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  1.  A must have for any collection.


    This package is essentially 3 games in one. Don't mistake TLATD and TBOGT as DLC, they aren't.

    The original game is huge and follows Niko Bellic as he arrives in Liberty City to meet his cousin Roman and live the American dream. However, this notion is quickly dispelled as Niko finds out that the dream is more of a nightmare as he quickly gets entangled with gangsters, crooked cops, shady law enforcement agencies and the mafia.

    The Lost and the Damned sees you as Johnny, the vice president of the afor-mentioned motorcycle club battling to save the club as the president, Billy, is released from prison, hell bent on causing as much carnage and mayhem as possible.

    In The Ballad of Gay Tony you play Luis, joint partner in two of the hottest clubs in Liberty City with Tony. Unfortunately Tony has loaned a lot of money from the wrong people and again thngs start to go wrong quickly.

    In all of the games there is a multitude of things to do, from activities like base jumping in TBOGT, to taking your girlfriend on helicopter rides in the original game, as well as interactions with certain members of the public on the street.

    All of the activities are well thought out and contribute to your enjoyment of the games. This game can seriously stunt your social life as you get sucked into each of the characters stories and see how they interact with one another. This being said, TLATD is probably the weakest of the stories, however, this being said, its still very enjoyable.

    None of these games are graphically led. However, neither are the graphics as poor as has been mentioned in previous reviews. The main pull of the GTA games is in the story and the development of your character and this is accomplished spectacularly in all 3 stories.

    The three stories on offer here are more than worth the asking price and well worth a try.

  2.  An essential game for any collection.


    In the aftermath of a disaster that he may be the perpetrator of, our hero Cole McGrath, must come to terms with the powers he has been blessed/cursed with and decide whether to use these for the greater good or his own ends.

    Set in the slowly recovering, quarantined ruins of Empire City the authorities have lost control and the city has been divided up between different gangs, each of which has their own separate identities and motives.

    Your immediate power is the ability to fire bolts of lightning from your fingers, these are soon expanded using experience points that you gain from completing missions and side quests, all of which have a decent amount of variety, and don't get boring.

    The powers you choose come in 2 broad categories, Good and Evil, and while they are similar, they retain their own identity. Choosing one path over the other will also have an effect on Cole's appearance, the missions available to you and the outcome of the game.

    Graphically, the game is very good, Empire city looks the part and the gameplay is extended by the differing paths you can take. The voice acting is decent, not stellar but it doesn't descend into cliche and cheese territory either.

    This game is well worth the money being asked for it and a game anyone can enjoy. Those of you who enjoy sandbox games will find this all the more entertaining.

  3.  An Essential Purchase


    This game is the follow up to the very impressive Fallout 3 and the action switches from the ruins of Washington to the desolation of the Mojave Desert.

    You play the part of a courier that's left for dead in a shallow grave after making a delivery. Waking in a doctors house you're given the opportunity to customise your character and then unleashed on the world at large.

    Players of Fallout 3 will recognise many of the contents of New Vegas, Radscorpions, Deathclaws, the Brotherhood of Steel, Mr Handy/Gutsy etc etc.

    The above being said there is a lot of new components to this game: weapons, factions, abilities, gang types and armour. The ability to add modifications to your weapons adds a new dimension to the game as well.

    The map is large and the amount of encounters is absolutely stupendous, the Explorer perk lets you see exactly how many are available to you.

    The story line is engrossing and the number of side quests to complete is astounding. I've played for approx 30 hours and have yet to visit/complete half of the story.

    Other than the colour palette, graphically not a lot has changed. However, this is not an issue, don't fix what isn't broken. If you want a graphically lead game, buy a COD.

    There is only one snag in all of this goodness......lagging. The game will freeze for a few seconds before continuing. This isn't a constant problem though. Previous reviews have mentioned crashing and this has happened to me as well. However, over the course of a fortnight the game has crashed approx three times, not a massive drawback for me.

    This game is truly one of the best of its type with improvements over Fallout 3 and only the lagging issues prevented it getting 5 stars.

    If you've played Fallout 3 you'll love the next instalment and if you haven't you'll be buying it to see what you missed out on.

  4.  A vast improvement on the first.


    I played the first game when it was released and IMHO this is a massive leap forward in pretty much any category you care to name.

    The first game suffered from being too repetetive, essentially you carried out the same 3-4 mission types over and over to get to the end of level assassination target. ACII is a different beast altogether. You now have a variety of missions and side missions to complete.

    The controls are mostly intuitive and easy to grasp and the gameplay is excellent with a complex and entertaining storyline.

    You can upgrade your weapons, armour and the town your villa is in. There are a number of different side missions: codex pages, glyphs, assassination targets, treasure and legendary assassins tombs to loot. It can be bandied about a bit too much but this game really does deserve any game of the year noms it gets.

    At this price you need to buy this game.

  5.  Not that bad really


    This is probably the best example of a Co-op game that you will find on the PS3 to date. Salem and Rios find themselves in Shanghai in the grip of what looks like a terrorist attack and have to find a way out and quickly.

    The Aggro system is still in place and the principle hasn't changed from the 1st game. You attract attention so your partner can slip round the side and shoot someone in the head.

    The graphics are good, the learning curve acceptable and the storyline is well written, for the most part (see gripes below).

    The guns and the customisation opthons for them can best be described as excellent. You can swap out pretty much any part of a gun and add things like scopes, silencers, bigger magazines and bayonets as well as paint them all sorts of pretty colours. Who can honestly say that thet haven't always wanted a Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle covered Leopard print?

    You're also faced with a number of moral dilemmas along the way and get to see the consequences of your actions. Good or Bad. This can have an effect on your partners opinion of you in game and affect the game in the last level. Alternate endings also extend the lifespan of the game quite a bit.

    Gripes. Only a few. Shoot an enemy and a leg can stick through a solid wall and wiggle about like they're having a seizure of some sort. Another gripe is story line based in that the reason for the carnage in Shanghai isn't really explained. Last but not least is one that's often levelled at this type of game, the length, it's a tad short.

    However, even taking these into account, for this price you're not getting robbed at all.

  6.  Excellent game but a few tiny bugs.


    A lot of people compare this game to GTA IV. Yes both games are sandbox types in a large city, but where GTA IV has a more realistic feel, SR2 has more options in a number of areas and IMO is a lot more enjoyable.

    The story takes you through the process of bringing the 3rd street saints out of obscurity and back to being the top gang in Stillwater. Fighting off the attentions of 3 other gangs, the local plod and the Ultor corporation.

    Graphics are decent but not stellar, character animation is good and the amount of options open to you in pretty much every category is excellent. The game has a very good sense of humour and the learning curve is acceptable. What's more, you can customise pretty much everything from your characters hair-do to the stripper pole that you install in your cribs.

    The missions are varied and there are a large number of side diversions that once completed reward you with a number of unlockable bonuses, for example complete one of the diversions at the airport and you get a Pimp Cane that doubles as a shotgun with a 16 round magazine. You can also buy the stores in the areas that you control for a discount on their merchandise, each store you buy also pays you a set amount of money each day. Which comes in handy for furthering your reign of terror.

    There are a few bugs in the game that I've found, for example pimp out a number of cars one after another and return them to your garage and you'll be able to see the knee-cappers from previous rides still on screen and the still pictures when you load the game still show the original character, no matter how much you customised him earlier. However, these are minor and don't detract much from the game.

    Altogether SR2 is well worth your money, this title should be in the collection of every gamer.

  7.  Great concept but gets a little bit samey.


    This game does have quite a few plus points in its favour. The graphics are top notch, the fights are terrific, the controls easy to get a grip of, and the cut scenes are top rate.

    I've noticed that there are a couple of flaws in the game. When in a fight you can pull off a killing move on an enemy but if you're back is against a wall you will disappear through it. However, my main gripe with the game would be the repetitiveness of the missions. You travel to 3 main cities, perform a few investigations and then kill the object of your mission.

    If there was a bit of variation in the missions then the game would have received 5 stars. As it is it still gets a well deserved 4. Now it's on Platinum this is well worth a purchase.

  8.  Decent, but some flaws.


    I rented this game to see if it was any good before spending a lot of cash on it, and I'm glad I did.

    This game does have a few bugs in it. I've found that on occasion you wont be able to shoot an enemy because you're too close to some cover and your gun wont fire, a weedy looking fern will stop you dead in your tracks, Mattias will often swin a few meters onshore before standing up and your save games aren't very accessible.

    However, the game can be very satisfying and has some very good points to it. For example watching your jet pilot unload 2 500lb bombs on a building full of enemy soldiers and fighting an enemy tank commander for his grenade that you then drop into his tank to then commandeer it ( I hope that Mattias wipes off the seat before sitting down.

    The game also has a decent sense of humour about it. Just wait till you see the carnage you can unleash when you have to deliver "The Devastator".

    All in all a decent game but one that you should definitely rent before spending your hard earned cash on.