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    Adele - CD

    27 New from  £7.50  Free delivery

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     Brilliant birthday present!!


    I'd obviously heard many of Adele's tracks being aired on national radio and really liked the majority of them, hence purchasing the album. This hasn't disappointed and Adele's unique abilities in both writng music and her singing has certainly nailed it for me; I play it again & again in the car and her lyrics often makes it feel like she's written about some my previous experiences. There are only one or two tracks that I haven't wowed over, but I'm sure that the more I play this, the more they will grow on me, which is why I've only given four out of five stars.

  2.  Interesting insights into the Steve Jobs success story


    For anyone interested in business and design this is a must read; what is so interesting about it is the extent to which the ultimate success and triumph of the man was built on a succession of what can only be described as failures; getting booted out of Apple; the NeXT adventure which can only be described as random and the chance success of Pixar; a revelation inasfar as it was based as the man himself admitted on luck and instinct against the conventional business tools he had acquired as a leader at Apple. This last deal really made the man and his subsequent unparalleled triumphs with Apple were based on the philosophy that he was true to in his business career; namely the preeminence of good design in creating products of unimaginable beauty and simplicity. Given this life story and the eccentricities of the man (esp. his quite awful behaviour at times) it would be hard to produce a book that was anything but interesting. At times it does go too deep and descend into areas that are unnecessary and irrelevant as is the wont of biographies of major US business success stories and leaders who are viewed as demi-Gods; but it certainly brings out the chain of events that made the man the success he was, exposes his strengths and weaknesses and brings more life to a story that a story that has become a part of our culture. You cannot ask for more than that.

  3.  Quite Faithful to DC Comics and some good 3D Usage


    have been a big fan of the Green Lantern Series from the earliest days through Justice League and its recent revival with the more modern reinvention.

    The film sticks closely to the latest version with Abin Sur, Sinistro and the Core - the plot is familiar to anyone who has read the latest series Secret Origin (Green Lantern).

    This Blu Ray package has 3 discs - with extended versions and a good sprinkling of extras. I watched the 3D version and there are long periods where 3D is not relevant and the plot does sag a bit in the middle when there is a lot of dialogue and not much visual interest.

    3D takes over for the spectacular alien landscapes, which look truly stunning and the set-piece battles - where things are hurtling about and we are in the air a lot. Mostly the 3D gives depth and shows you background layers - but there are moments when things come towards you - like when the ring is sent out by Abin Sur to find the next Green Lantern - it feels like the green sphere is coming right at you!

    3D also adds to the effect of the Lantern costumes, where you can see light rippling and depth is added. The green 'constructs' also stand out as a concept that is particularly suiited to 3D enhancement. The most prominent 3D was actually in the closing titles - where the designers really played with the effects and matched this with the Dolby 5.1 surround soundtrack, which moved sounds around you, to follow the visuals. The hint of a sequel was also intriguing and may make a better film, beyond the obligatory "origin" backstory.

    All in all - not a bad film and a nice addition to the list of 3D Blu Rays, where something is added to the experience. Worth buying and a very high quality transfer.

  4.  All right if you like laughing


    I had never previously heard of Brendan O'Carrol, but I leapt from ignorance to being a fan in about a minute.

    Although very different from Father Ted, Mrs Brown has the same maverick, off-the -wall humour which catches you off guard.

    The fact that Mrs Brown is acted by a bloke is never milked for laughs. There is absolutely no echo of the pantomime dame or even Mrs Doubtfire.

    I can sum up MRS BROWN'S BOYS by using the old Irish phrase "It is all right, if you like laughing."