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  1.  Fail


    Not an epic fail, but still a fail.

    I enjoyed the single player, I love the franchise so that was a big bonus, but this game had so much potential.

    The majority of the game you fight humans, which make it like a really terrible call of duty style game. The AI is terrible, the storyline is weak.

    Thing is, I had a feeling this game wasnt going to be very good, and indeed it wasnt. But I though it was going to be truely pants, but it was just a touch above that.

  2.  Poor quality


    They joystick is nice when its working.

    However mine broke after a few weeks of use. Spend money on a better quality stick and avoid this.


    Im going to leave my original comments here, however I Wanted to update this review. The replacement I had from Logic 3 has now been working perfectly for some time. I must say now, that the joystick has a lot of functionality for the price compared with its competitors. Maybe I was unlucky with the first one I had.

    Upping my score to 4 out of 5, I actually really like the joystick.

  3.  Does the original games justice.


    Definately one of the better games to be released in about the last 5 years. A vast improvement on Fallout 3.

    There is so much content in the game, there is no reason why you wont get over 100 plus hours out of this if you go round doing all the optional quests.

    This version includes all 4 addons which are great fun, I particularly liked Old World Blues, it was not what I expected at all and was cleverly written.

    Totally under rated game.

  4.  Beware of Rose Tinted Glasses


    This was no doubt a great game at release.

    I found myself in need of something to play remembered this being great and got it.

    Must admit, didn't get that much out of it this time around. Its not dated very well. Wish I had saved my money.

  5.  Its pants


    Ok so Ive finished the game. First off, I wouldnt say this is an RPG game (as I think it was marketed). The only RPG aspect of it, is that you have to talk to people to get the next bit of the game, but otherwise its increadibly linier. The storyline is weak and predictable.

    The game bassically involves you getting to a town and getting missions from people as part of the storyline. You then drive to said location, fight your way through very linier levels of bad guys to do said objective. Go back, and repeat. You do this a few times in each town, before moving to the next one and doing, yes, exactly the same thing.

    There is no real sense in exploring or choosing your own path. Also the game quite heavily focuses on the fact that you have a car that you can upgrade with better armour and guns etc and through the game you drive alot. However, considering this, the driving element is really basic, the controls are simple and the combat is very simplistic.

    There are optional jobs you can do in each town, but they are just exactly the same as the storyline missions, often you have to go back to places you have already been through in the storyline and fight a load more of bad guys, going backwards maybe through the level and come back. It a way of padding out the content of the game, without adding any actual conent, you just repeat what youve already dont with a very slight different objective. They are pointless.

    The level designs are nice, and do look pretty, but there is literally one very defined path through each location which you cannot deviate from, even railings or low objects you should be easily able to jump over are blocked to keep you on the very straight and narrow path. The graphics are ok, but some of the textures are very low res up close.

    You might aswell be playing Quake 2, because this game is bassically 10 year old gameplay with a slight RPG element, otherwise its really no different. Also the online is a joke. Unless you can get this at a really low price dont bother.

  6.  Awesome!


    I played Forza 3 on the XBox 360 and loved it. I dont own an Xbox and trawled the internet looking for a game that was as good as Forza but on the PC. After not finding much, I saw this and thought I would give it a go, expecting to be dissapointed.

    I was wrong.

    This game is very, very good, possibly even better then Forza. Just like Forza you can customize and change and upgrade your car, tire pressures, gear ratios, ride hight etc - well pretty much everything. The cars have perfomance index rating depending on how much you upgrade and tune them. You can also create custom paint jobs on your car to make them unique. It has a nice selection of tracks and the option of night races.

    The graphics are superb. On my PC it looks absolutely awesome, much better then anything Ive seen on the Xbox. The models are spot on, I drive a Mitsubishi Lancer in real life and the cockpit in game is identical - even down to the colour and style of writing on the dash board displays. The handling does take a little getting used to - I must admit when I first started playing I wasnt too sure at all. However once you get into the game, and your able to properly set up your car, the handling feels as good, if not better then Forza. I play with an official Xbox controller for windows and found it a little too sensitive, however by adjusting the Wheel Lock option on your car setting in game, it sorts this right out. I imagine it would be even better with a wheel.

    The only negatives I can think of, is in the game you are guided by this slightly annoying American racing guy who Ive never heard of, and the game in general is just a bit slightly over dramatised. Also all the cars are left hand drive and Im not sure if there is an option to change this.

  7.  Great game!


    The online multiplayer is absolutely amazing.

    However, you need a reasonably good GFX card to run this game. My GForce 220 struggles at times on medium settings.

    The single player campaign isnt great, and I gave up from boredom 20 minutes into it, with no desire to continue it.

    Also be warned, if you have ever used your email address with an EA account before and you dont know your password you may have to create a new one or use an alternative email address to play this game online. To play online you need to register using a valid email address, I couldnt remember my old password. I attempted to rectify this with EA customer support, but gave up, as they are absolutely awful.

    Still gets 4 stars.

  8.  Suprisingly good.


    First off good service from play.com, I ordered it on wednesday evening, and it was there by saturday.

    I ordered this as a replacement to a gforce 8800 GTX that died on me, thinking that this would end up being a cheap replacement, all I could afford and not be anywhere near as good as my old one.

    Now, I know the 8800 series have been around for a while, but I was pretty impressed at how good this budget card performed against my old high end card.

    The digiatal vibrance and colours are not quite as good - although this may only be because I havnt had time to fully play around with settings yet. In game it performs almost as well, the only difference being it doesnt seem to be able to handle textures quite as well.

    For the money, its a pretty good card.

  9.  Does the job


    Although I cant comment about Vista, on XP it was very easy to install, setup and get working.

    Drivers and software are pretty straight forward, and the sound quality is ok. I got this as a replacement to my onboard which died, and I dont notice any difference in sound quality.

    For a budget end sound card it does the job it needs to do.

  10.  Massive Magnum fan


    Im an absolute massive magnum fan anyway. I have 1-6 already, all from play.com.

    Now although some will disagree with me, I actually think Magnum got better as it went on. I think the first 1/2 seasons were quite poor, and it only started to get really good in season 4 (with the exception of one or two classic episodes early on).

    Anyway lets face it, if you are looking at this page, you are more then likely a Magnum fan, and this no doubt will be on your pre-order list already.