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  1.  No-nonsene basic handset


    If you just want a phone to make calls and send text messages, this handset will be perfect for you.

    Battery life is astonishing, providing up to two weeks stand by time under light usage for me.

    Build quality is excellent - no creaks etc. when you hold it. The keys have a satisfying click, providing them with a solid feel.

    The handset software is relatively responsive, and has never frozen / become slow during use. Menu layout is acceptable - it could be better, but it's perfectly usable. If you're used to Nokia handsets, you'll be used to the menu structure of this handset in no time.

    Basic web browsing is fine for viewing mobile websites in order to get the latest headlines, update facebook etc. It seems rather slow at processing even the most basic pages, but it works none-the-less.

    The screen is acceptable, although the mirror effect makes the handset difficult to use in bright daylight, particularly as the backlight to the screen leaves a little to be desired.

    Overall, four stars. A basic handset which is good in most aspects. It's just let down by the fact it's very difficult to see the screen clearly in bright daylight.

  2.  Excellent......just the odd flaw


    The HTC Touch Diamond is a solid Windows Mobile smartphone. The HTC Touch Flo 3D interface makes using the device far easier than having to rely solely on Windows Mobile.

    However, since it's Windows mobile, a couple of soft-resets per day are inevitable. RAM usage steadily increases throughout the day, and performance begins to suffer after heavy usage. The only solution to this is to perform a soft reset. It only takes a couple of minutes, but it's still a little irritation.

    It's worth noting that the speed and stability of the device can be drastically improved by installing the latest software onto the device from the official HTC website.

    The battery life on the device leaves something to be desired. It'll last for a day or two under light usage (the odd call and text here and there). As soon as you start using WiFi, browsing the internet or using the GPS receiver, the battery can be dead within 4 hours.

    Windows Mobile isn't the easiest operating system to use. The Touch Flo 3D interface (as previously stated) increases user-friendliness of the device somewhat, but dropping back to Windows Mobile will be required at some point.

    The camera is capable of taking printable photos in good lighting. In anything other than good lighting, the photos are blurred, full of noise, and the shutter lag becomes unbearable. In a dark-ish environment, you can expect up to 10 seconds for the auto-focus to sort itself out.


    I wouldn't trade this device in for any other out there on the market right now. However, if you're not a fan of technology and want a straight forward device, this isn't the handset for you.

    On the other hand, if you want a top-spec handset which does everything you'll ever need, look no further.

    To sum up the pros and cons of the device:


    - Stylish handset
    - Impressive user interface
    - Good quality camera (in the right lighting conditions)


    - Poor battery life under heavy usage
    - Camera only works in high lighting conditions
    - Soft reset required a couple of times per day

  3.  Entertaining and Addictive


    Due to the low price of the game, I wasn't expecting much. But, I received a pleasant surprise!

    The sandbox mode allows you to go wild and do what you like, including everything from building hotels, facilities, restaurants, shops, plants, trees, flowers, fountains and a lot more. The casino's you can build on your lot also allow you to go inside and build the interior.

    The campaign mode limits your budget and gives you objectives and deadlines to meet, starting easy, and getting more and more difficult.

    A very entertaining and addictive game that I'd recommend to anybody. Particularly at this price, it's something you don't want to miss out on!

  4.  Has it's flaws, but is otherwise a perfectly usable handset


    An above average phone from LG - it looks stylish, and the touch screen works as well as you'd expect from a phone of this price. The battery life's poor, as is the camera quality.

    The screen (240 x 400 pixels resolution) is bright, sharp and crisp - images and videos are displayed in excellent quality - buy a storage card and you can easily watch a feature length movie on it. The touch screen responsiveness is acceptable, although if you type fast when texting, you might struggle a little as the handset won't keep up. You can use a virtual phone keypad, a full qwerty keyboard in landscape mode, or handwriting recognition to type your message, although the latter takes far longer and is only really useful as a novelty feature.

    The camera is a major disappointment. Edges to objects are unclear and fuzzy due to poor post-processing, which is a shame considering the lens itself is of such high quality. Another let-down is that when taking a photo, the lens captures more than you can see on screen whilst taking it, so you can easily get your finger in the photograph, even if it does not appear on screen when taking it. Taking photos in anything other than bright light conditions (even when using the flash), produces a lot of noise and poor quality images.

    Video, however, is surprisingly clear and smooth for a mobile handset, and the 'slow-mo' 120 FPS feature is excellent.

    Battery life is poor, and even just by having the phone in my pocket, it needs to be charged on a daily basis. Use the MP3 player, and you'll need to charge it as soon as you get home.

    The MP3 player does it's job, and produces a nice, rounded sound to your music. It isn't customisable, however, so if the sound's not to your liking, there's no equaliser to change it.

    Web browsing is an OK experience. Web pages load at a decent speed (HSDPA allows UP TO 7.2 MBPS, depending on your network), and scrolling is relatively OK. The Opera mobile browser can be downloaded to the handset, which provides a much more pleasurable browsing experience.


    - Clear, sharp, bright display.
    - Ability to playback DIVX video.
    - Excellent call quality.
    - High quality video recordings.
    - 120 FPS video recording.


    - Slow startup time (almost 1 minute from switch on to being able to use it).
    - Poor quality photographs for a 5 MP lens.
    - Feels flimsy - battery cover squeaks due to it being a little lose.
    - Chrome wears off with very little effort.
    - Handset often freezes for a few seconds.
    - No option to upload / add new themes.

  5.  Excellent


    In a quick summary, the EEE itself is fantastic. The Xandros Linux distribution bundled with it will allow you to do most day to day tasks, but won't be proper replacement for a standard notebook.

    - Very small, easy to carry around
    - Excellent battery life (I get ~4.5 hrs)
    - Very good performance for it's size
    - Very clear, sharp screen

    - Bundled linux distro limits what you can do
    - Keyboard is a little small for those with larger fingers

    If you just want to browse the net and do a few office documents, the bundled Linux will be great for you. However, installing a full distro (such as Ubuntu) will release it's full potential.

    One thing worth noting is that although the description describes the EEE as having 20 GB HDD space, it's shared between 2 drives; a fast 4 GB drive on which the operating system is installed, and a slower 16 GB drive which is set to the /home directory for file storage.

    Overall, this is an excellent little netbook. If you have the knowledge though, I'd recommend you install a full Linux distribution on it.

    So, full marks it is.

  6.  Great set of earphones


    Clear sound, and very strong levels of bass.

    I've been using these with my iPod and the sound is fantastic. Also tested them with other MP3 players and had to turn the bass down a little to get the best sound possible.

    They're also very comfortable, well presented and solidly built.

    The one downfall is the the fact that the bass becomes distorted when playing songs with high bass levels (ex Trance music), but then again, I wouldn't expect anything more from such a small package.

    All in all, would definetly recommend these.

  7.  Great game, if not as good as the original


    This is a great game, but it's not as chilling as the original. 'nor is it as long, but I'll forgive it for that since it is an expansion pack as apposed to a full game.

    I recommend you do play the original first in order to fully understand the storyline however.