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  1.  The best Batman Adaptation yet


    I love the Batman character and his arch nemesis The Joker, but I am yet to see a Joker on screen that truly shows the nature of the character, Nolan's was calculated clever and sadistic in tone, this animated film shows the full evil maniac in all his glory, the final seen with Batman and Joker is a joy to see for fans, it is a jaw dropping sequence

    The whole film gallops and is stunningly shown, the animation hasn't been tweeked from the comic book drawings, so this is the graphic novel in animation, the voice acting is superb, although no Conroy and Hamill is a kick in the teeth to the 2 voice actors in my opinion, I would have preferred to have the iconic voices for such an important story in the Batman's history

    This is by far, for me the best Batman adaptation out there, if you love the character as much as I do, you'll have no complaints, both parts are excellent, but this film is the standout in DC's animated catalogue

    For parents scratching their head at the certificate, 15 is the right age rating, your 6 year old will not enjoy this, it's a film for the comic fans and older audience this one

    BUY IT

  2.  FUN


    Ok anyone looking at this wanting scares only leave the room, this film is FUN, the gore is there, but not so visceral it tries to make you ill, the pace is relentless and ultimately this is an action adventure movie

    The set design is very good, especially the ginger bread house, Gemma Arterton and Renna have very good on screen chemistry, and Arterton in particular kicks ass, in fact i'd love to see her play Lara Croft, going on this she could do it easily

    My 1 let down was the editing in the cinema seemed to leave out a lot of the story, i'm hoping this extended cut adds those to round it off better

    This film is not serious, it doesn't take it self seriously and for a fun gore drenched and funny fantasy thrill ride this is right up

    A very good film that I will be purchasing

  3.  Better than the first


    First of all this is directed by one of the best martial artists in the world in Michael Jai White, gone are the barbie dolls and beach bum rich boy angsty lines, and tales of morality from the first, what you have here is an all round grimier movie, with better action that gives audience what they want, a fight movie , lots of training scenes, back street fights, and some hot women to boot

    Better than the first by a mile

  4.  Gripped from start to finish


    First of all, if you're squeamish, you are not going to like this film, and I certainly thought the 15 rating in the cinema was a bit low, as this is graphic, as in slaughterhouse graphic

    Anyway, acting from the whole cast is superb as you would expect from a cast this good, the story is simple yet gripping and extremely well told, the film maintains an authentic barbaric feel from the offset, and if you liked this I seriously recommend you watch last year's Centurion aswell

    Buy this film I am

  5.  Not so much Robin Hood , rather a ridley Scott movie


    First of all, this is not your classic Robin Hood tale , no merry men , no Sherwood Forest , Robin is not a Lords son , so the history has been played with , and to be honest it's an interesting take on it .

    The action is very well done, if you liked Kingdom Of Heaven , you'll love these battle scenes , the acting is , as expected from Ridley's movies, top notch

    This though , got a lot of negative press because i don' t think it is a movie aimed at a younger audience, it does need your attention , it takes you on a journey , this is not a wham bam thank you maam film by any stretch

    In short this film is epic , it not the same tale as every other Robin Hood and I can't wait to get hold of this film

  6.  a cracking film


    First off a warning, don't expect an all out action movie, this film is very story driven, having said that when it is told so well , you don't really mind ,it has a real atmosphere to it that just draws you in , Purefoy's performance is superb and you really do get the Kane is wrestling with himself every step of the way , light and dark, ultimately this is about what is good and what is truly evil, and the lines being blurred, a brilliant film that i really hope gets a sequel

  7. Ripples


    Aspera - CD

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     2 tracks in and convinced already


    I have heard 2 tracks from this, and I am now paying for the full album , the 2 tracks are on their myspace and contain everything from the more aggressive side of Dream Theater to euro metal with bands like Evergrey , and a big dose of 80s metal with a vocalist who could give Coverdale in his prime a run for his money , if you want to take a chance on 1 band this year give Aspera that chance

  8. Gamer



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     It's an action movie Jim but not as we know it


    I saw this in the cinema, all I can say is if you havn't seen it, prepare for a trip, this movie if you play online games , will make you think, it also asks a lot of questions aswell, when is it going too far , the action is as good as anything you'll see , the acting is very good , and the if you can get over the ethereal feel to the movie , you will be rewarded by the end , definately one of my favourite films from last year

  9.  Streamiong on their myspace


    Just finished listening to the album on their myspace, and i'm not afan, but this album is superb, not 1 bad song on it, a lot of the screaming has gone, but not so much that long term fans will say Sell Out.
    Brilliant playing throughout, 36 CF have made a new fan , well of this album anyway