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  1.  Epic Second Album


    Play.com sent this out 2 days ago and have to say was no expecting it to come so soon. I own both albums in the limited edition form and i think for quality of music and of the extras included is well worth the extra cost. If you liked Back from Cali and Starlight from the first album then Apocalyptic Love is a must buy, if you didnt then maybe you should pick up the standard album.

  2.  Best pair ive owned


    I buy alot of headphones and earphones and currently own 6 pairs that still work. Creative Aurvana are the best of the bunch and give amazing sound quality and even alot of bass when needed.

    I recommend against buying Skullcandy, they look nice but very cheaply made, easy to pop the drivers on them and they get damaged from falls onto carpet (so dont see how they marketed for sports). Ive bought/replaced 5 pairs in total of Skullcandy and after many months of problems went for a quality brand (Creative) and paid alittle bit more for a product thats far better.

    Sound 10/10
    Build Quality 9/10
    Comfort 10/10

    I listen to alot of music everyday and for the price range these are in my view the best.

  3.  Great Quality and Value, but nasty looking outterbox


    Bought this for less than 5 pounds per blu ray and even though the cardboard holding the three movies together is rubbish, its not enough of an issue for me to remove a star.

    As for the people saying the movies dont look or sound impressive, i ran them on a sony tv with sony sound system and its epic quality. but if you buy cheap electronics then you cant really blame the movies.

  4.  Amazing RPG


    I bought this game as soon as I finished the demo because I was so impressed at how hard the demo was.

    If you need your games to hold your hand and tell you to go to A then B for quests and story then this is not for you. You find quests all over the place and you need to search every inch of the map to find everything, and as an old school PC RPG player I love this idea because it gets you into more battles and your ass kicked a lot.

    The fights are hard and even when you are a higher level than the monster they can outnumber you or just get a lucky hit that finished you off.

    Some people say the graphics are not up to par with other games, but I personally think they are good enough to impress and the other parts of the game more than make up for some of the slight detail issues.

    Easily worth 5 stars because the game is long and story great with some very hard boss fights.

    Add the fact your getting a free add on and its a sure buy.

  5.  Better Than Picture!


    Pros: The design looks even better than the picture with a very complex design and amazing use of colours. The t-shirt itself feels high quality and should last a long time wash after wash.

    Cons: Because im a Large i got XL and im glad i did because the sizes are abit off, so if your getting this t-shirt i recommend one size bigger.

  6.  Does the job


    This screen protector does the job and you cant notice it once its on, i have taken a star off the product though because the screen protector in the picture is not the one i got.

  7.  Adult RPG


    Firstly I want to reply to a review posted by ciaus01. This guy/girl has a point with the voice acting but the rest is total rubbish. Almost all RPGS on the market use one of the three cameras used in The Witcher so take no notice of this fools comments.

    My review. Playing the game now and i love how deep the story telling gets and how open ended everything is, with everyone in the game having something to hide and the good/evil line very faded.

    Gameplay: Solid as a rock and so far this game has offered everything i was hoping for and much more. Fighting system is easy to use and yet hard to master, needing the player to time their clicks. Adult themes used in The Witcher make it feel like a RPG with grit to it, there are no real heroes and the only real guide to good/evil is the player's morals

    Graphics: Looks great and I'm only running it on med settings, so even though the in game graphics are a bit lower than high it does not seem to affect the videos.

    Sounds: The voice acting is good but because of dubbing issues the lip sink is off at time. Upside is the music is solid and sound effects are done very well.

    Overall this game does The Witcher books justice and for anyone who is tired of whiter than white heroes fighting the evil and saving the world, then this game is one not to miss.

  8.  Good designs with defects


    My girlfriend has bought three of these tops and two so far have been sent back with defects to the material after washing. The tops have bubbling to the insides after the first wash and gets 3 stars because it is being replaced by play.com.

  9.  Quality Can Be Cheap


    Bought 3 of these t-shirts in the sale and amazed by how good the cotton feels and the designs look much brighter than shown in the picture. Great Buy

    Reason it lost a star is because after washing dark spots appeared and they would not wash out. but is being replaced by play.com

  10.  Quality Can Be Cheap


    Bought 3 of these t-shirts in the sale and amazed by how good the cotton feels and the designs look much brighter than shown in the picture. Great Buy