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  1.  Well..... Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 5....


    This is a GREAT GAME and sequal to Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja 4 for Ps2. Basically You have Master mode (start there to play your way through the Shippuden story arcs and unlock characters, by the way it leads up to the, 2nd Sasuke chase arc and then free to do as you will in master mode afterwards).
    PROS : Definatly the expantion or update of the story arcs and RPG style gaming like leveling up characters by using EXP points from bandit battles in Master mode. Also slightly revamped graphic and style of tag team gameplay, more shippuden characters also which makes this one of the best Naruto games on PS2.
    CON(S): I feel the only couple of minus of this game is maybe could have been a few more arenas to fight in, like I said they did expand the arc(s) for NSUN5 more but maybe having morelike up to the arc with Hidan and Kakuza ( I think) in.
    Other than that this game is better than the previous one by miles has more characters,slightly more arenas,more tag team jutsus or ultimate jutsus depending on the tag pearing of characters. BUY THIS GAME if you haven't got it yet!



    The review below is definatly right great game and lots more characters you can unlock like Kizaru (Admiral), and some more of the shinbukai (I think thats how its spelt) BUT if you already have Unlimited Cruise 1, get this as data from that goes to this game chracters, stats everything its great. YOU SHOULD BUY THIS WHETHER YOU HAVE THE PREVIOUS GAME (UC1) OR NOT!!!

  3.  POKEMON.................


    This game is the LATEST (MAYBE LAST) of the sinnoh region games like GOLD, SLIVER, "CRYSTAL "for the Jhoto Region. This and like all the final third games of each region have some minor changes to the appearance of the town and a few GYM's are revamped and new frontier. It has the same style of gameplay however but it doesn't mean its bad I think its nostalgic interms of getting the same gameplay system each Nintendo game.
    So basically get this if you haven't played diamond or pearl verisons or if you havent played those two versions for a while and feel like trying a game with minor changes, improvements to the region and feel like reliving the adventure again JUST GET IT!!!!!

  4. FIFA 09

    FIFA 09


    6 New from  £3.40  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.29



    FIFA 09 is awsome the same though.but awesome cool manager mode where you monitor progress of your team and make transfers, selling players,develop youths, scouting,and tournement too.
    But just wait till FIFA 10 if not got on PS2 however it depends on the individual.

  5.  ANIMAL CROSSING on DS, "portable fun"............


    Make your character unique, talk to various neighbours, catch bug and fish of unique iszes and styles, relax and take in a unique shaped island (depends on individuals own island on seperate DS card or new saved game) ALSO USE WI-FI to contact various people around the world to your village or DS card play with your frineds to their villages also.
    Good game, realistic interns of the four seasons pay mortages and enlarge house and others.

  6.  YUGIOH WC 08, different for the good reasons!!


    This game is kind of like most WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP games, except of hundreds of extra cards, new stratiges are enabled, stronger duelists, more duelists, new kind of adventure mode from DUELING SPIRITS literally.
    Customize your look from hair styles, duel disks and clothing of various YUGIOH characters EXCEPT 5D CHARACTERS!!



    Well for a start i have completed normal mode(well all the bosses etc..) afterwards you get to try hard mode, which you can still unlock more stuff and progress further interns of the straw hats crew lvs of attacks and better abilites, and keep items. I.e fishing rod and pallete upgrades and starw hats hp and sp from normal mode also even do co-op moves between starw hat crew to use. (However you lose most items in storage and carring bag ,when starting hard mode so use items wisely before starting hard mode i.e cooking ingredients,development,compounding etc). Afterwards you can build on previous move lvls and stats. Also you get original costumes of starw hats.(this stuff is only attainable after completing story game in normal mode).
    Also this game has vs mode and survival mode which allows you to use the starw hat crew and bosses you beat in the story mode pit against each other. B.kuma,monster chopper and ace etc...
    So basically great game for one piece fans or someone looking for a fun game to play on the wii, however the tiniest draw back is searching for items for gp to gather to open passages or make bridges and explosives to feed to gabri (pinata). Overall great game must buy for anime or one piece fans or anyone!!!!!!

  8.  Its a new story alright....... just a bit .................


    I would have given this game 3 or 3.5 star rating if it wasn't for the new species and evolutions of spectrobes. I found the new system confusing at first, then you get used to it over time.
    PROS are that this game has new species and evolutions, contains same main characters from original Spectrobes game, has a new story and some new planets to explore, new excavation system and in general.
    CONS are probably how confusing it is to actually level up you're newly de- fossiled spectrobes, constant collecting of various gems to feed them, then only stop at LV 28 or so. (so basically you can't feed them up to level 28, instead you have to use them in battles from that point on).
    OVERALL this game is just near average, if new to this title, go to buy the original first to get a jist of the basics of spectrobes, of just go straight to this one for the sake of it.


  9.  PLAY THIS GAME, ITS A MUST!!!!!!!!


    Fun when unlocking hidden characters on the game, ALL STAR MODE and of course CLASSIC MODE it self and another mode ( can't remember) kind of like an RPG or ADVENTURE, its fun!!!!! ALSO special brawls and collect coins to unlock dozens of trophies to the expansive nintendo universe on this game.

  10.  welcome to the world of SHIPPUDEN................


    Great addition to the ultimate ninja series on ps2, new characters from the shippuden series, with a mix of the old naruto series. Also new modes to play on, read this....
    New ultimate jutsu and slightly improved graphics for the gameplay in general, a few new battle arenas to play in and new battle clash features while battling hard out. Also hero mode to explore the old naruto series up till sasuke chase ark,these are the pros.
    However the cons of this game are the constant dragging on of bandits attacking you when exploring master mode, that is until you catch the leader the second time. Also no older sasuke or yamamoto noooooooo!!! So basically apart from that its awesome.
    Buy this game, otherwise you'll regret it, i promise you!!!