordable data storage device, it also serves certain advanced features quite well - It can be partitioned, seems to perform well under TrueCrypt 7.0* and (Although I havn't tried this myself) a number of them chained together as a RAID device under Linux could create a versatile alternative to an SSD for slow-mid speed data storage applications...Although it should be mentioned that the device performs much better when data is written continuously as opposed to a series of small (Appending) writes.
    (* - At time of writing, TrueCrypt 7.1 has been released and I havn't tested the drive under that yet. However - Based on performance under 7.0 - I would advise creating your secure partition on the local HDD first and then move/copy it to the flash drive as creating a 1GB partition on the drive directly took me ages when I tried it.)

    The bottom line: All in all, this is an excellent product from a great OEM that should provide dependable, reliable and extremely useful data storage for all regular applications, and is definitely a 5-star winner in my book! :-)
    +++ DieselDragon +++