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  1.  The Saddest Girl in The World


    Well what can i say that i havent already said in all the other reviews other than yes its an amazing read, yes i couldn't put it down, yes i am a massive fan of Cathy Glass, and yes i can't wait for any book of her's to be released, roll on bedtimes hehehehe. Cathy thank you for helping all these children and i know there are many more like you who don't get any recognition.

  2. Cut



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    This was the first book i read, i was going on holiday and needed a good book, after reading this i new that i had to read them all, my friend selfharmed at school to which we all felt and to read that there are still people young and old still finding it hard to express there hurt is shocking, i have told all my friends of this author not only how good the read but of the amazing and outstanding person she is, My husband new my wish list and has brought up to date every book she has wrote to which i have revied them as i want others to enjoy the author and books like i do.

  3.  Run Mummy Run


    This was the second book of Cathy's that i read and what an amazing book, it only took me 2 days to complete it and i cried, i have since spoke to a friend who also has read this book and the conversation was brill, it is funny but there are a lot of woman out there who live like this to save face and not to upset their family, the strenght to do what she did to get away and to then face the consequences was touching, it showed me that use mums will do anything to keep our children save, fed and alive.

  4.  Mummy Told Me Not To Tell


    As you will see i have writtena areview for most of the books written by Cathy Glass as i am unable to put them down when i start to read them, This book touched me as i found it hard to see how any mother was able to bring children into this world and not want to love and look after them like they were Glass( sorry for the pun) i am a mother of two with a 13yr age gap and they are my world, its not just the love i give but every minute of my time is spent with them and showing them how to live life to the max, thank goodness for outstanding foster parents like Cathy Glass.

  5.  Girl in the Mirror


    Yet again Cathy another brill read, i find that i am unable to put any of your books down, Your books are always on my wish list for the family just ask my husband hehehe,

  6.  I Miss Mummy


    What can i say i am a BIGGGGGGGGGG Cathy Glass fan enjoying all that she has written to date, The text is always written so well, and its shows what outstanding work Cathy does nogt just in writting but in fostering all these children and helping them to over come some of their fears.Thanks cathy keep up the amazing work.

  7.  The night the angels came


    I have read many of Cathy Glass books over the last few months and i can say that this was the best book to date, i felt the story was written well and i must say i did cry in parts, All involed showed a great amount of maturity and the closeness Cathy and Patrick shared touched me, i cant wait to read other from this outstanding Author.