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    I didn't know anything about Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy never read the novel and didn't get the chance to see it in cinema however being a big Blu-Ray collector I heard a lot of good things about the movies and when I saw there was a steelbook I thought why not check it out. So glad I did it was a fantastic film well written, well directed, well made and well performed by all the actors Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Mark Strong, Toby Jones, Benedict Cumberbatch they were all great especially Benedict Cumberbatch I was really interested seeing how well he would do going from Sherlock to a major movie like this and he was amazing really looking forward to seeing him in the upcoming Star Trek sequel I'm sure he'll be great
    Story 10/10

    As far as Picture and Sound Quality go I had no problems with them I thought that the picture and sound was very clear
    PQ 5/5
    SQ 5/5

    Overall Rating 20/20
    Well worth the pick up worth your time watching it I'm glad that spy films are still being made and not Just a Bond film or a Mission Impossible film a different spy film Highly Recommend you see Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

  2.  Johnny's Back!


    Johnny's back in Johnny English Reborn the sequel to the hilarious 2003 film Johnny English. In this film Johnny English returns to the field after leaving the field due to a mission that went wrong, throughout the film Johnny discovers that Vortex is the reason why Johnny's mission went wrong and now he is going to put it right. Johnny English Reborn is a hilarious movie and worthy sequel I saw it in the cinema and Laughed non stop seeing it again on blu-ray I still laughed non stop.
    Story 10/10

    The Blu-Ray picture quality and sound quality are really good with only the minor floors that some new movies on Blu-Ray have
    PQ 4/5
    SQ 4/5

    Overall Rating 18/20

    Absolutely recommend that you check out Johnny English Reborn great family fun movie and I strongly recommend you check out the original film as well

  3.  Typical action film


    I brought the mechanic with low expectations from the trailer it looked like a fun action movie I'm not a huge Jason Statham fan I liked the transporter movies and I liked him in the expendables but this was just your typical action film with a few action scenes and a plot that could have been good but doesn't really go anywhere it does not live up to the original film 5/10

    Picture Quality 5/5
    Sound Quality 4/5

    Overall Ok film to be honest its really more of a rental but 4.99 is a fair price to pay of a blu-ray of this quality final score 14/20

  4.  Nolan is a genius


    Just want to start off by saying Christopher Nolan is my favourite director he does everything in film making right my favourite film being the dark knight I have the majority of his films with only a few left to get I love all of his movies and I'm looking forward to seeing the dark knight rises. The film starts with a circular narrative (end at the beginning) and the story unfolds with many clever twists and turns i love every moment of this film and always enjoy re watching it 10/10

    Picture Quality 5/5
    Sound Quality 5/5

    Overall great film great blu-ray final score 20/20

  5.  Outstanding!


    First of all I'm not a huge Star Trek fan seen a few episodes of the different series' my favourite being the original series so when this film came out in cinema I didn't rush to see it and never saw it in cinema heard good things about and so I brought it and it blew me away the visuals were amazing the acting was great all round i was a very well put together film and Im looking forward to seeing the film 10/10

    Picture quality 5/5 stunning
    sound quality 5/5 blew me away

    the limited edition steelbook goes great with my blu ray steelbooks and I couldn't think of another movie from 2009 that deserved more than star trek

    final score 20/20

  6.  Best Modern Adaptation


    Sherlock is the best modern adaptation of the famous detective the first series is fantastic and the second series is just as good if not better the picture and sound quality are amazing the only floor is the lack of special features but that's to be expected with a BBC blu ray other than that its a fantastic blu ray



    Ordered this a while ago received it within three working days and it is just amazing in HD the picture and sound quality are floor less a must have for disney fan

  8.  Fantastic Set!


    Just recently received this set from Play and I have to say it's a very impressive Blu-Ray set its a fantastic steel tin and looks very nice on the shelf the picture and sound quality is just right considering the age of the films and all the extras and extra content you get with set makes it worth while