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  1.  Great Fun


    I used to be an avid gamer when I was younger but have found myself in the same old rut of getting a game only to play it for a few hours and then not touch it again.
    This is exactly what I did with SR3. I did the first mission, drove around for a bit and then put it down.
    9 months later however on the off chance I picked it back up and started playing and basically did not stop for a couple of days. It was like I was young again, I really wanted to do the next mission as soon as I had completed the last. Now I have completed the story mode I even want to go and do the extra bits, which I almost never do anymore (Batman a huge example)

    The game itself is basically GTA4 but with less optional extras (such as playing pool / darts, getting drunk, having a girlfriend) however does stuff so much funnier. It really lets itself go and doesn't take anything seriously.
    The story mode is good with a variety of different things to do and does not seem to get repetitive (even though obviously it is mainly driving to and from places and shooting lots and lots of people)
    As I know a lot of people get hung up on graphics, they are decent in the cut scenes and generally good in play although nothing special and there are a few glitches and pop up which are very noticeable however do not get in the way of the gameplay.

    My main gripe is that I think it could have explained the controls better as I did spend a little time at the beginning aimlessly wandering around as did not know there was a map and GPS (however that is probably my fault as it probably did explain 9 months ago when i started plus there is always the manual if i wanted to read that)

    I have given it 5 stars just to make people notice. In reality i do not think it is a 5 star game as there are other out there that are better however it is a great addition to anyone's collection.

  2.  Dont bother


    This is by far the worse film from the franchise. The story is weak, the acting worse. It doesn't look like a car has got anywhere near a road for the race scenes, all badly edited CGI. The way they try to tie it into the previous films is laughable, you can tell that they got this one wrong by going back to the original cast for the 4th edition.

  3.  Too easy compared to GH3


    I think that this game would be perfect for someone who has not played GH before as it has a lot to offer, however if you already know how to play along at a fairly competent level then there is not really anything to challange you with thie version. I have managed to do all but 3 songs on expert from first pick up, where as i still can not complete about 30% of GH3 songs on expert. The fact that you can quite easily get 100% on some tracks goes to show that really you need to have the whole band to enjoy fully as a lot of the songs are not on there just for the guitar. I can not really comment on the band as a whole as I do not have anything apart from the guitar, I have however played the drums round a friends house which was great fun, but could get tiresome after a while if playing solo. If you want more of a challenge then i suggest sticking with GH3