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  1.  Blu Ray Review


    I'll not bother reviewing the show, most people would know that Gavin and Stacey is easily one of the best programmes on television. I was looking forward to the blu rays for months and months, and i am really pleased that British television is finally coming to the format. However, i must admit i was slightly disapointed. The transfer is fine, but to be honest after owning the dvd's the picture isn't that much improved. There are a few scenes that shine out, mainly the well lit ones, but for the money spent on one blu ray you could pretty much buy the whole dvd boxset (at the time of writing this anyway). It's great to own something like this in HD, but if you want value for money, as much as it pains my to say it, this isn't really it.

  2.  One of Gervais' best


    The Extras Special has taken its time getting to Blu Ray/DVD but it was more than worth the wait. The storyline and the acting from all cast members is pure excellence, and the Blu Ray trasnfer is even better. Stunning picture and sound.. just wish the BBC/HBO would bring out more Blu Rays

  3.  Great Book About A Great Man


    'Into The Wild' is a truly inspiring book, about a man who you either admire or loathe. Chris McCandless is now well known (mainly thanks to this book and the film) for been the boy who went un-prepared into the outback of Alaska to try and change his life. This book takes you on an intimate journey, with interviews with all of his friends he met along the way, and a more detailed look at just what makes a young man take on these kind of adventures (by also telling stories of other adventurers) this book should be top of your list

  4.  Very Good Film


    Chapter 27 should be watched by any fan of Lennon, and anyone who is curious as to what could make a man murder someone so peace-loving as he was. Leto gives what is easily the finest and most demanding role of his career to date, and even Lyndsey Lohan's performance can be credited. At times the story can be a bit slow, but i guess there's only so much you can do with a murderer waiting three days to kill someone. Much much better than the god awful 'the assasination of john lennon' and should is a definate watch

  5.  Never looses its originality


    Hustle just seems to get better and better each series. The loss of Adrian Lester to other commitments had the potential to make a disasterous series, however the series showed that, although he is a brilliant character, it can survive without him. The american episodes added much more scope to the whole thing, and the cons just get better every episdoe. The extra feature is well worth checking out, especially when Tony Jordan talks about the likelyhood of there been a fifth series, and also the fact that he is writing the movie for 20th century fox... WELL worth checking out

  6.  Masterpiece or Sickening?


    Some people will call this film sick and depressing, and others will call it an amazingly sober documentary. Whatever the case, it is certainly a film to be watched. Thanks to the interviews with friends and family (who didnt know that their loved ones death was caught on film) it is as if you knew the person, and understand the exact reason why they were lead to do such a horrible thing. Well worth watching

  7.  Who would've thought it could be better than 'Futures'?


    I'm lucky enough to have heard a demo version of this album and there is only one word for it - amazing. Anyone would've thought that following an album like Futures would be near impossible but once again J.E.W go from strength to strength. From the opening guitar riff if Big Casino to the very last song, this album is sheer quality.