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  1.  Totally Happy!


    Am absolutely pleased with this. I haven't bought an iPod dock before but wanted one with a good amount of functions for my iPhone 3G and my iPod Nano 5G.

    It's a bit bigger than I expected, but sits, pride of place, on my bedside cabinet. It's stylish and easy to use, despite the 22 buttons. The screen is, as other people have mentioned, too bright, even on the lowest setting, but this doesn't affect my sleep (I guess I am not too sensitive to light unlike others.)

    The dock is adjustable to fully support the back of the iPod/iPhone, using the dial at the rear of the speakers. This stops any possible damage from wobbling the iPod while it is cradled. It also charges your device while cradled, meaning you can put your mains charger away and cradle your iPod/iPhone when you want to charge it. It's also less clutter.

    The screen, although cluttered, is quite easy to understand. The only thing that could cause confusion is the alarm indication.

    The sound is amazing for a device like this, and the MEGAXpand feature allows you to seperate the two speakers to give the surround sound effect. It goes quite loud too, but I did not note distortion, so I guess there isn't any.

    I have yet to try my iPod Nano 5th Generation on it as it is a christmas present I have yet to receive. However, I have been informed that it is fully compatible. The iPhone 3G was rumoured to not be compatible, which is not true. It works in the dock, but takes a few seconds after you press Play for the music to start. I guess this is due to the iPhone loading the required files.

    The dual alarm works perfectly well, only problem I had was when I hadn't seated my iPhone properly. The alarm did flash on the screen as it was alerting me, but because I had chosen iPod Music as the Alarm Sound, I heard nothing due to the my incorrect docking. Luckily I was only half hour late and it wasn't for anything important.

    The FM Radio is clear and easy to use, my only problem is tuning, it tunes in steps of .05, meaning you have to go through 100.10, 100.15, 100.20, etc. It's quite slow, but the 5 preset buttons can save your favourite stations. I haven't checked to see if there are two FM Tuners, so if there is, you may be able to store 10 presets. I know that there is one AM Tuner, but I haven't used it as I have no need for it.

    The speaker dock comes with an AUX lead, for the Audio In function on the dock. It also comes with a AM Loop Antenna.

    It's an entirely universal piece of kit and you know you are buying a quality item because it's sony. I am completely impressed with it, it replaced my DAB radio (I do miss DAB.) That's the only improvement I can think of, but that would have made the RRP even higher, seeing as DAB is still a fairly new concept.

  2.  The best speakers I have ever owned!


    I was never good at choosing speakers. I had to be recommended these and I must say I was skeptical at first. I wanted big speakers; something that would shake the house on even the lowest of decibels...

    And that's what I got.

    I don't know how Creative do it, thanks to these speakers, I can hear sounds in songs and videos that I have never heard before. I didn't know Akon - Beautiful had a choirus beginning until I got these speakers.

    Both speakers have their own seperate bass driver and port, which delivers the cleanest bass I have ever heard. Before these, I owned some Logitech X-570 5.1 Surround Speakers, with a subwoofer, and I prefer the bass of the T20s.

    I love how you can control the bass and treble and even that the front of the speakers has an Aux-in and headphone socket. So easy.

    They are loud too... I usually settle just below half the maximum volume, and that usually has my dad complaining at the noise :).

    I just really can not believe the sound delivered from these speakers, and to think I was considering shelling out £200+ for a Bose 2.1 set, these are so much better, look so much nicer, and deliver the best sound I have ever heard. I know what company I am going to go to whenever I want anything to do with sound.

    The only downside is that the power adapter is a bit bulky, and I use these on an extension lead. Because of the size of the adapter, I lose a socket on my extension lead, but no matter. It's a worthy sacrifice.

    These speakers are the best purchase I have ever made, and possibly ever will.

  3.  AMAZING!


    I must first say, I do not own these headphones; I own the MDR-RF840RK headphones which is the predecessor to these headphones.

    They are amazing. They are light, durable, and the sound quality will blow you away.

    I opened the box and plugged the base in straight away, soon after putting in the included battery, I placed the headphones on the dock to charge. It was a long charge as it was done via magnetic pulses, but they last so long.

    Even when you don't use them, they are put on the base and charging, so you will almost never find yourself headphone-less.

    I remember first using them. I plugged them into my computer, placed them on my head and played my music. I expected tinny sound, but it blew me away. The bass was clear and driven, the highs were sharp and pulsive and the midtones shone through. I could hear things I never knew were on my songs.

    I proceeded to walk everywhere I could; downstairs, out the back, down the road... I didn't lose any sound quality until I was well clear of my house, by a least 100 yards.

    Sony are definitely the best choice for wireless headphones, and no doubt these ones will be better than the ones I have... A definite recommendation!!

  4.  A great piece of hardware.


    This is a great addition to your PS3.

    You can easily play a game with the keypad on, although I find it distracting at times, and the keys are the perfect size for my slender fingers. I can see people with chubby fingers possibly having a problem, but it is still usable nonetheless. The battery life is amazing. Having owned this for 10 months now, I have only charged it fully twice. And that is not an exaggeration.

    My only problem is when it is used as a mouse, the keys are not ideal to slide your finger over. I find it hard to aim my mouse pointer because of the shape and ergonomics of the keypad. It works fine, but just hard to use.

  5.  The best choice!!


    When looking for a piece of hardware for your Sony PS3, we all know it's best to stay with first party brands... Sure that logitech controller or that Jamba headset is cheaper and does the same, but the compatibility is usually not as good.

    This headset is the best choice you can make for your console in terms of talking to others online, or even voice control in games like Tom Clancy's EndWar. The quality is superb, the battery life is amazing, and better yet, it works with your phone easily and as flawlessly as it does with your PS3.

    No feedback from the mic, you don't get complaints from your fellow players because your mic is "cutting out" and "bubbling".

    The included dock makes it a great piece to show off, and you can also still use the mic while it is charging in the dock.

    Look no further. This IS the headset you want.

  6.  Seagate #1!


    I have used Seagate drives for years now, and this includes both internal and external, and they are the only drives I have absolutely no problems with.

    Of my three internal drives and two external, one of them is this; The Seagate Freeagent Go! 320Gb. I have owned this drive over a month and have accidentally banged it, shook it, and even had coffee spilt on it, and it still works, with no problems arising when I Disk Check, Defragment and even just use the Seagate Manager program to check that the drive is in perfect working order.

    Reliability appears to be a top factor in Seagate hard drives, and the Freeagent Go! does not seperate itself from this key feature.

    The Seagate manager is easy to use and doesn't need to be installed as the drive itself is plug and play, only being hindered if you use Windows 98 or before, where automatic driver installation is not widely supported as such.

    Definitely a 5 star drive, totally reliable. If anyone would like to know, you have 298Gb on the user partition, with the other 22Gb being used for recovery, should you need to format the drive.

  7.  Must have item!


    A brilliant must have item for all Seagate Freeagent Go! portable hard drive owners. The case is leather and protects the brushed metal finish of your drive. The dock looks stunning when the hard drive is inserted and takes up very little space.

    The dock is sturdy, so you can insert the drive with one hand, which is a feature I love. The case is a perfect fit, although I do sometimes have trouble removing my drive from it, which I believe is just down to the case being fairly new, or the non-slip coating applied to the bottom of the drive.

    That is my only problem. And in case you are wondering why the Dock has two USB connectors; it is to make it backwards compatible with USB 1.1. USB 2.0 transfers both data and sound through the one cable, which is an ability USB 1.1 lacks. Therefore, if you still use USB 1.1, you will need to use both the connectors as one will power your drive and one will transfer data.

    You can use just the one connector with USB 1.1, it will work, but you may have a slight slowdown in performance.

    Definite must have, Definite buy!

  8.  Amazing!


    I reccommend this to anyone who wants an iPod.

    Its so versatile and so user friendly, you can just pick it up, having never touched an iPod before, and know exactly what you are doing.

    When I purchased this, it was because I didn't want the iPhone, but the features of it. And Apple has answered with the iPod Touch.

    It has Wi-Fi internet access, which is a great feature for when boredom kicks in at work.

    Definately a must have.