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  1.  A scarily good game


    I love this game. It's a fun platformer with a wicked sense of humour. There are loads of VO comments which make me laugh (and I'm a serious gamer! :P).
    The game difficulty was a little easy but I've now changed it and finding it quite a challenge. I love the variety of weapons... There are a lot and some are very imaginative. Take exploding C4 hamsters for example... who thought of that??
    The GFX for a Wii are pretty good and I always enjoy good boss fights.
    The Wii controls work well. The ranged combat aiming is done very well especially in comparison to earlier Wii titles.
    A must have if you're a Tim Burton fan because the art and humour is very similar to his.

  2.  Too long and too big


    I like RTS games but when a level takes hours to finish it's a bit much. I find myself having to save mid-level (as I have to go to work the next day), reloading the next day and the spending 15mins trying to remember what I had going on.
    I think the GFX are pretty poor too.

  3.  An enhanced Dark Crusade


    If you enjoyed Dark Crusade you'll love this. It's basically the same sort of campaign mode but with more races and therefore longer. I love the Dark Eldar and I'm yet to play the other race.
    The only thing which isn't up to par is the cinematics.

  4.  I love this game


    I took the day off to play this one... and I loved it! Beautiful graphics, smart AI and a fantastic story. What more could you want?
    I love the suit and how it allows you to approach situations differently (and imaginatively!).

    Buy this game : )

  5.  Definately worth a look!


    I'm a big fan of these sort of games but there has been a few which have been a let down. This was such a welcome surprise! It's slightly more gamey/fun than Brain Training and is much more pleasing to look at.
    The puzzles in different locations is a nice touch. The earlier levels are easy enough to play with my neice and nephew (7 and 10).