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  1.  Doong the Ironing


    Why was there only 1 Iron Man I was expecting 3 in the movie.

  2.  Bad Film


    I'm a huge fan of this type of movie and have a big collection but this film was pure rubbish silly plot and the fight seens were a joke.
    Fighting 30 men with a piece of wood and they were all armed with swords did not enjoy this stick to 13 assassins instead.

  3.  To young or paid to review this film


    This review may not be published but here goes.
    I forced myself to sit threw this utter boring film nothing at all happens it in.
    These other reviewers are either to young to realise what garbage this movie is or they were paid.
    Maybe it sounds better in the book but on film well its nearly 2 hrs of my life wasted read the cinema reviews if you do not beleive me.

  4.  Liquid silver


    Great top really warm but not heavy but do order a size LARGER than you normally are im large but got XL and it fits great.
    Material is great quality ive seen this for over 100 euro on some sites.

  5.  Dire


    Anyone who left a 5 star review needs there head tested or they were very drunk when they watched this.
    Absolute rubbish.

  6.  fantasytastic


    I read to much and am always looking for a new book to read,i like my fantasy set in a world of magic,knights and dragons and a good plot,Raymond e fiest,terry brooks,david farland,i hate harry potter so its nice to find a new story line,Its a bit slow to start but after a few pages it just drags you in ,cant recommend this book enough but read the first book in the series called The Name of The wind

  7.  cheap


    the cgi in this movie is not great looks more like a sci fy channel movie younger kids may like this if not for Danny Glover i would not even have watched it

  8.  inception sound effects


    I watched this christmas day and was blown away,ive been avoiding all trailers reviews for the past few months so i knew nothing about the film i can only compare the feeling i got from watching the movie was when i watched the matrix for the first time and walking out of the cinema,you could here the buzz everyone talking about the film back in 1999.Ive got a huge lcd screen and a sony 5.1 surround sound amp,The only gripe i have is that its HARD to make out when the actors are speaking sometimes over the background special effects,you have to watch this movie twice to get everything from it,i loved the fortress strait out of MW2 classic move so many can relate to this,Dicaprio is on top form.

  9.  gung ho till xmas


    yes its short and ive overdosed on multi player till im sick of it but got to say im realy enjoying playing the single player on hard mode to make it last,medal of honour front lines brought back alot of ps2 memorys i remember i could not stop playing the demo,MW2 was to arcadey(the story line well it started good then they blew it half way threw) for me playing this its alot more immersive,plus i play wearing a real rangers kevlar helmet that i got of a good mate from the states.But i MUST state the older games lasted ages were value for money when will a developer realise this and make a good long single player game 40 squids for 6 hours is to short but the bonus game with this made it worth it for me.Ive just finished building my new gaming pc its a monster 2500 euro took me 6 months to build so my ps3 was a a bit neglected so had to dust it of,fable 3 next week for my 360 work will just have to wait as im coming down with gamer fever.My pc spec if anyones interested.Antec 1200 case,p6t deluxe v2 MB,ati 5970 GC,8 GB of ram at 1600 Mghz,i7 980 x CPU,750 watt thermaltae PSU,platinum 7.1 sound card,300 GB SSD,plus 1 TB hard drive,cooler master V10 cooler.

  10.  gem of a game


    i must admit im 35 and remember the side scrolling beat"em up games from yesteryear,this game has elements of this in with moves that trigger killer take down scenes, alot of shooting and the sneaky parts with the dog like a K9 solid snake,fairly good story line to i realy enjoyed it want a change from a little kid shouting in your ear on MW2 then try this.