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  1.  will simply never die


    so much to do and the best open play system out there .. I've managed to complete trophies now after months and months of play and still constantly find things to do and get lost in cowboy land for a while .. great stuff.

  2. Rage



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     here's hoping


    I didn't get this as a new release so only paid 20quid for it and can understand where those paying full price feel a little short changed . The ending spoils the game in A) it's suddenness and B) it's lack of anything solid story wise..

    however Should this be a starting point for a longer game in the form of a sequel then sign me up now . The graphics are a lot better than most games of it's type with rich environments and a great feel but there is a lot of restriction in where you can go . I wanted to get out of the vehicles more and explore up the cliffs and in waste sites etc but it simply doesn't let you . take away these restrictions and throw in some mutants etc to shoot at in the wastelands and you've got a better game straight away ..
    Also a game like this needs open play .. whether it comes at the finish of the game or while on your first run through open play in a style similar to red dead and it's ilk would really suit this game.
    For the completion fans and trophy hunters out there there is a challenge but unfortunately a frustrating one .. card collecting being the main .. every level / area you visit in campaign mode usually culminates in you causing something to explode or damage blocking off areas you didn't fully explore first time around and once you miss them they are gone no going back .. This means it offers a different type of gameplay where a second run through leaving no stone unturned is necessary. but I would definitely prefer having repopulated levels to visit and find things.

    the ease of the game has been mentioned by a few but for me I don't switch on my PS to have my brain fried I switch it on to kick back and chill out for a bit and shoot some stuff. for this the game is great and some of the best characterisation of bad guys I have come across.. shoot the propane tank on the back of a flamethrower enemy with AP rounds and see what I mean .

    race engine is simple but smooth enough although the often gravity defying and difficult to control at speed on bumpy areas get's frustrating .. There are a lot of side missions on the job boards and from strangers but would love to see more ..

    all in all don't expect to be overly challenged by the game avoid playing the last mission .. ( one straight after you get the pulse weapon and a lot earlier than you'd think) and have a good explore to get the most out of it and hope that a rage 2 with more depth is on the horizon