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  1.  come get some!


    ok first of all this is not the greatest fps game of all time but its not supposed to be! some people really need to lighten up and enjoy a game as this is supposed to be enjoyed and not taken to seriosly!
    if your a fan of duke nukem 3d you will love this game if not then stay away as all your gonna do is rip it apart lol i dont care about magazine reviews for this title as its obvious what they will say but anyone looking for a retro good time with the king has come to the right place.

  2.  epic...fantasic... awsome?! call it what you will!


    gotta be honest when i first played this game i didnt really like it and wasnt blown away but i stuck with it and after an hours play i could see what all the fuss was about! something clicked inside as i felt myself slowly being dragged in and taken by this game lol.
    it truly is very addictive and with a difficulty level thats just right from the off it draws you in even more! this game was custom built for wii so if you love your console and like games like mario galaxy this deffo has to belong in you collection. my advice? with amazingly easy to grasp gameplay awsome graphics and storyline and greatly designed levels buy it!... NOW! lol

  3.  quite simply a future classic comedy


    when i first saw the trailer and heard the hype i thought this movie was gonna be another way over the top teen movie but whats found is a clever well paced movie with awsome characters and amazing script. i always think a movie is a classic if after just one watch you can quote the whole film and thats exactly what me and my mates were doing. an instant classic and deffo a movie worth watching.

  4.  who cant like this?!


    its very easy to listen to and is more country/rock than just country, these guys should easily be at least known in the uk! there new album "still feels good" is there best yet! and thats not to say this isnt awsome ethier

  5.  AWSOME


    rockers alter bridge return with there 2nd album which somehow out does the 1st?!?! somethings thats hardly ever achieved by any band out there, WHY OH WHY are bands like this and black stone cherry, saliva... etc not big in the U.K???

  6.  for fans of.....


    saliva, alabama thunder pussy, coheed & cambria, foo fighters,

    like any of the above??? youll love this album!
    the best debut album ive heard in years! buy it NOW

  7.  AWSOME!!


    the best fun youll find on wii! ethier on your own or with mates this game rules!

  8.  not bad, good as a party game


    this game is very good at what it is , and excellent for groups of mates and parties, its mostly aimed at kids but not a bad game

  9.  so bad its unbelievable!


    was really looking forward to this game as i love the wii sports bowling game and though this was gonna be even better but turned out to be the worst game of its kind!
    awful controls for setting up play then the action itself is not even worth talking about! AVOID

  10.  Simply the greatest movie of its kind


    what can be said about this movie that hasnt already been?? i grew up with it and i think its one of the greatest movies ever made, if u havent already seen this film one way or another then theres no way u can call yourself a movie fan!