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  1.  Perfect


    Well, apart from a niggling fiddly little detail on the lightbars (There should be a strip of metal attaching them to the roof which is missing, but meh... - although they got it right on the earlier 1:21 scale version a few years back...) But a spot on replica of Ecto1 otherwise. Roll on Ecto 1A!

  2.  Not bad but got a few things wrong


    Okay, its a bit geeky and nerdy but there's some very odd details that got missed at some point when this thing was put together. The exhaust pipes on the 'real' van are square, sit just before the rear wheels and there are 8 of them. (curiously hotwheels got this right on their much smaller 1/64 toy) On this model there's 1 pipe, sticking out the back... The rear wheels are too thin, and the infamous gun metal metallic paint above the red stripe is flat grey here. Sigh... Everything else looks about right though so not a complete disaster, just a bit disappointing. - I'm beginning to think Hotwheels are missing details on purpose, they did it on their 66 Batmobile and on Ecto1 (Although nowhere as near as blatently as on this van!)

  3.  Power cut plunges doctor into darkness


    Unlike the David Tennant Tardis poor Matt Smith seems to have a budget cut with his. What happened to the lights? The windows are now blacked out and the Police Box sign no longer illuminates. Huh? - Still a pretty good replica on the outside, just a shame they cut corners on the inside.

  4.  Cheap and nasty


    Have to agree with the other reviews, this is a bad reproduction of the best of the Enterprises. Honestly, this particular design has been kicking around since the 70s and Hotwheels still can't get it right. From the bent struts at the back to the bendy saucer and the lack of anything 'diecast' is an insult to your £18. Hotwheels should be ashamed of themselves and stick to things with wheels on them, thats what they do best! - Nice box though.