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  1.  Great single-player, blame Microsoft for the rest


    The Kane & Lynch multiplayer is completely ruined by Microsoft's horrendous abomination Games for Windows Live. Also the game has severe crash issues at this moment in time - but despite them I was able to complete the game and it gets the vast majority of things right. It's simplistic shooting for the most part - we knew that - but it's done with heaps of Michael Mann-influenced style and a plot and tone that's blacker than the ace of spades. Short but very sweet - but wait for a patch.

  2.  Short and Superb


    The Manics are a band who have been accused of packing their albums with filler materials on more than one occasion, and that's why the 40 minute length of their newest release is a definite good thing. The album scarcely lets up for its duration - one top-notch track leads into another right until the Lennon cover finishes things off. "Your Love Alone Is Not Enough" is turned into a great song by Bradfield's duet with Cardigans frontwoman Nina Persson, and whilst it, the title track and "Autumnsong" are great and will be the most popular songs, I personally prefer the bolder tracks like "Imperial Bodybags", "Rendition" and particularly "I'm Just a Patsy". Packed with witty lyrics, clever references and soaring guitar, SATT is a corker of an album, dripping with raw power.

  3.  The Next Step for the Cardigans


    After Long Gone Before Daylight, The Cardigans continued and expanded upon their new format and style with this album. Aided by a clean and revealing production, the band launch into a new pack of tightly put together tracks, highlights including the propulsive "Godspell", smart "I Need Some Fine Wine, and You, You Need to Be Nicer", and especially the two bonus tracks, "Give Me Your Eyes" and "Slow." Delayed until 2008, their next album is definitely something to look forward to.

  4.  Thrilling US Electronica


    With their dual vocalists, Shiny Toy Guns have released no less than three versions of this album, but this final one (presumably) is about as polished as albums come. From its explosive opener "You Are the One", it propels you through track after track of fast-paced, exciting music, thickly layered with searing synths and pounding club drums. Not even occasionally duff lyrics and a disapointing UK bonus track can stop the consistent entertainment.

  5.  The Swedish Band's Big Turnaround


    Known for their cheery pop during the mid 90s, the Cardigans surprised almost everyone with this album. It was much closer to the alternative rock label than conventional pop, as their previous album might have hinted. Combining Persson's silky smooth voice with Peter Svensson's musical designs, it's a flowing, warm record. There's a good mix of darker (And Then You Kissed Me, Couldn't Care Less) and more upbeat tunes (Live and Learn, You're the Storm).

  6.  An Essential Collection


    Not everything in this pack is good - Renegade is something of a stinker and a misguided attempt at an FPS, for one - but there are some fantastic games here. Red Alert 2 and its expansion offer enormous amounts of slick, streamlined RTS fun and C&C Generals remains one of the best and purest 3D strategy games there is. With the amount of mods and online carnage to be had, it all harks back to a time when RTS games were more pure but no less entertaining.