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  1.  The Best one so far imo.


    I cant stop listening to this album, my best songs are Gotta be Somebody and If today was your last, alot ot the songs are catchy, they have some fast ones and some slow songs, i think its a good mix compared to there previous albums, i usualy get bored of nickelback albums after listening to them, but i havent got slightly bored of this one yet lol, if you dont want to buy the album atleast try and listen to the songs maybe on a Myspace page or something and if you like it then buy it, its what i did i heard them all first and then bought the album and i havent regretted it :)

  2.  Hardware requirement underestimated


    To play this game decently with a nice res and graphics you will need a 8800 series card and i am not kidding, and also a decent CPU, like a intel core 2 duo (currently 3.2ghz) and decent amount of memory but that is not as big of a problem as needing a good graphics card, ill be playing this at 1680x1050 res if i can because that is my monitor max, i played this to death on my mates 360 but now i want my own copy lol, and for £45 its quite nice, means i dont have to buy an 360 just for this game lol

  3.  One of a kind


    People say a certain film is one of a kind about alot of films, but this film to me made in 1998 was quite moving, and im a guy :P lol,

    I watched it recently and i understand there is a book which i will be buying soon, this film was sad and it makes you think alot about life (not in a depressing way) the story was one of a kind, never seen anything like it before, was so sad getting towards the end, but then you get the cherry on top of the cake, the ending completed this film in such a very nice way, i think it is actualy ammazing 10/10 :)

  4.  Different


    Never used to be into this sort of music, i like all the songs they are quite good, each one is different and it feels like with this album they have put alot more work in into the indviduality of the songs. some of the songs kinda sound depressing but i think they have alot of catchy beats to them, and they use a wide range of musical instruments which i like even more :D

    I prefer this album to there new one by far.