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  1.  all round great movie


    I saw this last night at the cinema and thought it was brilliant. I very nearly stood up at the end fight scene, I got so swept away with it. Set in the near future, if robot boxing became a real sport - I want tickets! Hugh Jackman was great, Dakota Coyo as Max had great screen presence and at 12 years old is definately leading man material. See this if you're 8 or 80, boy girl, man woman. its got something for everyone - is definately going on preorder for me. I just can't wait to show it to my kids.

  2.  it's a spy film!


    I loved the original Cars movie, and this, while still good, is nothing like the first. It's like James Bond, with the characters as cars. I didn't like the references to killing - it's a little kids film after all, but it was still funny and entertaining. For me, the best part was the scenery (how dull, you're thinking?) - seriously! When they're racing round London I was stunned at the attention to detail. The animators are geniuses. Worth a look, but I felt it lacked the charm of the first film.

  3.  They did her proud!


    As a huuuuge fan of this book by Emily Giffin, I was both excited and worried at the prospect of this film. Happily I wasn't disappointed. Ginnifer Goodwin is a great Rachel - gorgeous, but not obviously so (only her bad wig, and the casting of Marcus stopped this from being 5*). Kate Hudson played Darcy brilliantly, and Colin Egglesfield was just like the Dex I had pictured in my head (gorgeous!). A few characters were missing, and Ethans story changed slightly, but this didn't detract from the story. I'm sure they'll do a great job when 'Something Blue' is released. I'll be front of the queue!

  4.  comedy, action, romance - it's got everything!


    I originally wrote a review for this in 2009. Since then I've lost count of the amount of times I have watched the dvd. Its one of those movies I'll never get tired of, as its still funny every single time! Great stunts from various skateboarders and free-jumpers, mixed in with Kevin James hilarious attempts to be a tough-guy. Comedy, action, romance - the unexpected hero you'll be cheering for, and the baddies you'll boo. No bad language or sex, so it's great to watch with the kids, Adults... take a chance - it's a bargain you won't regret buying - trust me!

  5.  Disney at it's very best!


    This film had everything, laughs, romance, great music... I saw this with my 2 sons who both loved it, and my mum who placed it 2nd only to Beauty and the Beast (praise indeed, from her). Lovely songs, some real laugh out loud moments, a great mix of characters - and a horse called Maximus who is on a mission! This dvd will be enjoyed by all ages. Girls will love Rapunzel, and boys will love the rougue Flyn. A must for your Disney collection.

  6.  "It's so fluffy I'm gonna diiiieeeee!!!!"


    Without exception the best film of 2010. I'm 35, and I took my two boys aged 4 and 10, and my 58 year old mum to see this, and we all laughed hysterically. I can't wait to get this dvd and watch it again, especially the extra minion movies. At the end of the film I defy you not to be dancing in your armchair and going "again, again!".

  7.  what a cliffhanger!!


    I watched all three episodes of this on the same day on catch up, after a chance reading of a newspaper review. Fast paced, clever, and great character chemistry - I'm so glad I managed to see it. Can't wait for the second series - especially after the cliffhanger at the end of episode 3!

  8.  "you mean to say I possess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy???!!"


    I remember a friend of mine commenting on the very first episode of this, saying it wasn't funny. Luckily, I disagreed, and 3 excellent series later, I actually look forward to watching this on tv. This boxset will be a great addition to my comedy collection. Blackadder is remembered for it's intelligent comedy writing. I will remember this for it's intelligent characters (literally - they're astro physicists! lol). I've become very fond of this show, and hope other people like it just as much as I do.

  9.  have you tried turning it off and on again?


    I've been thinking of getting series 1-3 for a while, and then they went and made series 4 which is easily the funniest yet! I'll definately have this box set on my list to buy. Laugh out loud comedy, great characters, well worth watching.

  10.  hilariously funny.


    I wasn't a fan of either "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" or Russell Brand, but I AM a fan of this film. I'm in my 30s and saw this with my girl-friends - all of whom were giggling like schoolgirls at the antics of Brand and Hill (a fantastic pairing). I was also surprised at how much P.Diddy made me laugh too. Brilliant, fast-paced, great music - Brand is a totally believable rock star. Can't wait to get this on dvd and watch it again!