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  1.  I Was Expecting More


    I was expecting more from this film. I was very impressed with Daniel Day Lewis as always but the film just didnt grab my attention and full viewing as I was hoping. I was expecting to be drawn into some epic battle but I just could not get involved. I even lost the plot half way through with the story and when that happens it is never good. However Dicaprio delivers as normal and overall worth a watch.

  2.  A Brilliant Comedy


    I loved this film and the thought of Ben Stiller working along side Vince Vaughn is brilliant. The film was everything I expected with laugh after laugh. Each character was funny in their own way which helped the film a lot.

  3.  Very Good Film


    I enjoyed this film and I was not expecting to. I was very impressed with Brad Pitt in this film. At first when I heard he was playing this rolde I did not think he could pull it off. However being the great actor that he is I now can not imagine anyone else but him playing this role. He should play these type of roles more often.

  4.  So Much Better Then What I Expected


    I have to admit that I was not a big fan of the Borat sketches from the Ali G series so I didnt rush to the conema to watch this one. However when I decided to watch this I was so impressed and the film had me in stitches throughout. How Sacha can get away with some of the scenes I saw in this film I have no idea. Brilliant comedy.

  5.  Too Much


    I think they tried too much with this film to make it funny. With so many specil guests etc it just didnt work. I think there is only so much of Austin Powers that one can take. the first 2 films would of been right to leave it there. I also for some reason did not like Miss Knowles character in this. Nothing against her but simply thought the character was annoying.

  6.  The Best Batman


    I have been a big fan of the Batman movies and loved the first two with Michael Keaton however the second two were just too far fetched for me and was somewhat a joke. However this has gone back to basics a bit like Casino Royal has which has made this film impressive. I loved findout out how Bruce Wayne became Batman (as I never read the comics) so this was very intresting from the start. If you liked the original Batmans (the first two) then you will love this. Christian Bale suits this role perfectly.

  7.  Ok I suppose


    The film was ok I suppose and worth a watch. I think the main problem was that the sotry was not very believable. I feel they tried to make a similiar film to Armageddon but just could not pull it off. Netherless its worth a watch and the New York city scenes after th madness has happended it worth a watch as was very impressive.

  8.  Very very good


    A very very good film and loved the story throughout. The best thing about this film for me was the characters. Dicaprio was brilliant as usual, Matt Damon played a very good bad guy and impressed me a lot and Jack Nicholson suited that part perfectly. I think Jack can play and bad character with some conviction. Mark Whalbergs character was a bit random but he did not feature that much.

  9.  Funny in parts


    This was a good film and funny in parts but not as good as what I was expecting. the film did have its moments and Steve Carrell was very good and suited this part to a tee but it lacked that side splitting humour that you find with Waterboy, Old School etc

  10.  Sorry but it just didnt work


    Sorry but it just didnt work for me. I wasnt a fan of South Park but then loved the film Baseketball that the 2 guys wrote before this so I did not know what to expect. I found some of the humour good and was impressed with the filming of it but a lot of it was just not very funny.