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Top 100 Clothing Reviewer
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  1.  An excellent bear


    I brought the bear for my wife as a christmas prezzie as she likes bears and is always moaning about the cold!

    Not only does she really, really love it, but the kids were so impressed that all three of them have decided they want to buy one each with their christmas money!

    No doubt they will all turn up in the same colour and the next few years will be punctuated with random arguments about which bear belongs to which person. But apart from that they are great!

    Warm (once microwaved anyrate), nice smelling and cuddley.

    Pretty much the perfect teddy.

  2.  *Gasp!* A sequal as good as the original?!!!


    If you enjoyed the first Hellboy film, then it should be pretty much a no brainer to get this.

    Most of the original cast have returned (only Abe is apparently different - not that you can really tell!) and the new additions are expertly done.

    The film manages to portray the way Hellboy straddles the "real world" and the strange world of myth and legend very well. It makes the weird stuff almost belivable, which is impressive to say the least. I can not be the only person to watch this film to finally see a reason for older bag ladies to collect cats!!

    Well written, well directed and well acted - the perfect follow up film.

  3.  Excellent Film in an Excellent Set!


    Apart from the fact that the film is truely superb in its own right and an accurate dipiction of the comic its based on, this 3 disc set has just about everything you could possibly want from a Directors Cut Special eddition type thing!

    And for £4.99 - how the Hell can you go wrong?

  4.  Nice card


    Brought this for my wife as she was having problems with her exsisting card.

    Fitted to a network running on a Belkin router. Very easy to install and picked up the network right away.

    Has proven to hold a stronger and more reliable connection than her previous card and the connetion is also faster.

    All in all its a card I would reccomend to anyone concidering replacing an old card, or someone looking to build a network from scratch.

  5.  Top Spongebob Poster


    Great little poster. Good range of Spoungebob expressions all well drawn.

    Tis very cool indeed!

  6.  Excellent Kids T


    Have just recieved this shirt after ordering it as a Christmas prezzie for my youngest.

    My wife doubted that it would be any good from the pic, but as soon as we opened it she said "Wow, thats so cute, she will love it."

    Excellent , high quality shirt - far better than the picture.

  7.  The only thing wrong ith this is...


    ... that its a comic.

    That is probably the only thing preventing this book being recognised as a true work of literary genius.

    Because comics are only for kids, right?

    This is one of the comic books that blows that particular idea right out of the water.

    I first read this book about 15 years ago and I am still getting new things out of it each time I read it.

    The bueaty of the characters is that apart from the fact they have decided to be heroes in costumes. there is no massive innertorment driving them onwards (well, in most cases!) they are just normal people who have taken an abnormal decission which has effected their lives in ways they never imagined - and neither will you!

    I wont bang on about the story - there are plenty of reviews that will give you more indepth details if you need them. Just believe me, this is one of the true 5 star products.

    If you can afford to buy the book in this format do so. It adds to the "epic feel" of the story to be holding an oversized hardcover in your hands. Also, the details in the panels are easier to spot and as there are as many layers to the art as there is to the words, this is most certainly a good thing!

    Buy it, read it, reread it and then read it again!

  8.  Good, but....


    I am a huge Family Guy fan, it is currently the only "ongoing" TV show that I buy in DVD format.
    While season 7 does still have moments of geunius they seem to be slightly fewer and further between to me.
    I am hopping that the next season while restore itself to the full 5 star rating!
    Twas good to see Stewie back as really evil a couple of times though, rather than just bad! And - guilty secret time - is it just me or is Lois really hot as a hooker??!!
    All in all a worthy addition to the Family Guy series but it could be starting to show its age a bit. Time will tell.

  9.  Fantastic Superhero flick


    As a comic fan i always go in to a comic based film with a nervous excitment. It's fun watching a different medium reinvent and rework something you have been growing up with - but sometimes the reinvention process means they effectivlly take the original concept down a dark alley and blow its brains out after making it grovel at their feet begging for mercy!
    Thank God that doesnt happen here!
    Downey Jnr is an inspired choice for the role of Tony Stark. He looks right, sounds right and acts right. Other casting choices are equally inspired.
    The effects are amazing, the armour is incredible and the fights breath taking.
    The only downside to the film is (as with most 1st superhero films) it takes a while before there is anything worth the time of the hero to fight. As well done as the sceens showing the invention of the armour and its inital missions are you just really want to see a big fight! Although, that fight is well delivered when it comes!
    I really, really enjoyed this film and it almost gets the full five stars - it just drags just a little in the middle which lets it down.
    However, with Marvel bringing all their films "in house" expect to see the birth of a cellular Marvel Univers, as hinted at at the end of the new Hulk film, and then there will always be plenty of foes to fight and the problem will be solved!
    Role on the Avengers.... or should that be Assemble??!

  10.  A note for people with freeze issues...


    Only played the demo so far, which I have enjoyed (even the frustrating injures!).
    But I was having a lot of problems with my copy freezing up as others have mentioned.
    However, after running some updates to other programs, including Flash and windows media player they all dissapeared. Unfortunatly I wasn't running the updates to fix the problem - it was a happy side effect! - so i can not say which fixed the problem. But there is hope!
    As for the game itself, it seems pretty realistic which means horribly frustrating! Most football managment fans should enjoy it. Press interaction can become very repetative though, which is a shame as it starts out as one of the best bits of the game.