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  1.  Great episode but... is that it?


    This is probably the best special episode made since The Queen of Sheba, but 10.99 for the one episode? You can get every other episode from the three series' as well as the other specials for an extra 6 pounds. Play.com doesn't decide on the RRP, so I don't blame them, but this should at least be part of a box set or something...

  2.  Almost perfect...


    I've been waiting to get this TV for a while now and, after looking into it, I was chuffed when I finally did. Having had various Samsung TVs in the past, I wasn't excepting to be disappointed... and I wasn't.

    Getting the bad points out of the way first, I must stress that these won't apply to everybody. The main downside is that the only audio input is an optical lead used for the big surround sound kits. If you use phono leads or headphones, you're out of luck, as was I, and a converter can cost 40-50 pounds+. You also need to purchase a seperare and specific Samsung dongle (around 40 pounds) if you want to use the seemingly appealing Internet@TV features. Also, the Picture in Picture feature is a little redundant if you don't receive TV from an aerial, as the PIP will only display channels on the ATV mode, or to elaborate, analogue TV which is gradually being switched off, making the feature redundant. If the PIP feed could come from another input such as a Scart, it'd be great. Finally, the break-off cables can be very confusing; I'm still trying to figure out why my Wii won't come up using the Component leads. Luckily, however, all these break-off cables come with the TV.

    Nevertheless, the TV is one of the best I've ever seen. The picture is incredibly clear, sharp and smooth. I used the Media Player to play videos off my hard drive that I downloaded from the Internet, and it upscales it to broadcast quality, which is mindblowing. However, the controls are a little fiddly. You can't rewind videos or fast forwards more than 2x; you can only 'jump' using the left and right arrows which can sometimes be very irritating and near-impossible to use. The GUI is very impressive, easy to use and user-friendly. There are also little gems within the TV providing games, recipies, exercise routines and such - much more than just a TV. It's crammed with features and, from what I can see without a connection, the Internet@TV feature seems amazing. However, I've read complaints about it being slow and fiddly to use, but I can't comment on that yet.

    There has also been talks of the sound being a little rubbish as they are at the back of the TV. Whilst the sound isn't groundbreaking, it's hard to complain about as everything is clear and very easy to hear. I would recommend external speakers to get that extra kick, however, just as long as it's an optical lead.

    Overall, there are flaws that Samsung could have easily picked up on and solved, but the sheer greatness of this TVs performance in terms of picture, features and general friendliness to its user makes them easy to overlook. By far, one of the best TVs i've ever seen.

  3.  It's not worth a sequel


    Firstly, charney1813, it depends what the laptop runs (version of Windows, tech specs etc)

    As for the game, I bought it with high hopes. When The Sims 2 came out, I was overjoyed as it was a hige improvement on the original. As for this... it's the same! Okay, not as many loading times, the layout is a bit different and you can walk around other houses and stuff, but it had to be an expansion pack if anything else. This is not worth a new, full, 30 pound game, unless there was something new and truly groundbreaking.

    If you haven't got the SIms 2, by all means, get this instead. If you've got The Sims 2, I wouldn't bother unless you're a huge fan.

  4.  One of the best for a long time


    It's been so long since a REAL Christmas song has been released, and the money goes to the NSPCC! The show may have been rubbish and some people do slag the song off, but it's cheesy, festive, and by jove does it get stuck in your head!

    Keep X Factor away from Christmas #1!

  5.  Poor sequel


    I ordered this on Sky Box Office and I thought it was a waste considering it was a sequel to Bruce Almighty. Comparing it to the first film, Evan Almighty is too family-friendly and there is a massive reduction in laugh out loud comedy in this.

    Maybe if it was under a different name and had no relation to Bruce Almighty, fair enough, but this is a very poor sequel.

  6.  Ade is what makes this show amazing...


    The sound of a new ITV sitcom doesn't sound promising, but the genius that is Adrian Edmondson proves that theory to be complete rubbish.

    The other actors aren't quite as outstanding. The character of Milly can be rather irritating and David's character is pretty bland, though he does have his hilarious scene-stealing moments.

    Ade's writing is as amazing as ever, and his character, Vernon, is very comparable to Eddie Hitler from Bottom, which is always nice to see. If you're a fan of his previous projects or a fan of Ade in general, you'll love this!

  7.  Proves Ralf Little isn't THAT important...


    ...as without him, the show is still hilarious. Don't get me wrong, it'd be great if they brought him back, but they recovered incredibly well in this series. It's one of the funniest i've seen.

    The only thing I worry about is this being the last... I'm pretty sure they can pull at least one more series out of the bag at least!

  8.  Short, boring, not recommended...


    The only thing related to the TV show are the characters. The game is dull, boring, and utterly rubbish. Don't waste your money... even if you're a fan.

    Makes you wonder how the producers can make the show run for over 4 series and yet the game runs for under half an hour...

  9.  One of the best drama's I've seen...


    Just watch it. You will not be disappointed... It's amazing...

  10.  Funniest Sitcom EVER!


    Move over, Fawlty Towers. Bottom should be the #1 sitcom.

    The fantastic puns, gags, innuendos and teamwork of Rik and Ade make this show highly viewable and extremely funny. Highly recommended for those who have the ABILITY to laugh!