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  1.  Great film you will watch again & again


    Excellent film, action from start to finish.
    Top FX and fight scenes a must for xmen Fans.

  2.  5 star phone


    I've had the hero for 2 months now and it I still love it!!
    I normally change my phones after 12 weeks, but this is the best yet, I had an iphone 3g, but the the hero with its integrated widgets and live feeds beats the iphone hands down!!!
    The android system just gets better and better, with an upgrade of the OS just around the corner in mid October it will make the hero and the app store even more tempting.
    Do yourself a favor and dump that iphone and get real value for money with the HTC hero.

  3.  buy it you won't be disappointed


    Great film, nothing to think about all action.
    Fight scene's are great and good CGI used.
    Trust me a 5 star film..........

  4.  A new experirence


    Got the game yesterday and 1st thoughts were, not as good VT3, but after playin more, you can see the changes, the speed and accuracy of shots have improved.
    Its one of them games thats a grower, the more you play the more differences you see, the graphics haven't improved to much, but its about the game play. Online added to the world is genius and you only play against players at your level, great addition. Add to that more real players and a massive World Tour, this game will last for a long time, 5 star for game play and thats all that matters.

  5.  The one and only


    After searching the web for a surround sound system, this 1 just kept popping up as the best value for money.
    I only have a small living room so I was looking for a sound bar or a 2.1 as I didn't want messy wires everywhere, but thankfully that foolish idea went and I invested in this system and I have had it for about 3 weeks now and will never watch Sky HD, DVD's or play xbox without a 5.1 surround sound system, it is unbelievable.
    Just think about Transformers the movie and the helicopter at the start is flying all around you or watching live football the crowd chats echoing around the room, its an amazing feeling.
    Its very easy to install and the wires are easy to hide.
    This system for monetary value is the best out there literally searched the web for 2 weeks looking for the best systems and this came top not only for value but most importantly QUALITY. 1000W output sends a rumble through the floor boards when your watching action or horror movies cranked up, its that good.
    So to summarise this system is the best out there, so don't look any further than this excellent piece of equipment right here....

  6.  Fifa finally overtakes Pro Evo


    I thought i'd never say these words, after swearing I would never allow myself to rate Fifa above Pro, but after 2 poor Pro attempts (6 & 2008) I had to give Fifa a go, I have been playin Fifa 08 all last season and I have to say it has changed the way i look at Football sims.
    No longer do I run from 1 end to the other with the same player, no longer do I hit 100 MPH shots every time!!!
    With Fifa you have to learn to think 2 passes ahead, even before your player has the ball i find my self looking for the run, and its there, 2 or 3 players running off the ball.
    I have just purchased Fifa 09 and have spent all day playing it, and I know this is a far more realistic football sim than this years Konami attempt, I have played the Pro demo and there is no longer any realism in its play, if Messi or Ronaldo gets the ball you can guarentee they will run 70 yards and square it for an open net, not Fifa you need to pass and move, defenders are to clever.
    Don't let the Champions league sway you, Pro still has the same old master League with fake players like Shaw and Riberio, also there stats are no way near as close to Fifa's, when was Torres only 91 attack and 89 Speed? maybe 3 years ago, Konami still hasn't update there roster for 2 years, & I bet when you start a Master League Gerrard and older players stats will go down in the 1st season.
    To sum it all up, "It's in the game" Fifa all the way this year, and years to come, no coming back for Pro, which does hurt to say!!!!