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  1.  Good album but the sound is distorted


    This is the first Metallica CD I have bought.

    The limited edition coffin box is great and all the extra's you get inside. You even get a card with a number on it you can enter on their site to download a bonus track. The bonus track is a live track which was played at the O2 arena or a track which was played in Germany. You only have one choice of track, but you can purchase further tracks from the dedicated website.

    The other things you get are good quality, but to be honest I wouldn't say they are a must buy unless you're a die hard Metallica fan. The coffin box is good for display purposes if you've got room to display it anywhere. The coffin box comes in shrink wrap with a sticker on it, which you have to peel off because when you unwrap the shrink wrap the coffin box is just plain. Bit of a shame considering you're paying £80 for this.

    The album is great, heavy with loads of good riff's. That's where it stops because the album is very distorted in sound quality.

    The CD is loud sure, you'll say to yourself that's great, it's not. You can't really hear the vocals very well and it's just a disaster. I don't know what the band was thinking letting this be released.

    It's being reported on the Internet that the Guitar Hero III downloadable content sounds better than the CD, but I cannot confirm this because I don't own the game.

    One thing I can confirm is I did listen to the demo CD, and that sounds better than the retail copy of the album.

    Metallica needs to fix this, there is nothing on their website about it at all.

    5/5 for the album allthough it deserves 4/5 just for the sheer mock up with the sound quality, and distortion. Best track on the album has to be track 5 - All Nightmare Long.

    I would avoid purchasing this until a remastered version is released - if there is one. Or get the Guitar Hero III downloadable content for the Xbox 360/Sony PS3.

    Great service from play.com as ever, item was well packed and wasn't damaged, thank you again.

  2.  Good speakers for under £10


    We all know that laptop inbuilt speakers are rubbish, and not very good. So I decided to take the plunge with these as this product had the most customer reviews.

    To use them you just plug them into a USB port on your laptop, or a USB hub, and they are just plug and play. They are even certified to work on Microsoft Windows Vista.

    The speakers are light and ultra portable. They look pretty decent as well, and they are small in size.

    Sound quality is good as well - it's not the best in the world but you're not going to get good quality sound with USB speakers anyway but it's decent. Unless it's a brand name like Logitech or Creative Labs like one reviewer mentioned that's his preferred choice. But the sound is better than inbuilt laptop speakers nevertheless.

    I have only one issue with these, I listen to podcasts (mainly gaming, wrestling and music podcasts) in iTunes, and the sound doesn't come out of these speakers. Maybe I have to ajust something in the options of iTunes but if I want to use these speakers to listen to podcasts I have to listen to them in Windows Media Player. It's a bit annoying.

    I'm also thinking because these are USB you could use them on anything that has the USB input e.g the PS3. I don't know why you'd want to do that but you never know. I haven't tried this myself so I can't confirm it.

    Packaging for the product is a cardboard box and more inner cardboard inside. The wires come wrapped up in plastic, too. Pretty well packaged and protected.

    Very good speakers if you're on a budget, and don't like the speakers on your laptop. I would say these aren't a PC speaker replacement though - you'd be better off with a wired set up for that.

    Great service from play.com once again, thank you.

  3.  Fantastic product


    This USB hub has 4 ports at your disposal. Allthough my laptop has 3 USB ports, 3 is never enough.

    I have USB laptop speakers, a wireless mouse receiver, and a USB keyboard connected to the hub and I still have one spare USB port usable, and 2 free USB ports still free on the laptop.

    The hub is just plug and play, works on Microsoft Windows Vista no problem.

    The size of the hub is about the size of one matchbox and a half, which is pretty small and it's quite thin as well, and it's light too. The finish on the hub is just plain black, not a shiny black finish which is good to avoid finger prints.

    The hub comes packaged in the usual all plastic packaging so a sharp knife will be needed to open it.

    I know the hub's price is quite high but when you do see the size and thiness of it, I think you'll be pretty impressed.

    The only problem with the hub is the wire is a bit short. I was hoping to tuck the hub away behind the desk, but as the hub is more designed for portability it can't lose a star for that.

    You could also use this on your PlayStation 3 if you have one of the newer models that only came with 2 USB ports.

    With a brand name like Kensington backing this product you can't go wrong.

    Great fast service from play.com once again. I had to sign for this item - just so people know.

  4.  You can save money with this


    If you are paying Microsoft £4.99 a month for your Xbox Live account or you are buying an Xbox Live pre paid card every 3 months, STOP!

    With this pre paid card you can save a whole lot of money, if you're paying Microsoft £4.99 a month, then you can save £25 a year. If you're buying a card every 3 months you can save alot more. At this new price of play.com cutting £5 off, it would be mad not to pick one up since they won't be doing it forever.

    The card comes in a proper Xbox 360 case, but you can't use it as a spare game case. (See my review for Microsoft 2100 Points)

    To use it: sign into Xbox Live, go to the Xbox Live Marketplace blade, click on "Redeem Code" scratch off the silver foil at the back with a coin, enter the 25 character code, and done. Sign out of Xbox Live and sign back in for the changes to take effect.

    You will get an e-mail at your registered address confirming your Gold subscription, too. However, if you want to check on the 360 itself when your membership expries, and what have you. Go to the Xbox Live Marketplace blade, then "Account Management" then "Memberships" it tells you all the information there.

    While I am here reviewing something about Xbox Live - I'm not sure if many people know this but, you can register up to 3 accounts on your 360 which give you a months free trial of Xbox Live Gold. I thought I'd just mention this incase people are coming to the end of their membership, and aren't ready to renew yet. Obviously you'll have to make a new Gamertag, and such. But if you just want soemthing that's tempory, or more than one person uses your 360 but you, there you have it. I'd say it's more of a tempory thing really, to be honest incase something happens to your main account, like what happened to mine (got stolen)

    Great buy from play.com once again, if you're in need to renew your Live membership this is the one you should go for, and at a discounted price of £5 off you can't go wrong.

    Credit to play.com once again, thank you.

    Gamertag: ObiWanJabrone

    To answer Freddo 111's question: you can't play U.S games on a British 360.

    You can register a U.S Xbox Live account (when registering the Windows Live ID pick United States as the country) however, in order to use the Gold service, and you can't just buy a UK pre paid card. I heard you get banned if you attempt to register a UK bought pre paid card. Not sure what the situation is if you pay via credit card though. As for content; it should work but I don't know 100% could try it, and give it a shot. If you haven't registered any other accounts on your 360, if you look above you can register up to 3 accounts on your 360. The first 3 get a months trial of Xbox Live Gold for free. Hope this helped, and good luck.

  5.  Same MS Points, different packaging


    There was a few negative reviews on these Rock Band themed 2100 Microsoft Points, I can understand the negative responses. I personally wouldn't of paid £1 extra for different packaging.

    With play.com putting the price down to the other 2100 Microsoft Points you might as well get this one just to have different packaging. How long play.com will offer these points at this price I do not know.

    These points work in exactly the same way as normal Microsoft Points do, you just scratch away the silver stuff at the back with a coin, sign into Xbox Live, go to the Xbox Live Marketplace blade, and go to "Redeem Code" then simply enter the 25 character code in with the on-screen keyboard, or the Xbox Chat Pad or a USB keyboard (easiest way). When the code is accepted you can browse away at the Marketplace and see what takes your fancy. I just bought a few Live Arcade games.

    The big advantage over these pre paid cards is that if you don't have a credit/debit card, or you simply do not want to put your card details on your account these are a great alternative. I recently had my Xbox Live account stolen, and they changed everything, and even bought over £70 worth of Marketplace content. So now I refuse to put my card details on there again, thus I have to start over with my Gamerpoints - very fustrating. So I have a feeling I'll be buying these Points cards alot.

    The Points card itself comes in an actual Xbox 360 game case, but unfortunately you can't use the box as a spare case. The housing for the card isn't the usual disc holder. I'm sure when these pre paid cards first came out that the housing in the box was the CD holder. Shame they're not like that anymore incase you buy a pre owned game and the box isn't in very good condition. So you'll have to either recycle the case when you're done or just keep it for your reference that you bought it, and you want a physical representation.

    Great purchase from play.com once again. Get yours now if you want something different for the packaging at this price, and if you like or own Rock Band (which I don't...yet)

    A huge thanks to play.com for a great service.

    Gamertag: ObiWanJabrone

  6.  Slipknot fever has reached us once again


    It's been a while since Slipknot have released a new album, and it's finally here.

    The special edition includes a bonus DVD and extended artwork, all housed and presented in a nice cardboard slipcase. Much better packaged than some other albums (like the BFMV one) the CD's are easy to get in and out.

    The DVD: it is the making of All Hope Is Gone. Mixed in with the usual Slipknot antics it shows you how the album is all put together, the vocals, guitars and drums are all done seperately. The guys in the DVD are unmasked, I don't think they are bothered anymore about staying anonymous as most people know who they are now, and recognise their faces. Of what I saw on the DVD I only saw the making there is no video of the single Psychosocial. The DVD is interesting but you will only watch it once, and once only. You will see alot of negative reviews on the DVD. It's quite shocking to say the least.

    The CD: this is what most people will buy the album for. With tracks like All Hope Is Gone and Psychosocial released to the public early to get a taste, these tracks are crushing and the usual Slipknot. However, the other tracks on the CD they've gone down the Stone Sour route, which I don't mind as Stone Sour are a great band too. But there is the old Slipknot in there still.

    The band have grown and matured alot since the self-titled album and the second album, and you can really tell that they have grown up. Allthough I prefer those angry days it's good that they've adapted to the new styles and trends of today's Metal.

    If you're a Slipknot Maggot (fan) buy this, but I'm not sure it's worth getting the special edition unless you're a hardcore fan like me. It's worth having the extended artwork though if the DVD doesn't seem promising to you.

    All around great album and I love Psychosocial and the video for it.

    With them coming to the UK this December, Slipknot Mania has reached us once again.

    Are you ready for the ride of your life? Hold on tight, Slipknot are coming to get you!

    Great review by Disaserpeices, by the way.

    Stay (sic)

  7.  I need TP for my bunghole!


    Well, what can you say about Beavis and Butt-Head? I grew up watching these guys on MTV, and I was so glad that they've brought out the entire collection on DVD.

    I haven't watched any of the DVD's yet (10 DVD's? You'll need a good few days). But I have to say the packaging for this boxset is fantastic.

    You get an embossed slipcase for the outside (gold colour) and an embossed picture of Beavis on the front, and embossed picture of Butt-Head on the back. Slip out the inner case and you'll be presented with the same enbossed cover but now you'll see the 10 DVD's prested to you in a book-like fashion, great work whoever designed the box and packaging. The two, slipcase and inner cover are embossed all over.

    Now to the DVD's: you get ALL volumes of B&B - the MTV versions you saw in the '90's Volums 1-3 and you also get Beavis and Butt-Head Do America. I have that on VHS but it's great I have it on DVD now. The film is the collector's edition to boot.

    Not much really else to say about this boxset because I haven't watched it, but with B&B you either love them or hate them. I personally love them, especailly Cornholio.

    If you are a fan of these two I would highly recommend it. Get out the natcho's and watch the DVD's, bunghole!

    Great product and service from play.com as ever, thank you, you guys rule!

  8.  Sick of your laptop touchpad? Get this!


    If you're anything like me and hate having to use that annoying touch pad on laptops then you'll certainly be looking for a laptop mouse.

    After you've torn or cut your way through the all annoying plastic packaging you'll find the mouse, one AA Energizer battery, USB receiver, CD-ROM and instructions. Plug the USB into your laptop or PC and away you go.

    The mouse works on Windows Vista without a problem, and I didn't have to install anything from the CD it's just plug and play. The mouse is certified to work on Windows Vista since it has Microsoft's Certified for Vista logo on the packaging too.

    The mouse is light, and really good to hold as it's rubberised round the sides, it's pretty accurate too. Allthough on my coffee table when using it, it wasn't that good so I had to use a mouse mat.

    When you're done using the mouse you just pop the USB receiver in the back of the mouse. There is a button the receiver holds down which stops the mouse from draining the battery. Not sure how long battery life is as I've just got this, but somebody said on their review it's about 6 months which is great.

    Really good quality product from Microsoft as you'd expect, and I highly recommend it if you are fustrated with that touch pad.

    Thank you to Play.com for an excellent service and product as always.

  9.  My first ever digital camera


    This is my first ever digital camera, and when I received it I was shocked on how small and compact this thing is.

    After charging up the battery, which takes about two hours and you first switch it on you're greeted with the settings menu. All pretty standard stuff in setting it up. Time, date, power settings etc.

    After I got through that I took some pictures just to test it out, all on automatic mind you since this is my first camera. Very clear pictures, and I tested out the movie mode too, recorded a 30 second clip which played back really well. But I set the power managment to have the LCD bright and smooth, which will drain your battery alot quicker since it's using more power.

    One thing it doesn't mention you get in the contents on Play.com is a silicone case, it's not very much and you'll have to wrestle to get it on and off the camera so I would just recommend you get the special offer Inov8 case with this.

    The camera is very easy to use it's pretty much 'point and shoot' and there's not many buttons to worry about.

    Connecting it to your PC isn't a problem either. You don't really need to install the supplied software as Windows XP and higher already can deal with this. I have an application on my PC called ACDSee which downloaded my sample pictures I took.

    This camera is also one of the prizes on The Gadget Shows competitions (it was about two weeks ago anyway) so if they're giving it away it must be a good camera, and it really is.

    I don't know how Play.com managed to get the price of just under £100 but the RRP is £229 it says on here but you're really getting alot of camera for your money here.

    I highly recommend people who have bought this to register their product with Fuji. Their customer service seem's really good. When I registered mine I got a letter confirming it had been registered for a year. Alas with all products it's a must to register them incase anything goes wrong in the first year. You also can get extended warrenties from Fuji.

    I have only one small gripe with this camera - it's not black, it's silver. But it's easily lived with and not really a big deal. Would of been nice if it was black though.

    I'd recommend this to anyone who's thinking of buying their first digital camera or wanting to upgrade an older one.

    Thank you to Play.com once again, for a great service yet again.

  10.  Very good case for my F40FD.


    This is a really good case it fits my Fuji Finepix F40FD without a problem.

    It's a shell type case with two zips to open it, and on the inside is a soft felt type material to stop your camera from getting scratched.

    It comes with a strap, and the metal strap holder clip.

    Mine didn't come with any sort of packaging, just the case so not sure if other people received it like that also. But the advantage of that is the Postman doesn't have to knock at your door.

    I ordered the case at the same time as the camera and they both arrived on the same day - credit to play.com once again.

    Highly recommended case if you have an expensive camera.