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  1.  Best animated movie ever!!!!


    Yes... in my opinion it is. So going to get this!!! BTW... does anyone know if this will end up being the same as the american release? In the USA the Blu-ray copy will have 3 discs and a digital copy of the film so that they can use it on their PSP's or ipod / iphone.

  2.  Great Tee


    Very good quality t-shirt. Feels good and fits pretty snug, although not a muscle or slim fit. Picture is fantastic and covers most of the front. I think this t-shirt will become a classic especially as how well the Dark Knight has done (2nd highest gross film in the USA of all time) and the tragic death of Keith Ledger. High quality tee in every sense.

  3.  Great movie series on Blu-ra... oh, and the saving is £10.97


    Great movie series on Blu-ray... a classic!!! Classic move action!!!

    BTW... where are people getting 97p total saving? If you add up all films they come to £60.96 (as of 5th July 2008)... and the boxset is £49.99, so the total one's saves is £10.97. Where are people getting 97p is beyond me?!?!?!

  4.  Great film... from a great book


    Brilliant film from one of the most beloved books of all time. The second film (Prince Caspian) is just as good if not better. Can't wait till that comes out on Blu-ray.

    Buy this film, you won't be dissapointed.

  5.  Great HD player at a bargain price!


    Great player... its exactly the same as an EP35 (aside for the 5.1 audio output connection), picture quality and everything else that goes with it. Unless you have external speakers, go for this one.

    Great all round!... and next day delivery from Play.com, what else do you want!?!? Go buy one!

  6.  Classic


    A great film... a modern classic... instant cult film! Pitt and Norton are fantastic.

  7.  Great Documentry... will make you appreciate the NHS


    As the title says, this is a great documentry that looks into the health system in the USA. If you think its bad in the UK... you ain't seen nothing yet. This will open your eyes to how the richest nation in the world treats its sick... believe me that in the end you will appreciate the NHS in this country a lot more.

    Worth watching!

  8.  If the BETA is anything to go by...


    ... this game is going to be amazing. Been playing on-line with the BETA version and i have to say that this is probably the best FPS i have ever played. Graphics are incredible and playbility is truely awesome. BUY THIS GAME!!!!!

  9.  Demo looks good


    I have to admit that i was very impressed by the demo... i didn't think it was going to be that good. It reminded me more of COD2 than COD3, which is good because COD3 was a let down. I can't wait for this to come out... this looks very good and the playablility is great as well. BUY IT!!!!

  10.  Nearly as good as the original


    Very very good film... much better than 12 and nearly as good as 11. Watch it!