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  1.  Avoid.


    I've had this since launch, and with Kinect a few exercises don't register, and it random loses you so it pauses the game & waits for you to return.... even though you've not moved from the cameras view, and video tutorials have a nasty habbit of popping up mid-workout & voice control usually means your shouting "Skip" "Skip!" "Skiiipp" "SKIP!!" "SKIPPPP!!!" "SKIP!!!!!!" in hopes it'll pick you up resulting in a very tedious workout.

    Also on every other menu it likes to "Connecting To EA Servers" and EA servers seem to be very poor, some times this message will be on screen for 5 seconds other times 5 minutes until it decides the servers aren't there or you cancel it (until you goto another menu)

    The game itself is very good, but it was clearly designed for Wii/PS3 and then EA decided they'd bodge some Kinect into it. (And i gather PS3 version has a few issues aswell)

    I'd of reviewed this sooner, but ive been awaiting an update for EA Sports Active 2 to fix these problems, and well Finally! EA have released an update that fixes, well, pretty much nothing of relevance.

    If i had kept my receipt it'd of certainly rammed it back, but i didn't so EA screwed me out of another 60 quid, I'd recommend buying Yourshape instead as its motion detection is infinitely superior.

    Edit: I'd love to know if people rating this 5/5 are actual using the X360 version or just PS3/Wii - There's 3 of us with this game in a variation of room sizes & lighting situations, 1 has returned it, the other is baring his teeth hoping for an update, and i'm using it as a coffee coaster.

  2.  In reply to the guy asking about Vista


    Yeah, my Sim City 4 runs on vista with no problems so ill say yes it does.

  3.  Good game..


    Good game, could be better... The co-op function was a supprise announcement, and it shows it was just thought up in the last 5minutes of development, so that was a let down.

    Alot of the systems in the game are impressive, and the games good fun to play through the story, all in all id buy it again for sure, but concidering the hype, it didnt quite live up to expectations, but still a good game.

    P.s the guy whos xbox crashed... Mine didnt crash once after 3 play-throughs of fable, id label it your xbox thats the problem not the fable 2 disc.

  4.  My best sound system to date


    I got this system for my sony bravia w4500 tv about a month ago, its awesome... Ive got good pc speakers & good car speakers, and generally have access to good sound setups over all platforms, nothing in the £1000+ regions, but this is deffinately the best sound quality ive current got access to

    And with dolby digital in the dark (note: If your using sky u need an optical cable, sky doesnt support real 5.1/dolby via hdmi), ive often thought omg is someone in my kitchen? Just those little sounds in films you normally wouldnt notice... Suddenly bounce into the neighbouring rooms, makes you think twice, really gets ya into the film. (Or out of it if you suddenly think your house is being raided by zombies.)

    Only downside is it doesnt have a dvd player built in, but hey... Dvd player £20-30, and since we should be looking at bluray players these days anyway its no big deal.

    The system/remote has a bd (bluray disc) button, so its supported as a standard, so it doesnt feel like your just plugging your state of the art bluray player into something that isnt really prepaired for it.

    Also if you have a sony bravia tv (i assume its a bravia only thing), the system turns on & off as you turn on/off the tv & volume buttons on the tv remote control the sound system etc.. So you'll only ever (in theory) 1 remote... Its never that perfect, but you wont be keeping a a dozen remotes on your lap.

    (P.s, people using sky hd im serious about that optical cable, sky dont support dolby digital via hdmi, so make sure you buy an optical cable to get real dolby digital)

  5.  Quality product...


    I never bought the G15 Version 1 because i thought it looked very big & tacky.

    So ive bought the G15 v2, what an amazing product.. yes they've removed some G keys so u only have 6 insted of 18, but theres buttons along the top for switching... so u press "M1" for 1 set of keys, press M2 for another & M3 for another.. so 3 * 6 = 18.

    The screen i love, doesnt seem to be any compatibility issues from Version 1 & Version 2 screens when it comes down to applications... so id assume its the same size as the V1.

    Its size is the main thing, its pretty much the same size as an adverage keyboard where as the V1 was very large.

    Orange lighting is nice, blue i admit would have been better as everything i have on my desk is blue lights, but still not a big problem.

    the lighting isnt at all tacky, it lights individual key letters rather than just a simple lightbulb behind the keyboard.

    Also the lights can be turned off / low / high.

    Takes alittle while to stop hitting G5 & G6 keys as there close to the shift & ctrl buttons, but after 3 days ive adapted n gotten used to it (u can also set these keys to actually be Ctrl & Shift keys incase u have problems adapting.)

    Flick switch on the top left is quite nice, it disables/enables the Start menu button, so u dont accidently minimize ur games.

    The screen is very nice since it gives u all the info ull ever need in WoW etc, can download more applications for it to make it do whatever u want.

    Standard display (until ur doing something) is generally an analogue clock on the left with an email icon stating how many emails u have (hotmail included), along with a digital read out of time & date.

    And last but not least, the build quality seems to be very good its not cheap or tacky feeling, the flick switch for the start button could maybe feel abit stronger but still, very good build quality.

    All in all this keyboard is king in my opinion, it really makes a computer look special.

  6.  Its a game, but its not sim city.


    If they called it something else, then fair enough its a city builder type game, im sure some people would like it.

    Its argumentitive with road placing, its very "Sims" like, seems to lack alot, no electric cables, no water supplys, no trading with borders, no dealing, no debts/loans etc, 100 population is a milestone, thats what ive gathered from playing it for a couple of hours.

    All in all, its a solid user friendly game... but its not Sim City or anywhere close, so from this day forth im going to call it "Societies".

  7.  Brilliant game,


    Decent game, after all the trailers/screenshots/interviews ive seen over this game i thought to myself "Urgh, i bet ive completed this game in my mind a thousand times already!"

    but i stick it in, turned it on, and a big question mark appeared above my head.

    Great game, so far looks like a really good story too, there isnt "Fast" gameplay in terms of button bashing kill 500 men in 1 strike dynasty warriors stuff, this is more like a real RPG which every move requires abit of thought & timing.

    Control system needs abit of practice before ur running/jumping over roof tops etc like a professional, but it seems very well done when uve gotten the hang of it.

    One of my favorate Xbox360 games to date.

  8.  Great, would be 5 if apple pulled there finger out!


    Great bit of a kit, it simply works the way its ment to, touch screen seems to know what button u were about to press no matter how big ur fingers seem to be.

    But theres a couple of problems.

    #1 iPhone & iTouch dont support 64bit Windows systems (XP or Vista 64bit versions)... Itunes simply doesnt work with the iphone or itouch on 64bit, and theres no other programs that will comunicate or transfer music to the devices no matter what u try (unless u install a 32bit OS[XP/Vista]) .... im just waiting for apple to do an update on itunes to make the thing work! (its been months now! :() im also fully aware itunes works with ipod nano etc on 64bit, but it currently wont with iphone or itouch, trust me.

    #2 lack of quick-volume control, on past ipods u could easily reach into ur pocket & turn up/down the volume just by touch without seeing what ur touching etc, ipod touch will need u to get the device out of ur pocket & press 3 buttons before u can adjust volume, which i beleive Apple could also easily fix by a simple

    "Click 3 times on the home button for a Volume Only" on screen which u could sweep ur finger up/down to change volume.

    or a turn off display, but keep the touch system live so when u make a rotation motion on the display the volume will change.

    Anyway, simple version:
    Great device, Apple are letting it down by not support 64bit Windows OS's at the mo. (But your 32bit windows will work perfectly well.)

  9.  Meh..


    Well ive never been very good at applying stickers etc, but im sure i followed there guide exactly as shown

    the screen cover was actually fine, but i had little dots on my actual shield that made it look as if my touches screen was chipped (hoping i can get a replacement)

    the back, well its just rubbish.

    if ur gunna buy one go for the Front only version.

    P.s, if u buy the front version, it does require some time to settle down before the sticker actually sticks down the sides etc.

  10.  Brilliant


    Single player, brilliant but short.. and if uve not played the series before u wont have a clue what the hell is going on in terms of storyline.

    Multiplayer, well im not into playing FPS games online... but Halo ive played online from 10pm-3am for the past 4 days, at that time theres usually 550k players or more online so getting a game only takes a minute.

    Takes abit of getting used to, i still have countless "WHAT THE!? HOW DID HE KILL ME IN 1 HIT!? HOW DID HE KILL WHEN I WAS FLYING THRU THE AIR & HE GOT A HEADSHOT WITH SNIPER RIFLE!? (I still cant figure that one out!" moments... but im learning lots more daily, quality online game. nice story if uve played the other 2.