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  1.  looks amazing so far


    Ive been playing this through the beta and even in beta stage it's head and shoulders above most of the full and finished fps games out there, can't wait and I've got it pre-ordered.

  2.  DO NOT BUY!!!!!!


    Horrible cash grabbing game made cheaply and quickly to cash in on the popularity of the tv series. The gfx are clunky chunky atrocities, the gameplay is bland. There's tons wrong with game that I can't even bring myself to go into as I'm a huge fan of the series and was looking forward to this. Between this and aliens:colonial marines it appears movie/tv tie in games are rolling back to when it was a cert they would be stinkers. DO NOT waste a penny on this game, if you really need to play it then hire it but even then you'll feel cheated outa your money

  3.  Now that's how it should be done!!!


    THIS is the true Dredd,none of that joke of a Dredd Stallone played,THIS is the real Dredd.
    The movie is fast paced,gritty VERY brutal and gore filled but thats what Dredd is supposed to be like,nothing like the previous attempt. I have no idea how this slipped through the net or how it didn't get a much bigger pull at the box office but if they a make a 2nd I'm 1st in the line to see it if its as good as this was.
    The 3D is very nice,some of the slo mo effects combined with the 3d made me sit forwards and ieven caught myself uttering a little "Whoa" at one scene.
    The plot is simple but for a film such as this who wants a multi twisting plot that dilutes the essence of the film,raw,brute violence on a grand scale.
    If you love your action films then at least hire this film but believe me when I say if I was you I would buy this little overlooked gem of a movie,you won't regret it.

  4.  Don't believe the hype


    This games good, but not great. The previous review said it had small maps, it does but also has some pretty big ones as well (turbine). I'm hoping that the things that made me rate this a 3* will get sorted with a few patches. The gfx are starting to look dated, they deffo need a new engine to run on. The spawning in this game drives my friends and I crazy as we only ever seem to get shot in the back from enemies spawning in behind us. It's very laggy and drops out a fair few times. I'm shooting ppl first but they take half a clip then put me down in 2 bullets (it's not my connection as I'm ruining at over 30mbs fibre optic) it could be server lag but its happening to the 5 of us that play and its driving us mad. The kill streaks are very hard to get and I'm a pretty good player but by the time I've earned the big streaks the games over but I've usually been shot in the back due the mentioned poor spawning. I've only played multiplayer so far and it's got potential with a few tweaks to be a good fun game, but right now it's just annoying

  5.  WOW!!!!!!


    Just completed this on heroic lvl and all I can say is WOW!! The makers 343 have done the franchise proud, the gfx are beautiful, the games smooth and enjoyable, the storyline and actors make some so called movie blockbuster hang their heads with shame. Every little detail is perfect even down to the sound of the Chiefs armour creaking and chinking with small movements. The music and effects are straight outa Hollywood. I've only given multiplayer a short go and I've never been a huge halo online fan as I much prefer cod but its nice enough and plays well, I like the new kill streaks that u can call down for a weapon upgrade or armour boost. If u are a fan of the game this will blow u away, if you've never played halo before, where u been?? Get the others then play this. This is a must buy for any fans of story based games with soul rather than just empty shooters which don't pull u in emotionally and make u feel the game, not just play the game.

  6.  Horrible game,save your money


    This is a horrible,horrible game..Single player is short ,ok most are nowdays, but the AI is one of the worse I've seen in a modern FPS,they are so daft it's untrue just keep coming straight back to the spot you've just tagged them so you can finish them off. Multiplayers supposed hi-def gfx are poor, you can see the square pixels on a grenade when u throw it,explosions are just nastyblobs of mess. Hit markers don't register most the time and it's like playing russian roulette as to whether your target will die when u hit it or not. Kills take pretty much an entire magazine to get, I mean come on 2-3 bullets at best not 10 plus. Sniping is pretty much pointless as the maps are mostly all the same size,small to small/medium and most are city maps with walls everywhere and no elevated positions to shoot from and theres no long roads or alleyways to look down its all mazey ratruns made I'm guessing to prevent sniping and encourage close combat. The choice of weapons appears good with about 10 per class but when u go into them they do next to no difference apart from the odd one with a bit more range or agility,theres no stats to show fire rates etc. From what I 've been able to see so far theres only bolt action sniper rifles but there may be better further in ,im about 40lvls in.
    The spawning drives u mad, it will happily spawn u infront of a waiting spawn point camping enemy,will spawn u ontop of a grenade of mortar strike.
    There are soooo many glitches and bugs it's untrue.
    All in all it's a clumsy,poorly constructed, ugly game which is a shame because it has a tiny element of fun hiding in all that but save your money and wait for Black Ops2 or Halo4 which will easily be much higher class games.

  7.  Single player good, multi isn't


    Now I can only presume that the handfull of reviews here are from full time fanboys/girls of Tom Clancy games as there's no way this games a 5* game. The single player campaign is enjoyable if not a little bit slow, but as its more stealth and cover game I can live with it. The gfx are pretty and the storyline engaging enough. This however is where it ends and the only reason it gets 3*. The multiplayer in this game is Horrible, it's inaccurate, cumbersome, slow and down right boring, I mean what shooters don't have a tdm mode?? I went against my better judgement as I can't say I think much of over the shoulder multiplayer shooters, gears is about the best of the bunch and I can't say that's great either. Being forced to run to an objective I a multiplayer game just asks for you to get picked off on route, respawn, die on route back, rinse and repeat. Sniper rifles are weak as heck and VERY inaccurate, the amount of times I've lined up headshots in the crosshairs for the bullet to miss or hit the chest is driving me nuts. If you shoot the chest area you need 2-3 shots for a kill,really,isn't there like multiple major organs in the chest? This games multiplayer is very primitive to say the least, I can rack up 40-12 kill death ratios on cod3 and can hold my own on bf3 but this game just sucks for multiplayer, don't buy it if your going for mostly the multiplayer side of it.

  8.  Wash,rinse,repeat.....


    This game is stunning,no doubts at all there.
    My main gripe and it's a pretty big gripe is that this game gets sooo boring after a while, i mean "Oh look, another dead woman" lets walk around the scene until the controller vibrates and then press A.
    There is very little to challenge you here,you even get punished at the end of case report for having fun thrashing the cars around causing havoc (which ok i spose you shouldn't really do as LAPD ).
    Although it is open world it is in no way a sandbox game you can't do anything with it,you get the odd crime in progress,rock up,shoot a bank robber,chase then shoot a mugger and off you go again.
    The facial mapping is without doubt amazing but I can't help but feel they have tried too hard on that and built the game around that new tech.
    Even the "bosses" don't give you much hassle, I spent my time working my way through the murders,find the culprit,run round some tunnels for 60 seconds then put 3 in his chest without reply and bobs your uncle its finished with,massive let down.
    I wish they had worried a little les about the facial mapping and built a saints row 2 GTA kind of sandbox world.
    GFX= 9 outa 10
    Sound= 8 outa 10
    Gameplay= 7.5 outa 10 (far to samey samey boring boring after a while)
    Longevity= 8 outa 10 (if you can be bothered to finish it that is)

    I will finish this but only so that i can trade it in for duke nukem (unless it gets pushed back AGAIN)

  9.  Its not COD but.....


    Now im going to get it out of the way straight away,this isn't COD.I don't think any fps game is going to be able to topple cod as the all time best for many many years to come.Homefront is a decent title and plays pretty well,it isnt as sharp as cod and multiplayer feels a fair bit more cumbersome with the aiming and shooting,very much like Medal Of Honour.In fact if you have played MOH then this games very much like it gfx wise and play wise but I would say this is slighlty better.Depending on the map it is difficult to get out of your spawn if you get pinned back as even standard assault rifles shoot the full range of the map but theres a decent mix of open maps and others that are close combat with lots of closed cover.My main gripe with this game is the air support,most games somebody seems to get an apache helicopter and my god does it take half the world to bring it down whilst it happily rockets and guns you down withing seconds of spawning rinse and repeat,they also seem to stay for the entire game if you dont shoot it down but that may have just felt like that as i was getting chewed up.All in dont expect an open smallish map run an gun style game,this isnt that,theres a lot of cover,lots of rooftops and hidy holes for campers to sit in an pick u off if u not clever about using cover,run around on this game=dead,cover to cover is the name of the game.Pretty good game but i can see me ending up back on cod2 within a couple of weeks which is a shame as i was hoping for something fresh to grab my attention :(

  10.  Simply Superb


    This game is superb in all departments.

    The effort that has gone into it is stunning and the amount of voice acting is beyond anything I have played before
    Kate Mulgrew (Capt Katherin Janeway from Star Trek Voyager
    Tim Curry (needs no introductions)
    Claudia Black (Farscape,Stargate,Pitch Black)

    The relationships between you and your team are very nicely done,I am currently sleeping with Morrigan with other members of my team voicing their displeasure at this.

    I have a top of the range Alienware system built to spec just for gaming and the load times are minimal at best so the guy saying he is getting 1minute load times might want to splash out on a faster machine with more memory and more powerfull gfx card?

    All in all this is a stunning game with a LOT of choice and depth and thanks to the selection of starting classes I think a 2nd or even 3rd run through could be on the cards.

    I will say that if you can do the magi tower quest and unlock the healer companion asap then she makes life a LOT easier as she is a pure healer class and keeps your team alive for ages especially if you have a well armoured tank taunting bosses as your tank will stand toe2toe while being healed and you get to chip away without being targeted.

    If you are a fan of Baldurs Gate, NWN etc then buy this game, I promise you wont regret it,apart from when you suddenly notice its stupid o clock in the morning and you have been playing all night ;)