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  1.  Action, Dramatic, Overall One of THE best movies


    As soon as this came out on the cinema I went to watch straight away its been a long wait but well worth it. Lets face the truth apart from Tim Burton's effort which was great all the other Batmans have been rubbish and the question is why?; because there was no realism to the movies they were all slap stick comedy and the characters really did look like they came out of a comic book! now in my eyes the new Batman introduces characters that a realistic as possible like Bane for instance I don't want to see a mutant over huge human! this isn't realistic I thought Bane's character was EPIC! down to earth chip on his shoulder and experienced man round of applause for Hardy he was excellent. The whole point of this movie like another comment I saw earlier is that it really is about Batman otherwise it wouldn't be titled "The Dark Knight Rises" its about Batmans struggle to Rise above Gotham City and take control of it as over the years Bruce looses all confidence and places the blame on himself, this I might add would come back to his parents death which is revisited at some stage in the movie at his utter worst. The only criticism I have of this movie is I wish Nolan had put more time into the rising part (don't want to spoil the movie) and how Batman got back to Gotham I would have loved this movie to be longer because I just didn't want it to end. The movie is very passionate and dramatic at scenes which makes you really reach out for Batman Bale did an excellent part throughout what an actor! (Empire of the sun one of my favs) thanks for reading.